BACHELORETTE ALI SPOILERS, Men Tell All, Justin Rego Lies and Frank Neuschaefer a No Show!

Just finished watching “Men Tell All.” Is Frank Neuschaefer any different than Justin Rego? Frank broke Bachelorette Ali’s heart and Justin Rego did not. Personally, I think Frank is MUCH WORSE than Justin Rego ever was.  Frank led Ali  down a fairytale path that led to nowhere. It was a selfish act, he was immature on how he handled the situation and it was unfair that he waited until the…

July 26, 2010

BACHELORETTE ALI SPOILERS, Roberto Martinez California Move, Chris Lambton New Bachelor?

Tonight, Frank Neuschaefer breaks Bachelorette Ali’s heart after he chooses his ex girlfriend Nicole over Ali. What’s a heartbroken girl to do? Well naturally Bachelorette Ali’s going to interrogate the last two remaining Bachelors by defacto, Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez. Bachelorette Ali born under the sign of Virgo, is obsessed with making the right choice. This Bachelorette season is a bust, all the men are leaving to either pursue…

July 19, 2010

BACHELORETTE ALI SPOILERS, Heartbreaker Roberto Martinez, Ex Girlfriend Calls Him a Player and Selfish!

Only a few more weeks and fans will find out if Bachelorette Ali a Virgo is engaged or single. Will she pick  romantic Roberto Martinez a Virgo or Chris Lambton a sexy Aries? New stories have emerged accusing both guys of being players. Poor Ali, she must feel like her season is a bust. Date Bachelorette Ali and you will immediately go running back to your ex girlfriend. Roberto who…

July 15, 2010

BACHELORETTE ALI SPOILERS, Final Rose Ceremony Chris Lambton Leaves Early and Roberto Wins Her Heart?

This weekend in Los Angeles, ABC will film Bachelorette, Men Tell All. Will there be any big reveals around Bachelorette Ali’s season?  None of the really important guys will be attending the taping.  It’s reported that Justin Rego, Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez and Frank Neuschaefer will not be there. Although, Chris, Roberto and Frank WILL be at the AFTRC. This season, Astrochicks had a hard time warming up to Bachelorette…

July 14, 2010

BACHLORETTE ALI SPOILERS Hometown Dates, Sneaky Frank Neuschaefer and Sweet Chris Lambton!

In tonight’s episode, Bachelorette Ali goes on her four hometown dates and gets to meet the parents. Not without a few surprises. Meeting your boyfriends mom and dad the first time can be nerve wracking. Especially if you’re dating several other guys at the same time. One of Bachelorette Ali’s  hometown dates is in Tampa, Florida to meet Roberto Martinez’s family. Roberto who played baseball at the University of Tampa…

July 12, 2010

BACHELORETTE ALI SPOILERS, Roberto Martinez or Frank Neuschaefer, Fairytale Ending or Heartbreak?

Tonight we got to see the chemistry between Bachelorette Ali and Robert Martinez.  Ali is definitely infatuated with Roberto but are they creating the foundation for a short romance or a marriage for life? She seems to have a connection with Frank Neuschaefer and Roberto Martinez both. While Roberto appears to be the real deal, Frank comes across as sort of sincere but likes he’s always hiding something.  Ali doesn’t…

July 5, 2010