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TERESA GIUDICE Update, Joe Going To Jail For 4 Years, WWHL Interview!

teresa and joe giudiceWWHL scored a “tell-all’ interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice last night. Andy addressed the couples fraud charges and asked about all the dirty deets of their upcoming trial. Will Teresa return to Real Housewives of New Jersey next year? Here’s the latest gossip on Teresa and Joe, plus everything RHONJ.

First, we think last nights finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey was a total snooze fest. We’re sick and tired of Teresa and Melissa’s on going feud, how much longer can you drag this out? YAWN!

Also, what’s with bleached blond Penny and her thug husband? It’s so obvious, they are desperate to be added to the RHONJ. Seriously, Andy Cohen, Astrochicks thinks it’s time to add some new cast members. We’re bored!

When it comes to Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fraud charges, we think both are living in lala land. Joe’s definitely going to jail and if Teresa’s lucky, she will get house arrest.  What fans what to know, will Andy Cohen invite the Giudice’s back for another RHONJ season?

It’s no secret, Teresa and Joe are desperate to sign on for another year. After all, they have HUGE legal bills to pay and this time around, they might really go bankrupt.

Astrologically speaking, we feel sorry for Teresa. Our Taurus girl is definitely stubborn and delusional. We agree she’s a strong chick and we admire her loyalty to her husband.

For Juicy Joe, he’s taken his family for granted for too long, with his cheating and disrespectful behavior. Our astrology prediction before was Joe will spend at least 4 years in prison. Also, we think Teresa will appear on RHONJ one more season and will be forced to leave the show. Either way, we wish her the best and hopefully she won’t go to jail. Stay tuned.


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TERESA GIUDICE Fraud Update, Juicy Joe Divorce, Real Housewives Jail Rumors!

teresa and joe giudiceTeresa Giudice and husband Juicy Joe’s arrest last week, has sent Real Housewives of New Jersey fans spinning. After being charged with 39 counts of fraud, the couple was released on $500k bond each, but both face some serious jail time. What’s the latest update on Teresa and Joe? What has Andy Cohen said about the reality couple? Here’s the latest RHONJ update and rumors.

Well, no doubt the stars have collided for Teresa Giudice a Taurus and her husband Joe. Saturn in Scorpio, opposes her Sun in Taurus, placing her at odds with anyone in authority including the IRS and Bravo bosses.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Carolyn Manzo, appeared on the popular talk show. Of course, Andy Cohen, asked the outspoken Real Housewives Virgo mom, what she thought of Teresa Giudice’s fraud case. Carolyn kept it classy, stating it was much too serious of a matter to make light of it or gossip.

Astrochicks is surprised that Bravo and Andy Cohen have held a code of silence since the announcement is made. Are the rumors true they may cancel Real Housewives of New Jersey show? Or fire the star of the show, Teresa Giudice, for her messy financial woes?

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks previously predicted that Joe Giudice would serve jail time. Also, our astrology prediction is Teresa Giudice will file for divorce to put distance between her and her husband. Not because she doesn’t love him, but someone has to take the fall for the fraud charges and it’s not going to be Teresa. After how poorly her husband has treated her, Astrochicks, thinks that Joe will man up and show how much he loves his family by going to jail.

For Teresa Giudice, Astrochicks predicts Bravo will keep her for one more season. We do believe her role will be minimized, making Melissa and Joe Gorga the stars of RHONJ and giving Melissa’s family featured roles on the hit reality show. In addition, they will introduce new Real Housewives and slowly fade Teresa out of the limelight.

Teresa a Taurus is a tough cookie. Over the next two years, she will face serious challenges in her life but will rise above it. Sadly, many “haters” have expressed happiness at her fraud charges. For Astrochicks, we believe everyone makes mistakes and wish only the best for her and her kids. Hopefully, she can work out a payment plan to pay her creditors back. Stay tuned, Teresa and Joe, will be back in court at the end of the month.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES New Jersey, Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Sexy Love Advice!

melissa gorga joe gorgaThe Real Housewives of New Jersey cat fight between Teresa and Melissa continues to rage on. The two competitive women, jockeying for the love and attention of Joe Gorga. Who will win the battle?

When it comes to love, Melissa and Joe Gorga, definitely like to get their kink on. Her relationship advice for Real Housewives fans, “Sex is the glue of the marriage. It fills the little cracks that hold you together. Otherwise those tiny cracks can turn into huge splits.”

Melissa an Aries and Joe a Leo, make a fiery love match. Aries women love to be admired and the center of attention.  No one, makes her feel more special than the Leo male. He loves to put her on a pedestal, showering her with love and affection. In turn, she makes him feel like a king and he treats her like a queen.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks Teresa Giudice a Taurus is jealous of her brothers marriage. She wishes her husband Joe, would treat her with more love and respect. Sadly, he doesn’t put his wife first and makes her feel insecure. She wants what Melissa has…a good husband.

Over the next year, Teresa and Joe’s marriage will continue to battle cheating rumors.  With his July 15th trial date looming, the stakes are high and Joe faces up to ten years in prison.  We believe a Teresa an old fashioned Italian girl, will stand by her husband and maintain a positive attitude for her kids.

Unfortunately, our astrology prediction is Joe will be sentenced to prison. New Jersey is tough on defendants who use fake IDs. In Joe’s case, he obtained a license in his brothers name, after having his suspended because of a DUI arrest.

In the end, Astrochicks thinks Joe Gorga will be there to love and support his sister Teresa. She’s definitely going to need it. Stay tuned.


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TERESA GIUDICE, Real Housewives Drama, Juicy Joe Going to Prison, Rumor UPDATE!

teresa and joe giudiceThe Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 countdown has begun. Bravo announced a June 2nd premiere date, where fans will get front row seats to all the Botox action. Which team will the ladies choose to play for, Team Teresa or Team Caroline? Here’s the latest RHNJ spoilers and predictions for the brand new season.

Despite rumors, Real Housewives of New Jersey will return with the original cast including: Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile. This season will feature how each Real Housewive deals with post Hurricane Sandy. Plus, Teresa and Joe’s storyline will be front and center, worried her husband may face jail time. Caroline promises fans lots of shocking drama and it will be their best season yet!

When it comes to RHNJ smackdowns, we can expect lots of fighting and name calling. In fact, last night Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita were involved in a bloody brawl at the Posche 2 boutique in Ridgewood, N.J. Hmmm, sounds like a staged fight to Astrochicks.

Huffington Post reports, Joe Gorga was upset with Jonathan over talking trash about his wife Melissa: “Jonathan was not backing down, and that’s when they all started to exchange blows!” a source told Radar. “Jacqueline kicked off her shoes and bitch smacked Jonathan on the back of his head! This is where the Manzo boys along and Lauren Manzo jumped in out of nowhere to break up the fight!”

Ridgewood Patch confirmed the bloody details of the “Housewives” fight with another local store owner. “It was a huge brawl,” hair salon owner Jennifer Dunn told Patch. “Three of Kim D’s clothes racks were destroyed and three of our custom sinks were broken. There was blood on the walls.” YIKES!

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks Teresa Giudice has a traumatic year ahead. Her husband Joe, who faces ten years in prison for obtaining a fake ID, has rejected the states offer for a plea deal. Joe thinks he will avoid jail by going to trial, we think he’s sadly mistaken. Teresa will have to face life without Joe and her family will rally around her. She may fight with her brother but he still loves her. We wish her well.

For the other ladies, much less drama but lots of bickering. Stay tuned.

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TERESA GIUDICE DIVORCE, Brother Joe and Melissa Drama, Husband Facing Jail Time?

Is Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, getting a divorce? On the cover of In Touch Weekly mag this week, Teresa addresses rumors that her husband Joe may go to jail over his shady financial dealings. What’s an Italian girl to do?

Born under the sign of Taurus, Teresa is one smart business cookie. Her cookbooks are on the best seller list and are flying off the shelves. She definitely is one of the most successful Real Housewives.

Teresa Giudice addressed the Real Housewives rumor about her marriage to Joe on her new Celebuzz blog, she says: “Joe and I are not getting a divorce. We aren’t separated; never have been. We are happily married. I love him as much as the day we got married. My kids are wonderful. Yes, Gia cried in school one day, but everyone’s been really sweet to her since then and she’s tough, like her mom. I’m so blessed to have my beautiful family!”

When it comes to her brother Joe and his wife Melissa Gorga, they’re still fighting like cats and dogs. Maybe a little sister in law rivalry? Teresa says: “I love my brother and would do anything to have him in my life full-time again. We were so close growing up, and the more time that passes like this, it just breaks my heart. And it is tearing my parents up. We’re their only kids. But I am at a loss when it comes to Melissa. Clearly we can’t be a family if she doesn’t want us to be, and I’ve tried everything I can think of to love her, accept her, forgive her, apologize to her… what am I missing?”

Astrochicks likes the new cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey. When you add family into the mix, it makes for lots of drama and I think makes fans love the show even more. I’m still not crazy about Teresa Giudice but I admire her strength and tenacity to protect her family. She’s definitely a true Taurus girl at heart.

Astrologically, Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to hit a tough astrological period next year. We predict that Joe will receive some jail time for his actions. For Teresa, her family will there to love and support her. Even Joe and Melissa.  Wishing her the best. Stay tuned.

TERESA GIUDICE Brother, Melissa Gorga and Husband Joes Family Drama!

Real Housewives of New Jersey is back! This season Danielle Staub is out and Teresa Giudice’s sister in law, Melissa Gorga, is in! I guess they like to keep it in the family. Does this mean that Teresa will dial down the drama? Absolutely not!

In Real Housewives season 3, a full-on brawl actually breaks out during the baby christening of Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe’s son.  Joe Gorga, who’s the brother of Teresa Giudice, isn’t having any of her nonsense.

During the Bravo production, drama broke out between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice, you get to see even more dirt on Teresa’s family. It appears Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe and her brother Joe, don’t get along. Why?  Hmmm, could be because Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice owes her brother Joe Gorga LOTS OF MONEY?

Melissa  Gorga tries to explain her husband’s bad temper. I guess he’s just like his sister, Teresa Giudice’s. “When we love, we love hard,” she said. “And when my husband loves, he loves hard. When he’s upset, he shows his emotions. [But] I have no doubt in my mind that people will totally understand why he acted the way he did.” We do! I hate Joe Giudice to and I don’t even know the guy.

“It breaks my heart,” Teresa Guidice told MSNBC of the drama that plagues her family this season.” “That’s why you’re going to see a totally different side of me this season. It’s really sad. I cry a lot on the show and it’s very hard for me.”

Teresa Guidice, born under the astrology star sign of Taurus, is a very stubborn girl. She wants to be queen bee 24/7 and her sister in law, Melissa Gorga is not having it. In fact, what Astrochicks loves most, is Melissa knows how to push all of Teresa Guidice’s buttons. Melissa Gorga is younger and hotter, that’s why Teresa hates her so much.

Teresa Guidice maintains that she welcomed Melissa Gorga with open arms to the family and asked her to be her daughter Gabriella’s godmother. “I was really happy for them,” she shared. “I wanted him to get married so bad. That was his third fiance, so we just wanted him to get married. We always said we wanted our kids to grow up together. And I really wanted her to become the sister I never had.”

The new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey promises to be full of LOTS OF DRAMA. We love it. Check it out every Monday night on Bravo TV. Enjoy!



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