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BACHELOR Spoilers, Juan Pablo ATFR Shocker, Nikki Engagement!

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersPoor Bachelor Juan Pablo, the charming single dad has gotten pounded in the media. You would think he was on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List, why are Bachelor fans such haters? Is Bachelor Juan Pablo just misunderstood or is our single daddy a stone cold player? Here’s our latest astrology psychic predictions.

First off, Astrochicks thinks fans forget this is JUST A TV SHOW! In fact, most girls would swoon if a guy like Bachelor Juan Pablo asked them out. A responsible single father, a former professional soccer player, a handsome guy, who knows how to salsa. Where do I sign up?

Bachelor Juan Pablo a Leo, we think is probably surprised by all the nasty backlash. Unfortunately, social media and blogs like Astrochicks, lets cranky fans hide behind their computers and post horrible comments about someone they’ve never met.

Yes, Bachelor Juan Pablo made some “off the cuff” comments, we definitely don’t agree with everything he said, but Astrochicks has personally met men + women, 100 x worse than this Latin hunk. Hollywood is full of them.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Juan Pablo we feel is disillusioned by love and may regret his final rose decision. According to Reality Steve, he chooses Nikki but there’s trouble in paradise. For Astrochicks, we think he seemed more in love with Clare and not Nikki. What happened?

Our Astrology prediction is Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki will split. In fact, we think he will return to the loving arms of his baby mama. Hang in there JP, your 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

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BACHELOR SPOILERS, Juan Pablo Fantasy Date From Hell!

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersBachelor Juan Pablo’s love boat is sinking fast. Sharleen Joynt blindsided our Latin hunk, when she pulled the plug on their budding romance. Will Juan Pablo’s broken heart ever mend? What’s the real reason behind Sharleen and Andi’s early exit from Bachelor Fantasy Island? Warning, spoilers, rumors and psychic astrology predictions straight ahead.

Are Leo men royal or just a royal pain in a relationship? When it comes to love, we think Bachelor Juan Pablo can be a little of both. He’s a man a big heart, who loves his family, adores his little girl and craves a dramatic romance. His Moon in Libra makes him very charming and romantic. He puts his woman on a pedestal, always focused on her positive attributes but not the negative one.

Unfortunately, Bachelor Juan Pablo’s casting call for his future wife is uncertain.  It’s not just about romance, it’s also how she will fit in with his family, will she make a good step mom. Yes, we think Bachelor Juan Pablo was infatuated with Sharleen, but in the end, she would have never received the final rose. She’s not “step-mom” material, and he wasn’t “brainy” enough for her.

For Andi’s crazy exit off Bachelor Fantasy Island, she’s portrayed as a Daddy’s Girl and a hot head. I don’t think that would work either; rumor is she’s the next Bachelorette, but I think she might be too snarky for Bachelor Juan Pablo.

In fact, we questioned Reality Steve’s earlier Bachelor spoiler predictions. He predicted that Nikki and Clare would receive the final two roses. Astrochicks questioned if Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki had enough chemistry. Now, watching the show, we think Nikki is the ONLY choice for him, Clare is a drama mama, with crazy sisters. No Bueno.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Juan Pablo may give the final rose to Nikki but not an engagement ring. Proving, he’s not sure if she’s his future wife. In the end, our astrology prediction is he will return to his ex girlfriend, the mother of his child, and probably marry her. Stay tuned.


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BACHELOR SPOILERS, Juan Pablo Final Rose, Love Psychic Predictions!

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersWhat does Bachelor Juan Pablo see in Sharleen Joynt? Does he have a love connection with her or is she kept around to create drama? Astrologically speaking, Juan Pablo a Leo needs to be challenged, he doesn’t want some desperate girl. What does the future hold for our reality casanova? Warning, Bachelor spoilers and Astrology predictions ahead.

Leo men are very charismatic, who love to indulge in romance and passion. Bachelor Juan Pablo loves to hear himself roar. When it comes to choosing a future wife, he wants a classy lady, with his Venus in Virgo, he prefers someone who’s more conservative and down to earth. Sorry Clare, your “slutty” night time swim, probably ruined your chances at receiving the final rose.

Bachelor Juan Pablo may have his Sun in Leo, but his Moon shines in Libra. What does all this Astrology mumbo jumbo mean? As a lover, he can be extremely charming, who doesn’t always say what he means. Emotionally, his Saturn in Libra sits on his Moon, making him more serious and overly sensitive.

We believe; Bachelor Juan Pablo’s attraction to Sharleen is simple, he wants what he can’t have. He senses her ambivalence and it ignites his male insecurities. What didn’t you see me roar? Finally, someone he can chase.

In his Bachelor blog, Juan Pablo wrote: “I knew Sharleen had doubts about being here and how I felt about her, so I decided to give her a little reassurance by giving her a rose. I give the roses depending on whom I think needs the confidence more.” Ha, our Bachelor Leo, is still intrigued by the chase.

Astrologically speaking, we believe Bachelor Juan Pablo will get married, but not to his reality bride. Although, Reality Steve spoilers say that he chooses Nikki and Clare as his final two. The rose will go to Nikki Ferrel a Capricorn, WITHOUT the engagement.

Astrochicks predicts;  Bachelor Juan Pablo will get married in two years, to his BABY MAMA! Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR Juan Pablo Spoilers, Final Four Predictions, No Proposal?

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersThe new Bachelor, Juan Pablo, has added some Latin flava this season to the popular reality show. The single papa, who’s looking for his future wife, has 27 lovely ladies to choose from. Will he find his Cinderella or will he say, hell to the no, for a future wedding? Warning, Juan Pablo, Bachelor spoilers ahead.

Born under the astrology sign of Leo, Juan Pablo, lives for the spotlight. King of all Spoilers, Reality Steve, accuses the Latin hunk of being a fame whore. He believes Bachelor Juan Pablo is still with his baby mama and in the end, will choose not to get engaged. Is it true?

Astrologically speaking, Sun in Leo likes to shine his love on his family and friends. Leo men are very loyal, who would do anything for their loved ones, and this is especially true of Bachelor Juan Pablo. With his sexy charm and crazy sense of humor, he can woo almost any girl he chooses. Except if you’re an Opera singer. :)

Bachelor Juan Pablo has Moon in Libra, which makes him romantic and sweet, he hates to hurt anyone’s feelings. His Venus in Virgo, makes him attracted to more conservative chicks, which would explain his strange infatuation with the Opera singer, Sharleen. Really Juan Pablo? You gave HER the first impression rose? YUCK! Sharleen acts like she has a stick up her ass, Astrochicks is not loving her.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio will square Bachelor Juan Pablo’s, Leo Sun. What does that mean astrologically? LOTS OF DRAMA! Astrochicks predicts he will be conflicted in love. He desperately wants to be married, have more kids, but we don’t believe his future wife is on the Bachelor. Just as Reality Steve predicted. In fact, Astrochicks predicts Bachelor Juan Pablo will get married in two years, but she will not be the winner of the show.

The good news is the Bachelor Juan Pablo season will be full of cat fights and fun! Leo’s love all the fuss, we think he will secretly enjoy all the attention. Also, Astrochicks predicts that he has a LONG future in television, we can expect our Bachelor stud to extend his 15 minutes of fame on Dancing With the Stars and future acting roles. For more Bachelor spoilers and Reality Steve’s final four predictions, click here! Enjoy!


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JUAN PABLO New Bachelor, Reality Steve Spoilers Wrong, UPDATE!

Next Bachelor, Juan Pablo and Zak WaddellWill Bachelorette Desiree end up heartbroken and alone? Will Brooks return to win her hand in marriage and receive the final rose? More importantly, who will be the next Bachelor. Will it be Juan Pablo or Zak Waddell? If rumors are true, the next Bachelor will be announced tonight. Here’s the latest spoilers and updates.

New BFFs, Zak Waddell and Juan Pablo, have been on a whirlwind Instagram tour ever since Bachelorette Desiree kicked them to the curb. Throwing fans into a social tizzy, over their cute vacation photos and recent double Leo birthday celebration in Texas.

If you believe Reality Steve,  King of Spoilers, our sexy Latin hunk, Juan Pablo, has no chance of being the next Bachelor. Astrochicks disagrees,  in fact, Juan Pablo landed in LA this weekend for a promotional tour. What’s he promoting love, happiness and being the next Bachelor?

Zak Waddell, who’s kept it more low key, posted an Instagram message for his good friend, Juan Pablo. Singing his praises and what a great friend he is. These two have a serious bromance going on.

Astrologically speaking, both Zak and Juan Pablo, would make excellent Bachelors. Not only are they both Leos but they know how to turn on the charm. They love attention and being the next Bachelor, would definitely deliver. Either one, would promise romance and drama!

Based on Juan Pablo’s Instagram posts, we think he’s been chosen as the next Bachelor. We love Zak Waddell as well and would love to see him handing out roses. Either way, we find out tonight.

For Bachelorette Desiree spoilers, she hands out roses to both Chris and Drew. Will she send both of them home tonight? Find out tonight.


BACHELOR Rumors, Juan Pablo or Zak Waddell Handing Out Roses, UPDATE!

Next Bachelor, Juan Pablo and Zak WaddellWho will be the next Bachelor? If rumors are true, both Juan Pablo and Zak Waddell are vying for the coveted role. This weekend, the Bachelorette bros celebrated their birthdays Texas style in Dallas, posting wacky photos on Instagram. Did they share any juicy Bachelor spoilers as well?

In Bachelor bromance land, Juan Pablo and Zak Waddell are two Leos, who enjoy the spotlight. Leos make the perfect Bachelor because they not only love attention but would bring lots for drama. When it comes to love, Leo men like to put their girls on a pedestal. Together, they will rule the world as king and queen of romance. A reality marriage made in heaven.

Not only do Juan Pablo and Zak Waddell share the same zodiac sign but heartbreak as well. Juan Pablo’s girlfriend of three years left him for one of his friends, ouch, the ultimate betrayal. Now, his main focus is his beautiful daughter Camila and finding a future wife. Definitely, Bachelor material.

The Texas stud, Zak Waddell, likes to wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s admitted to Chris Harrison, when it comes to love, he comes on a little strong. Girls like to be chased but don’t want to be run over by a snow cone truck. He may need a few pointers from James and work on his bad boy skills.

In a recent interview, Juan Pablo, hinted that he was offered to be the next Bachelor. If true, our astrology prediction is Zak Waddell will be chosen for the Bachelor Pad. Astrochicks thinks either hottie would be absolutely dreamy. We would love to see the Bachelor show a little diversity and expand their fan base with a Latin stud.

No doubt, Bachelor would cast some a few fiery Bachelorettes, turning next season in to a telenova! Both Juan Pablo and Zak Waddell have our vote, may the best Bachelor win!

If you want to follow Zak or Juan on Instagram, they’re absolutely hilarious. Click here for Zak’s Instagram page. For Juan Pablo’s Instagram, you can find him here.  Enjoy!



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