Deanna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano Engaged, Double Wedding, Four Better Four Worse!

The Bachelorette franchise has been busy this week. Jesse Csincsak former fiance of Deanna Pappas announced his engagement to Ann Lueders. Two days later, Deanna Pappas announced her engagement to Stephen Stagliano, a high school teacher. Deanna Pappas, who met her man via Holly Durst, is the twin brother of Holly’s guy, Michael Stagliano. Also, both Deanna and Holly are the former girlfriends of Jesse Csincsak. Complicated. Deanna  Pappas who…

August 14, 2010

THE BACHELOR, Jason Reveals Molly Turned Down Bachelorette for True Love!!!

In a new revelation, Jason Mesnick says that Molly gave up the Bachelorette for him. Really? That girl must be in love. First, he doesn’t choose her and afterwards dumps Melissa for him. Strange how life works. ET Online Reports: Controversial “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick says his new fiancée Molly Malaney was being considered to be the next “Bachelorette” before he swept her off her feet. Audiences were shocked when, in…

October 28, 2009

THE BACHELOR, Jason and Molly Get Engaged in New Zealand???

In case you haven’t heard, Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy,  got down on bended knee for the third time, which they say is a charm, and asked Molly to marry him in New Zealand. What did she say? YES!!! MSNBC Reports: Now the couple, who have been maintaining a long-distance relationship (he lives in Seattle, she lives in Milwaukee) have returned to the site of Jason’s ill-fated first choice so…

October 22, 2009

THE BACHELOR, New Hosting Gig, Jason and Molly Help Sexy Singles Join the Mile High Club!!!

Jason and Molly are flying the friendly skies again playing cupid. On October 13, in a new hosting gig, they took off with 100 hot and horny singles to go to New Zealand’s Matchmaking Flight, a unique experience for singles. No they didn’t pass out any roses, no steamy massage scenes but plenty of speed dating. Even one desperate chick dressed up like Cupid. Well, I guess that could be…

October 18, 2009

THE BACHELOR – New Update: Jason and Mollys Romantic Vacation in the Caribbean!!!

What’s the latest news on Bachelor couple Jason and Molly? Well they definitely have been keeping a low profile until now. Last week there were seen at the Caribbean. E Online Reports: Jason, Molly and Jason’s son, Ty, are currently at the grand opening of the Italian Village at Beaches Turks  & Caicos resort. Jason and Ty arrived on Wednesday while Molly joined them on Friday (they all leave tomorrow)….

May 25, 2009

THE BACHELORETTE – What Really Happened Between Jeremy Anderson and Deanna Pappas in Vegas???

I have received several email messages on what happened to my original post about the Bachelor weekend in Vegas. Here’s the deal, “someone” got their undies in a knot, and asked me to take it down via email. So I did, for the moment. Now, here is the updated version,  with some people left out. Anyhoo, it looks like the Bachelor’s Castaway Weekend, has caused Jeremy’s new girl quite a…

May 4, 2009

THE BACHELORETTE – New Interview: Deanna Pappas Reveals Why Most Reality Romances Rarely Last!!!

Deanna who? Our former Bachelorette, has pretty much fallen off the media radar. Someone needs to get her a publicist quick. Or does our Scorpio girl have one already? In Touch recently spoke to DeAnna Pappas, who broke Jason Mesnick‘s heart by choosing Jesse Csincsak on ABC’s The Bachelorette last year. Now, happy and the host of the new Lifetime network show Get Married, she’s ready to open up about…

April 7, 2009

THE BACHELOR – Shocking Rumor, Molly Malaney Broke Up With Jason Mesnick This Weekend???

They say karma is a bitch, it looks like Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy may be getting his. According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Molly Malaney has broken up with Jason, or she will be this Easter weekend. Is it true? National Ledger Reports: Do you believe in karma?  If so that might just mean that Jason’s bad karma may be coming back to haunt him.  According to his close…

April 5, 2009