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REAL HOUSEWIVES Shady Phaedra and Apollo Nida Arrest Update!

phaedra parksThe stars have collided, crashed and burned for Real Housewives Atlanta star Phaedra Parks and hubby, Apollo Nida. What’s the latest on crazy reality couple? Will Apollo reserve a room for one in federal prison? Here’s the latest RHOA rumors and astrology predictions.

In case you missed his latest scam, Apollo Nida was arrested AGAIN for bank fraud and identity theft. According to the FBI, he not only stole people’s identities and set up bogus companies to acquire multi=million dollar loans, he stole their retirement checks too. Dang, that’s cold! I guess that’s why he had $8k to drop on strippers.

Our poor Scorpio girl, Phaedra Parks, she’s having some serious “Rich People’s Problems”. Just like Phaedra’s new Bravo reality show, which was put on ice.  I imagine, Bravo Andy is not too happy with Apollo’s recent arrest.

Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, who feels vindicated by the latest news, is throwing all kinds of shade on Phaedra and Apollo. I guess what our girl said was true, Apollo came on to Kenya, not the other way around. Who knows? Some messy stuff.

Astrologically speaking, karma is banging on our Scorpio girls door, HARD. Phaedra Parks will have to pay for past misdeeds, Apollo Nida will be headed to jail for a LONG time. This is his second offense and Georgia is tough on crime!

On the flip side, we think Phaedra’s new mortuary business will do well. She’s a Scorpio, she will rise above the drama; find self worth and move on with a stronger spiritual foundation. Astrochicks thinks Phaedra and Apollo got caught up in the game, forgot that family is the most important, and they don’t need to live such a lavish lifestyle.

Astrochicks, psychic astrology prediction is Phaedra will stand by her man, but we think Real Housewives of Atlanta will replace her.  Bravo needs to do some serious background checks on these girls, everyone’s super shady.

I love Phaedra Parks, I wish her the best and I hope she stays strong. Thoughts and prayers.

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KENYA MOORE Eviction Update, Real Housewives Salary Bump, Looking For a New Rich Boyfriend?

kenya mooreReal Housewives star, Kenya Moore, continues to insist she has not been evicted from her Atlanta mansion. Of course, we all know our Aquarius girl can be delusional at times. I guess if she clicks her Gucci shoes three times, just like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz, she will be back in her mansion in no time.

This weekend, Kenya Moore, hit the red carpet at BET Awards and told Hip Hollywood, “I’ve been a great tenant. We have a countersuit against the landlord for falsely filing, and I feel like I’ll be vindicated next month,” the reality TV star revealed. Hmm, I guess our Aquarius girl forgot to read the judges eviction order.

The court documents state, “Plaintiff has received numerous calls from bill collectors throughout the term of the Lease as a result of Defendant’s delinquencies and defaults.” Kenya Moore filed her own counter suit: “Plaintiff has suffered emotional [and financial] distress and has been unable to maintain normal sleeping habits,” adding, “Plaintiff has been forced to shut down all social media accounts in order to avoid overwhelming contacts and requests from the public.” Yes, but she still had time to hit the BET Awards.

Not to worry, Kenya Moore, has renewed her Real Housewives of Atlanta contract with a nice salary bump. It’s rumored, she will receive $350,000 for next season. I guess Andy Cohen wanted to dial up the drama with Ms. Moore and lend a helping hand. Hopefully, she will find new digs that fit her “Gone With the Wind,” fabulous budget.

Astrologically speaking, Kenya an Aquarius girl, better hire a good accountant. Over the next year, Astrochicks predicts more financial problems for our beauty pageant queen. Either she needs to find a rich boyfriend fast or learn how to balance her check book. Andy Cohen a Gemini is known to be a fickle guy and gets bored easily.  We would hate for her to become another She by Sheree. Just saying…

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PORSHA STEWART Divorce Update, Kordell Cash Smacked by Court, Support DETAILS!

porsha stewart divorceIt’s official, two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are homeless. For Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore, fame can be a double edged sword. Here’s the latest deets on Porsha’s messy divorce and Kenya’s eviction status.

It’s no secret, that these two Real Housewives hate each other.  Astrochicks thinks Kenya was jealous of Porsha’s fairytale status. In the end, Cinderella lost her crown, when Porsha’s husband Kordell filed for divorce. To dial the drama up one more knotch, her tacky husband kicked her out of their marital mansion.

Astrochicks is happy to say, that the stars are finally aligned for Porsha Stewart. A Fulton County judge, ordered ex NFL star, Kordell Stewart, to pay our girl thousands in support, RETROACTIVE!

The Judge ruled in Porsha’s favor and ordered Kordell to pay his estranged wife $5000.00 in temporary support and return all her personal possessions. (Can you believe he was keeping her stuff? CRAZY!) Hopefully, Porsha will get some serious cash in the final divorce settlement.

Astrologically speaking, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl wasn’t so lucky. Today, a judge ordered her out of her rented Atlanta mansion, after failing to pay rent. She didn’t even bother to show up for the court date. WTH?

Hopefully, both Porsha and Kenya will be invited back to Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Lots for drama! Wishing them both the best!

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KENYA MOORE Eviction, Real Housewives Salary Bump, Boyfriend UPDATE!

kenya moore evictionReal Housewives star, Kenya Moore, is still gone with the wind fabulous.  After receiving an embarrassing eviction notice, stating she failed to pay her May rent, our Aquarius girl is crying foul. In fact, Kenya has filed a counter lawsuit against her landlord, calling her a liar and claiming she’s not broke.

According to TMZ, Kenya Moore has taken legal action of her own and counter-sued her landlord, Conya Weems-Dillon, for wrongful eviction, slander and emotional distress, adding that Weems-Dillion has tried a number of tactics in an attempt to force the 42-year-old to vacate the six-bedroom, six-bathroom estate. Twirl on that!

In other Real Housewives of Atlanta news, Kenya Moore’s got some competition in the crown category. Our Sagittarius girl, Nene Leakes has been chosen to be a judge in the Miss USA competition.  Leakes took to her Twitter to share the good news, saying: “Get ready all kenya moore evictionu Pageant Queens! I am the new judge this Sundkenya moore evictionay 4 MISS USA! U don’t wanna miss this.” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks predicts that Kenya Moore will be just fine. Andy Cohen will give her a raise and she will continue to be the drama mama on Real Housewives.

When it comes to love and fame, Kenya Moore is drowning in her own publicity. Can’t a girl get a little respect? I guess not in Atlanta honey. Now if she could only cure her dating blues.

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KENYA MOORE Eviction Lawsuit, Real Housewive Broke or Landlord Shakedown?

kenya mooreAnother, Real Housewives of Atlanta star is broke. What do these chicks do with all their money? Gone with the wind fabulous, Kenya Moore, is rumored to have been evicted from her Roswell, Georgia pad. Another publicity stunt or the real deal?

Kenya Moore, born under the astrology sign of Aquarius, made a huge splash on Real Housewives of Atlanta with her over the top antics. She played up her, crazy but beautiful side and developed a love/hate relationship with fans. They love the drama but after a couple of episodes, you begin to hate it.

When it comes to fame and fortune, even Kenya Moore’s bank account may be scripted, along with her fake boyfriend, Walter. There’s nothing wrong with being broke but she claims to be a rich bitch.

RadarOnline has obtained court documents by her landlord, Conya Weems, citing Kenya Moore was short $848 on her $3,999 rent for the month of May. She’s seeking $2500 in eviction fees and wants the Real Housewives of Atlanta star out. You can check out the house here.

I guess while Kenya Moore’s been twirling, someone took their eye off the ball. Hopefully, Andy Cohen, will renew her contract on Real Housewives of Atlanta and give her a big raise. Currently, she’s making significantly less than the other girls and deserves some cash in her Gucci wallet.

Astrochicks likes Kenya, we predict an emotionally rough year ahead of her. She needs to learn how to manage her money properly. Fans can relate to financial struggles and we think Kenya Moore should own it. If she does, Real Housewives fans will  love and respect her more. Just saying.

UPDATE – Kenya Moore has counter sued stating it’s a landlord shakedown. She has paid rent for May and June. Stay tuned.



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KENYA MOORE Dating Rich New Boyfriend, Walter’s Twitter Rant Over Real Housewives!

kenya mooreDoes Kenya Moore finally have a real boyfriend? After the explosive Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, our Aquarius girl seemed way too cranky to be a girl in love. Is Silicone Barbie’s attitude driven by ratings, where Kenya wants to stay relevant for next season or is she finally found a man who’s willing to put a ring on it?

It’s no secret that Kenya Moore’s ex boyfriend, Walter Jackson, was never the real deal. Desperate to be engaged, she tried nagging a proposal out of her man and instead he ran the other way. For smuggy Walter, he had to dodge rumors he was on the down low and claimed he was never attracted to Kenya to begin with. Seriously? She’s Miss USA and a very beautiful woman. What you talkin about?

Walter Jackson dying to extend his 15 minutes of fame, was upset he wasn’t invited to the Real Housewies of Atlanta Reunion. You know, Ms. Gone With the Wind Fabulous, would never agree to that. Besides, Walter betrayed Kenya when he revealed they had a fake relationship. Hmm, maybe Kenya likes to swim in the lady pond. On RHOA Reunion, she revealed she would have a threesome with Kandi!

Mr. Cry Baby immediately issued a statement via his PR agent, Twitter: “Yeah I think TV meaning (Br_) is scared of me, they can’t control me and they can’t tell me what to say, So that’s y they WON’T INVITE me. I don’t think they want YOU to hear the truth about a certain person now that THEY KNOW the truth, but they will let her make up lies on air…Notice I’ve been real quiet for a while. But they keep on letting “you know who” lie and jab at me on air and want me to keep quiet!! WOW”

For Kenya Moore like a true Aquarius girl she’s moved on. She’s now sporting a new man, he’s reportedly an oil tycoon from Dubai. Sounds like he’s straight of Bravo casting, maybe Patti Stanger set the girl up with a rich boyfriend! The details are very sketchy of course, I guess fans will have to wait till next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, lets hope Andy Cohen gives our girl a raise, she deserves it!



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