HARRY STYLES Girlfriend, Fifty Shades of Aquarius Love, Dating to Hook Ups!

Harry Styles a sexy Aquarius boy is a member of the popular boy band One Direction. Harry born on February 1, 1994  has stolen girl’s hearts with his stylish ways and sexy good looks. What does his Astrology profile reveal? Check out his Fifty Shades of Aquarius Love! Born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Harry Styles has captured fans attention with his quirky sense of humor, model good looks,…

February 8, 2015

KESHA Dating Rumors, New Boyfriend Harry Styles, Her Crazy Beautiful Life!

Kesha makes no apologies for her outrageous behavior or her insatiable sexual appetite.  The Pisces popstar, Kesha has cupid’s bow and arrow pointed at Harry Styles. Will she capture his heart or is he still dating Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kim? What’s Kesha’s attraction to Harry Styles? She says, ‘He looks like a young Mick Jagger. We’ve texted a few times, but no  sexting yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait.’…

May 5, 2013

TAYLOR SWIFT Boyfriend Blues, Harry Styles Break Up, Dating Predictions!

Taylor Swift has a broken heart again. Her short lived romance with Harry Styles, was cut short because he thought she was too much of a prude and wanted to break up.  Were the two singers actually dating, or was it a manufactured relationship to create buzz around the New Direction tour? Can one girl be that unlucky in love? Taylor Swift born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, is quite independent and…

January 11, 2013

TAYLOR SWIFT News Update, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Years Eve Party, Love Holiday!

Will Taylor Swift and boyfriend Harry Styles spend New Years eve together? After the One Direction superstar spent Christmas in London with family, he raced back to New York to be with his girlfriend to ring in the holiday. What does the future hold for Taylor and Harry? Here’s the latest news, love update, and astrology predictions for the couple. Taylor Swift, may be the number one country star next…

December 30, 2012

TAYLOR SWIFT Love Song, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Crazy Tattoo, Holiday Plans?

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spending the Christmas holiday together? The One Direction singer, has been spotted with Taylor in various cities around the country. Most recently, the new couple were spotted at a LA Tattoo parlor, getting their ink on. Here’s the latest love update on Taylor and Harry. Freddy Negrete, the artist at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in L.A., posted an Instagram photo of the couple. Harry, got a…

December 19, 2012