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NENE LEAKES Quits RHOA, Drama Mama Wants Kenya Moore Fired!

nene leakes 2What’s up with NeNe Leakes on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season? Has fame and fortune gone to her head? Have fans grown tired of her drama mama attitude and diva like behavior? Are the rumors true she quit, because she wants Kenya Moore fired?

Every five minutes, our cranky Sagittarius girl appears to have a meltdown over Kenya Moore or some other slight. Maybe NeNe’s using Real Housewives to practice her acting chops, girl, take a chill pill. WTH?

According to various “sources,” Bravo is not too happy with NeNe Leakes this season. Throwing temper tantrums and refusing to engage with the peeps who pay the bills. “During the Upfronts all the housewives were in the room taking photos with advertisers. It’s advertisers who make the housewives their money, so all of them were very obliging — expect NeNe. At one point, she just sat on the couch and refused to take any more photos.”

Astrologically speaking, NeNe Leaks a Sagittarius girl can rest easy for more season, afterward, we think Real Housewives of Atlanta will be ready for some new ladies, and she will no longer be “the star” of the show. After all, NeNe has zero storyline this season. Besides pajama parties, the only tape playing is her catty behavior, please girl, stop being so jealous.

Our astrology prediction is Kenya Moore an Aquarius, will NOT be fired. She’s brings kooky drama to Real Housewives of Atlanta and dials her reality up a notch.

For Nene Leakes, Astrochicks thinks she should be careful and remember where she came from. Just saying…

KENYA MOORE Eviction Update, Real Housewives Salary Bump, Looking For a New Rich Boyfriend?

kenya mooreReal Housewives star, Kenya Moore, continues to insist she has not been evicted from her Atlanta mansion. Of course, we all know our Aquarius girl can be delusional at times. I guess if she clicks her Gucci shoes three times, just like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz, she will be back in her mansion in no time.

This weekend, Kenya Moore, hit the red carpet at BET Awards and told Hip Hollywood, “I’ve been a great tenant. We have a countersuit against the landlord for falsely filing, and I feel like I’ll be vindicated next month,” the reality TV star revealed. Hmm, I guess our Aquarius girl forgot to read the judges eviction order.

The court documents state, “Plaintiff has received numerous calls from bill collectors throughout the term of the Lease as a result of Defendant’s delinquencies and defaults.” Kenya Moore filed her own counter suit: “Plaintiff has suffered emotional [and financial] distress and has been unable to maintain normal sleeping habits,” adding, “Plaintiff has been forced to shut down all social media accounts in order to avoid overwhelming contacts and requests from the public.” Yes, but she still had time to hit the BET Awards.

Not to worry, Kenya Moore, has renewed her Real Housewives of Atlanta contract with a nice salary bump. It’s rumored, she will receive $350,000 for next season. I guess Andy Cohen wanted to dial up the drama with Ms. Moore and lend a helping hand. Hopefully, she will find new digs that fit her “Gone With the Wind,” fabulous budget.

Astrologically speaking, Kenya an Aquarius girl, better hire a good accountant. Over the next year, Astrochicks predicts more financial problems for our beauty pageant queen. Either she needs to find a rich boyfriend fast or learn how to balance her check book. Andy Cohen a Gemini is known to be a fickle guy and gets bored easily.  We would hate for her to become another She by Sheree. Just saying…

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KENYA MOORE Eviction, Fronting Real Housewive Loses Lawsuit, Court UPDATE!

kenya moore evictionKenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has been officially evicted. A judge has forced her to wave goodbye to her “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” mansion for non payment of rent. What happened to all of Kenya Moore’s money?

After Kenya Moore claimed her landlord lied about not paying rent, she filed a counter lawsuit over the eviction. The judge sided with Conya Weems, with her issuing the following statement:

“The decision to file this eviction notice regarding Ms. Moore was reached after pursuing every possible amicable way to settle this matter privately. I am grateful that the judicial system has brought finality to this eviction process and I look forward to regaining possession of my home.”

Astrologically speaking, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, definitely has a wacky side. Constantly fronting, from “fake” boyfriends to claiming to have lots of cash, Astrochicks is concerned about our girl.

According to Radar Online, her Real Housewive of Atlanta’s neighbors, hated having Kenya Moore live next door. From unwanted media attention to lazy housekeeping, a source says Kenya was a neighbor from hell.

“Owners are concerned that the value of their properties are going down because she has not maintained the landscaping, nor the pool, has even storied furniture outside and her dog is always on the loose.”

What Astrochicks finds shocking, she was only $894 short for rent. Seriously, she didn’t have one friend to loan her the money. What about Bravo or Andy Cohen? I guess Kenya Moore decided it was more important to continue fronting. Maybe she should move in with Porsha Stewart. Ha!

Next season, Astrochicks predicts we will see a different chick on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya needs to do some serious soul searching. There’s no shame in having money problems, all the castmates (except Kandi) have had financial problems. Otherwise, Kenya Moore may be served her walking papers like Sheree Whitfield. We wish her well, hang in there girl.


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KENYA MOORE Eviction, Real Housewives Salary Bump, Boyfriend UPDATE!

kenya moore evictionReal Housewives star, Kenya Moore, is still gone with the wind fabulous.  After receiving an embarrassing eviction notice, stating she failed to pay her May rent, our Aquarius girl is crying foul. In fact, Kenya has filed a counter lawsuit against her landlord, calling her a liar and claiming she’s not broke.

According to TMZ, Kenya Moore has taken legal action of her own and counter-sued her landlord, Conya Weems-Dillon, for wrongful eviction, slander and emotional distress, adding that Weems-Dillion has tried a number of tactics in an attempt to force the 42-year-old to vacate the six-bedroom, six-bathroom estate. Twirl on that!

In other Real Housewives of Atlanta news, Kenya Moore’s got some competition in the crown category. Our Sagittarius girl, Nene Leakes has been chosen to be a judge in the Miss USA competition.  Leakes took to her Twitter to share the good news, saying: “Get ready all kenya moore evictionu Pageant Queens! I am the new judge this Sundkenya moore evictionay 4 MISS USA! U don’t wanna miss this.” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks predicts that Kenya Moore will be just fine. Andy Cohen will give her a raise and she will continue to be the drama mama on Real Housewives.

When it comes to love and fame, Kenya Moore is drowning in her own publicity. Can’t a girl get a little respect? I guess not in Atlanta honey. Now if she could only cure her dating blues.

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KENYA MOORE Eviction Lawsuit, Real Housewive Broke or Landlord Shakedown?

kenya mooreAnother, Real Housewives of Atlanta star is broke. What do these chicks do with all their money? Gone with the wind fabulous, Kenya Moore, is rumored to have been evicted from her Roswell, Georgia pad. Another publicity stunt or the real deal?

Kenya Moore, born under the astrology sign of Aquarius, made a huge splash on Real Housewives of Atlanta with her over the top antics. She played up her, crazy but beautiful side and developed a love/hate relationship with fans. They love the drama but after a couple of episodes, you begin to hate it.

When it comes to fame and fortune, even Kenya Moore’s bank account may be scripted, along with her fake boyfriend, Walter. There’s nothing wrong with being broke but she claims to be a rich bitch.

RadarOnline has obtained court documents by her landlord, Conya Weems, citing Kenya Moore was short $848 on her $3,999 rent for the month of May. She’s seeking $2500 in eviction fees and wants the Real Housewives of Atlanta star out. You can check out the house here.

I guess while Kenya Moore’s been twirling, someone took their eye off the ball. Hopefully, Andy Cohen, will renew her contract on Real Housewives of Atlanta and give her a big raise. Currently, she’s making significantly less than the other girls and deserves some cash in her Gucci wallet.

Astrochicks likes Kenya, we predict an emotionally rough year ahead of her. She needs to learn how to manage her money properly. Fans can relate to financial struggles and we think Kenya Moore should own it. If she does, Real Housewives fans will  love and respect her more. Just saying.

UPDATE – Kenya Moore has counter sued stating it’s a landlord shakedown. She has paid rent for May and June. Stay tuned.



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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Reunion, Kenya Sexting Apollo, Phaedra Cheating Drama!

Kenya apollo phaedraThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, part three, gets down and dirty tonight. The gloves are off and the ladies are ready to rumble. Kenya Moore, vying to be crowned head “drama queen” threw so much shade, we expected to see a garbage collector on stage to pick all the Phaedra Parks trash talk. Here’s the latest RHOA rumors, predictions and what you can expect to see next season.

Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl marches to her own beat. She doesn’t give a damn what you think about her and offers no apologies. On tonights Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, Andy revealed that Kenya and Apollo have been getting their flirt on via text. I guess Kenya can’t get her own man, so she needs to chase Phaedra’s hot hubby. Yeah, he’s fine but come on now.

On RHOA Reunion, “Phaedra confronts Kenya about hitting on Apollo,” and Kenya defiately fans herself while Phaedra’s attacks her.

Parks confirmed to In Touch Weekly, Kenya continues to hit on her man, adding that her “husband just asked (Moore) for advice on an acting coach” yet Moore made an indecent proposal. “Kenya continued to text him, saying, ‘Oh, you look nice,'” Parks told InTouch. She added that Moore at one point “propositioned (Nida) with a sexual act.” Hmm, wouldn’t NeNe Leakes be a more approriate person to ask? She’s the real actress. Also, a sexual proposal…isn’t that sexting.

Astrochicks advises Kenya Moore to watch her back, you never want to cross a Scorpio girl. They can either be your “bestest” friend ever, or your worst enemy. Loyalty is important to Scorpio women, but they never forget a wrong. I think you can file hitting on Phaedra’s husband Apollo, under “bitch you better run.”

Astrologically speaking, we get Kenya Moore is trying to solidify her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s ready to dish drama on a weekly basis and keep Andy Cohen entertained. She has a wicked sense of humor and her emotional rollercoater is ride he can’t get off. Still, she’s walking a fine line messing with Phaedra’s husband and karma could kick her in the ass.

Either way, we love the show and we’re happy to report the entire cast will return to Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Stay tuned.



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