THE BACHELORETTE – New Interview: Deanna Pappas Reveals Why Most Reality Romances Rarely Last!!!

Deanna who? Our former Bachelorette, has pretty much fallen off the media radar. Someone needs to get her a publicist quick. Or does our Scorpio girl have one already? In Touch recently spoke to DeAnna Pappas, who broke Jason Mesnick‘s heart by choosing Jesse Csincsak on ABC’s The Bachelorette last year. Now, happy and the host of the new Lifetime network show Get Married, she’s ready to open up about…

April 7, 2009

THE BACHELOR – Shocking Rumor, Molly Malaney Broke Up With Jason Mesnick This Weekend???

They say karma is a bitch, it looks like Jason Mesnick our Cancer boy may be getting his. According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Molly Malaney has broken up with Jason, or she will be this Easter weekend. Is it true? National Ledger Reports: Do you believe in karma?  If so that might just mean that Jason’s bad karma may be coming back to haunt him.  According to his close…

April 5, 2009

THE BACHELORETTE – Scandalous Rumor: Two Bachelors Offered $50k to be Chosen by Jillian Harris???

The Bachelorette rumor mill has already started. What is the latest? According to Reality Steve, this season of the Bachelorette may be heavily scripted. In fact, he says that two bachelors were offered $50,000 to be guaranteed to be in the finals. Are they serious? Come on ABC, can’t we have a REAL dating show. Can’t you allow Jillian Harris to MAYBE find love? Reports: —Reality Steve reports that…

March 28, 2009

THE BACHELOR- Will Jillian Harris Pull a Deanna or a Mesnick on the New Bachelorette Season???

Is the new Bachelorette Jillian Harris even looking for love? Or is she just in it for the fame? ABC has already started the rumor mill and is insinuating that Jillian is not as “real” as she seems. Will she pull a Deanna, get engaged, and than dump her fiance? Or will she pull a Mesnick, choose one guy, dump him on the final rose ceremony, and hook up with…

March 26, 2009