THE BACHELOR, Jason Reveals Molly Turned Down Bachelorette for True Love!!!

In a new revelation, Jason Mesnick says that Molly gave up the Bachelorette for him. Really? That girl must be in love. First, he doesn’t choose her and afterwards dumps Melissa for him. Strange how life works. ET Online Reports: Controversial “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick says his new fiancée Molly Malaney was being considered to be the next “Bachelorette” before he swept her off her feet. Audiences were shocked when, in…

October 28, 2009

THE BACHELOR, Jason and Molly Get Engaged in New Zealand???

In case you haven’t heard, Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy,  got down on bended knee for the third time, which they say is a charm, and asked Molly to marry him in New Zealand. What did she say? YES!!! MSNBC Reports: Now the couple, who have been maintaining a long-distance relationship (he lives in Seattle, she lives in Milwaukee) have returned to the site of Jason’s ill-fated first choice so…

October 22, 2009

THE BACHELOR, New Hosting Gig, Jason and Molly Help Sexy Singles Join the Mile High Club!!!

Jason and Molly are flying the friendly skies again playing cupid. On October 13, in a new hosting gig, they took off with 100 hot and horny singles to go to New Zealand’s Matchmaking Flight, a unique experience for singles. No they didn’t pass out any roses, no steamy massage scenes but plenty of speed dating. Even one desperate chick dressed up like Cupid. Well, I guess that could be…

October 18, 2009

THE BACHELOR – New Update: Jason and Mollys Romantic Vacation in the Caribbean!!!

What’s the latest news on Bachelor couple Jason and Molly? Well they definitely have been keeping a low profile until now. Last week there were seen at the Caribbean. E Online Reports: Jason, Molly and Jason’s son, Ty, are currently at the grand opening of the Italian Village at Beaches Turks  & Caicos resort. Jason and Ty arrived on Wednesday while Molly joined them on Friday (they all leave tomorrow)….

May 25, 2009

THE BACHELOR – New Update: Mollys Romantic Getaway With Jason in Seattle!!!

In the latest Molly and Jason saga, it looks like our two lovebirds are still going strong. He visited his girl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin a few weeks ago and got the thumbs up from her friends. On his official website,, he announced Molly will be visiting him this weekend in Seattle. Also, that his cute little boy Ty is obsessed with Batman. Jason says: Ty has become completely obsessed…

April 2, 2009

THE BACHELOR – New Poll: Will Jason Mesnick Recover From His Tarnished Image???

Now that Melissa Rycroft has bounced back, what about Jason Mesnick?  Will he ever recover from his PR nightmare? Once the darling of America, the sexy single dad,  now is one of the most hated guys in America. As Heidi Klum says, “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” In a recent TV Guide poll, readers were asked if they thought Jason was a “bastard” for what he…

March 19, 2009

REALITY STEVE, Astrological Profile of the Infamous Bachelor Gossip Blogger!!!

In the last few months, Reality Steve has risen to blogger fame with his insightful posts on this seasons Bachelor. He mesmerized fans with his commentary and his inside scoop on the saga of Jason-Melissa-Molly. After reading his posts, AstroChicks was curious to find out what astrological sign Reality Steve had. I thought he might be a Gemini and I was right. Why a Gemini? Because they are curious, smart,…

March 18, 2009

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Melissa Rycroft Shines, Will She Waltz Into the Finals???

Melissa Rycroft, in her “Dancing With the Stars” debut, smoked the dance floor. I think this girl has a good chance of winning it. ABC milked her appearance by having her appear last. They wanted to make sure all the Bachelor fans watched the entire two hours. I love Melissa, she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in her baby blue gown. She’s definitely a brave girl and so classy. ABC threw Jason…

March 9, 2009