DATE MY EX – New Interview Lucas James Spills the Beans on Jo and Slade!

Isn’t strange that since Date My Ex ended, Jo and Slade have not discussed the show in the media anymore? Slade continues to travel with Jo to all her radio interviews, concerts, etc. Who brings their ex-boyfriend on their road trips? They are definitely back together, or he is definitely footing the bill. According to Wadena Pioneer Journal: In a new hometown interview, Lucas James from Date My Ex, talks…

September 12, 2008

DATE MY EX – Exclusive, Lucas James Says Relationship With Jo De La Rosa is OVER!

September 9, 2008

Ok, on Lucas James’s official website, it states he’s an Actor, Model, and TV Host. Which means, was Date My Ex staged? I watched the entire series, and Slade seemed genuinely jealous, or he’s an amazing actor. Move over Tom Cruise, Slade Smiley is in the house. What happened to the guy is a Business Development Manager? I guess it sounds more “dangerous” than hey I’m another actor, model, etc….