JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN Wedding Update, Love Predictions!

Why hasn’t Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux gotten married yet? Engaged since 2012, the entertainment couple have refused to announce a wedding date and breakup rumors have surfaced again. What does the future hold for Jennifer and Justin. Here’s Astrochicks love astrology and psychic predictions for our favorite couple. Jennifer an Aquarius and Justin a Leo are the classic case of “opposites attract”. What ignited a fiery passion in the…

December 27, 2013

JENNIFER ANISTON House Party, Buys NYC Lovenest, Boyfriend Justin Theroux Moves in?

Jennifer Aniston is in love and moving in with boyfriend Justin Theroux.  She’s sold her Beverly Hills home and has bought a new lovenest in NYC.  In celebration of her new pad, Jen threw a going away party to say goodbye to her friends before she leaves for the Big Apple. Like a true Aquarius girl, “Jen had a party at her Beverly Hills house Friday night – a little…

July 31, 2011

JENNIFER ANISTON New Boyfriend, Dating Justin Theroux, Aquarius in Love?

Jennifer Aniston has a new boyfriend and this one is a keeper. His name is Justin Theroux, an actor and writer in Hollywood. The new couple were spotted having some “sexy time.” Is Jen falling in love? Jennifer Aniston’s new love,  definitely has a bad boy streak. Justin Theroux is not your typical Hollywood  pretty boy type. “He’s a little edgier than the guys she’s been out with, but they’re…

June 5, 2011