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KESHA Dating Rumors, New Boyfriend Harry Styles, Her Crazy Beautiful Life!

kesha dating rumorsKesha makes no apologies for her outrageous behavior or her insatiable sexual appetite.  The Pisces popstar, Kesha has cupid’s bow and arrow pointed at Harry Styles. Will she capture his heart or is he still dating Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kim?

What’s Kesha’s attraction to Harry Styles? She says, ‘He looks like a young Mick Jagger. We’ve texted a few times, but no  sexting yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait.’ Hmm, I guess Harry an Aquarius is just not that in to you.

When it comes to love, Kesha claims to be bi-curious. She says, “I’ve kissed girls before. But my preference is a wiener.”

Definitely not a daddy’s girl, a few years ago Kesha admitted she’s never met her father.  In an interview she revealed: “’My mom was involved in astrology and wanted me to be a Pisces, and she went through the necessary ways of having a child. And she didn’t want a man telling her what and what not to do.  I always kind of wondered – my mom talked about guys named Pat the Rat, or this guy Bob, or John.  She just wanted a baby.  It’s an interesting topic of conversation to other people more so than it is to myself. I don’t obsess about it.  Maybe I’m in denial. Maybe I need a therapist. But I had a very complete childhood. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.”

In Kesha’s new MTV series, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” fans get a glimpse into her wacky world. The documentary shows Kesha kissing strangers, stalking her ex-boyfriend Harold and dissing bloggers who “hate,” such as Perez Hilton, whom she skewers and didn’t want at one of her L.A. shows because of the “tons of mean things” he wrote about her on his blog, according OK! magazine.

Astrologically speaking, Kesha a Pisces, definitely has a spiritual side. She’s expressed her belief in reincarnation and felt she was a dude in a previous life. Her values driven by her free spirited mom, she expresses those feelings in her music and attitude.

When it comes to love, Astrochicks astrology prediction is Kesha will find love and we think it will be with an older man. She’s ready to plant some emotional roots and possibly have a baby soon. Either way, we expect her career to be red hot until about 2015, after that her 15 minutes of fame will fade and she will focus on other creative projects. Stay tuned.


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TAYLOR SWIFT Boyfriend Blues, Harry Styles Break Up, Dating Predictions!

taylor swiftTaylor Swift has a broken heart again. Her short lived romance with Harry Styles, was cut short because he thought she was too much of a prude and wanted to break up.  Were the two singers actually dating, or was it a manufactured relationship to create buzz around the New Direction tour? Can one girl be that unlucky in love?

Taylor Swift born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, is quite independent and loves her freedom. Basically, it’s her way or the highway.

Taylor Swift has Moon in Gemini, which means communication is key in relationships for her and why she writes such great songs. When it comes to love, she can be very aloof at times, expecting men to read her mind, with a possessive streak. Looking at Taylor Swift’s astrology chart, she seems a bit passive aggressive.

For Harry Styles, he’s an Aquarius and only 18 years old. He just wants to have fun, Taylor was never going to be a long term girlfriend. Astrochicks thinks Harry thought it would be cool to date her, respected her as a musician, and was taken by her beauty. Afterward, when the drama mama arrived, Harry decided to split.

Astrologically speaking, Taylor Swift will continue to be a serial dater and of course write love song about Harry Styles. Maybe she needs to be emotionally inspired to write a great love song.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio, will affect Taylor’s energy level and she will need to watch out for accidents. When it comes to love, we don’t see a serious relationship until at least 2015. Until then, she will continue to hop from one guy to another. For Astrochicks, we think Swift should date Tim Tebow, he’s more her speed. Stay tuned.

TAYLOR SWIFT News Update, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Years Eve Party, Love Holiday!

Will Taylor Swift and boyfriend Harry Styles spend New Years eve together? After the One Direction superstar spent Christmas in London with family, he raced back to New York to be with his girlfriend to ring in the holiday. What does the future hold for Taylor and Harry? Here’s the latest news, love update, and astrology predictions for the couple.

Taylor Swift, may be the number one country star next to Carrie Underwood, but she definitely is unlucky in the love department. A Sagittarius girl, she likes to show her fun and flirty side in the beginning. Unfortunately, after a few months the needy and insecure side starts to show. Which usually causes all her boyfriends to run for the hills.

For Harry Styles who’s an Aquarius, he loves a good adventure. Fun and independent, I’m sure he’s quite an exciting guy for Taylor to be around. He’s good for her ego, together they have a blast. Only 18, Harry’s definitely not looking for a long term relationship or permanent girlfriend.

Astrologically speaking, when One Direction goes on tour in February 2013, Astrochicks predicts that Taylor and Harry will  split. Which means, another hit love song for our Sagittarius girl. Stay tuned.

TAYLOR SWIFT Love Song, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Crazy Tattoo, Holiday Plans?

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spending the Christmas holiday together? The One Direction singer, has been spotted with Taylor in various cities around the country. Most recently, the new couple were spotted at a LA Tattoo parlor, getting their ink on. Here’s the latest love update on Taylor and Harry.

Freddy Negrete, the artist at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in L.A., posted an Instagram photo of the couple. Harry, got a giant pirate ship tattoed on his arm. Ha, I bet he will regret that in about 10 years.  You can check out the photo here.

Harry Styles posted on Twitter, “Good times @harrystyles new tat and #taylorswift and me and @booboonegrete good times.” Ahhh, how sweet.

Taylor Swift a Sagittarius girl, admitted she has a thang for bad boys. She says, “I think it’s just like an opposites attract kind of thing. I don’t know that all good girls are only attracted to all bad boys; I think everyone goes through phases as to what interests them.”

Astrochicks, thinks Taylor Swift is definitely hooked on the wrong guys. Of course for a Sag, she’s adventurous with her heart and will have a juicy memoir to write in about ten years.

For Harry Styles an Aquarius, he’s just having loads of fun with all these girls. He’s not ready to settle down or have a serious girlfriend. Astrochicks predicts, our One Direction heartbreaker will move on after the holidays. New love song, coming up for Taylor Swift real soon.


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