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EVELYN LOZADA Boyfriend News, Daughter Shaniece Puts Chad Johnson Tweeting on Blast!

evelyn lozada basketball wivesBasketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada, says she has moved on and wants to put ex husband, Chad Johnson, in her rearview mirror. For the NFL star it’s not so easy, he continues to harass Lozada via Twitter, which has upset Evelyn’s daughter, Shaniece. For the first time, her baby girl is speaking out and she has put Chad Johnson on blast.

Shaniece say, “U r so busy going on a rant about other people. How about u talk about yourself? U have a child in Liberty City that u do not take care of, u have a sex addiction and was ABUSIVE to other women before U met my mother. That’s what u call a B*TCH – and bitches such as yourself should rot..” Whoa, she’s definitely inherited her Sagitarrius mom’s outspoken ways.

Chad Johnson a Capricorn appears to have lost his way. His identity as an NFL star, husband and father, has been tarnished after his toxic relationship with Evelyn Lozada. She’s definitely no saint, but Chad was a cheating hoe who had no right to physically hurt her.

Astrologically speaking, Evelyn Lozada, has a long road ahead of her. She may be dating or have a new boyfriend but she loves those bad boys. Rebuilding her self esteem will be important and making sure her daughter Shaniece is happy.

For the new season of Basketball Wives, we can expect a kinder and gentler Evelyn Lozada. She wants to be a better role model for other woman and most important, for her daughter. It will be interesting to see if the ratings will still pop. Stay tuned.

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BASKETBALL WIVES Update, Tasha Marbury Joins Cast, Stalked By Husbands Fan!

tasha marburyMove over Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives has a new leading lady joining the cast this season. Tasha Marbury, the wife of former NBA star Stephon Marbury will be one of, if not the only actual wife on the show this season. Its been reported that Tasha will be a great addition to the show since she is known to be friends with many of the cast members. Plus, she’s definitely a high roller, according to celebrity net worth she has over $20 million in cash! Here’s the latest Basketball Wives news.

According to Reality Tea, it appears that Mrs. Marbury has been caught up in some drama before Basketball Wives even airs. According to Tasha,  she has been harassed non-top online by a chick who’s obsessed with her husband. Welcome to the wonderful world of reality TV.

Tasha Marbury a Capricorn chick is all business, she claims a woman by the name of Monet Merchand has been negatively blogging and tweeting about her. She has been harassing her non-stop on social media, tweeting her things like “@TashaMarbury is an insecure hoe” and “You are less ‘worth’ than a burnt out light bulb & you will forever live in shame.” If she thinks that’s bad, just wait till Basketball Wives starts. VH1 fans can be vicious.

This psycho blogger claims to have to have had an affair with Stephon Marbury, but Steph claims he’s never met this woman. Mrs. Marbury has had enough of the constant social media harassment and has decided to take legal action. She has officially filed a report with the Harrison P.D in NY against the woman, and cops are currently investigating the situation according to Reality Tea.

Who knows if Ms. Merchand has ever had any dealings with Stephon Marbury. An NBA star in the limelight, of course it just may be possible, if it was years ago, but why harass his wife? Keyword his “wife.” You Miss Monet Merchand are a non-factor! Maybe she just wants to stir up some mess, so she can at least be mentioned in this season of Basketball Wives. Yea I think that’s about right. Giselle, follow me on Twitter here.


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EVELYN LOZADA Dating Rumors, Back With Ex Chad Johnson, UPDATE?

evelyn lozada chadHas Basketball wives star Evelyn Lozada had a change of heart? She was recently spotted holding hands with ex husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, during a dinner party. Are these two really in love or have they decided together, they’re worth more money as a couple.  Will VH1 finally get to air their reality show? Here’s the latest update on Chad and his ex wife Evelyn, dating rumors, and love predictions. Oh the drama!

Evelyn Lozada a Sagittarius girl is no stranger to drama, in fact, that’s one of the reasons why she’s the star of Basketball Wives. A show that glamorizes violence and showcases women who are emotional bullies.

Last summer, Evelyn and Chad tied the knot, pledging their love in a blinged out wedding. Two months later, the couple split over an argument where Evelyn accused her husband of head butting her. Which caused Chad a Capricorn to be fired and lose his reality show.

Evelyn took to the web to address the rumors about Chad. She says, “While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food,” she explains. “The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case.”

She continues, “I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated, not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go. This is a normal and realistic process for anyone and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know God holds it and I’m taking things one day at a time.”

Both Evelyn and Chad are working on their issues separately by attending therapy. Astrologically speaking, we would recommend these two NOT get back together. They’re like oil and water, they just don’t mix. You can love some one but that doesn’t mean you belong together. Hopefully, Chad will get his life back on track and for Evelyn, she needs to calm down. We’re looking forward to seeing a more loving and peaceful Basketball Wives this season. Stay tuned.

CHAD OCHOCINCO Scores With Girlfriend Evelyn Lozada, Bengals Not so Lucky!

Chad Ochocinco receiver for the Cincinatti Bengals, may have been benched for the final game of the season, but he’s scored a big touchdown in the sponsorship and love arena. In November, Chad proposed to girlfriend Evelyn Lozada the star of Basketball Housewives and of course she said “hell yeah.” In brand deals, Chad Ochocinco is pimping out everything from Go Daddy to pistachios, he knows how to ring that cash register.

Although Chad Ochocinco hasn’t set a wedding date with Evelyn Lozada, it hasn’t stopped her from bragging about her big diamond ring. She said:  “I’m not rabbit but 10 carats looks good on me!! Let the hating begin.” Chad born under the astrology star sign of Capricorn, definitely knows how to keep his girl happy.

After Ochocinco’s ankle injury, sports reporters are speculating this may be Chad’s last season with the Cincinatti Bengals. Chad wants to stay in Ohio but it looks like the team may want to “break up.” Where would Chad Ochocinco be traded to? If he’s lucky, he could end up in Atlanta or his hometown of Miami. That way Chad can keep an eye on his lady love, Evelyn Lozada. Astrochicks seriously doubts she’s going to let Chad go but you never know.  Astrologically, these two make a solid romantic match, as long as they keep their egos in check, this love has what it takes to make it. Stay tuned.

BASKETBALL WIVES, Jennifer Williams Divorce Talk, Eric Williams Still Cheating?

Basketball Wives, Jennifer “Red Carpet” Williams is trippin. A high end real estate agent, she’s  married to retired NBA star Eric Williams. In tonights episode, Jennifer discussed her relationship with Eric, the lack of passion and how they never see each other. What’s a girl to do, should she get a divorce?

Jennifer Williams claims Eric still wants to be her husband, although she’s caught him cheating. She admits Eric’s discussed giving her the house in Miami and spousal support. Sounds like her hubby wants to bounce.  If there’s no action in the bedroom, you don’t see your man, and he’s talk about splitting property…does he have to spell it out? At the same time, Jennifer appears to have lost the loving feelin as well.

In a recent interview in Essence magazine, Jennifer gets real and discusses the problem with infidelity, especially when you’re married to a NBA star. Jennifer Williams admits she lives a dysfunctional lifestyle, she says:  “Most of the wives that I know can only trust their husband as far as they can see them.” Her husband former Charlotte Bobcat Eric Williams is included. Jennifer says, “I definitely have had some issues. A lot of wives deal with that, whether they choose to admit it to their friends or not.”

Jennifer’s a beautiful girl and I’m sure she can find a new man. I don’t see Eric Williams and her lasting a lifetime, maybe another season of Basketball Wives but that’s about it. Her bff, Evelyn Lozada caught hottie Chad Ochocinco, maybe she can hook the girl up. Stay tuned, Jennifer’s marriage is suppose to hit a major crisis point this season.

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CHAD OCHOCINCO Girlfriend Drama, Evelyn Lozada or Rubi, Don’t Hate the Player!

Will Chad Ochocinco’s REAL girlfriend please stand up or at least holla on their Twitter page.  Now that football season is in full swing, Chad Ochocinco’s love affair with Twitter continues. Showing off his fine sense of humor, he likes to keep fans guessing on who’s the lucky lady who gets to wear the title of girlfriend. Is it Evelyn Lozada or Rubi Pazmino?

It’s rumored he is the love interest of Evelyn Lozada on the new season of Basketball Wives. It coincided with another VH1 show, where Chad Ochocinco was suppose to be looking for his Ultimate Catch. He chose Rubi Pazmino but unfortunately he was already hot and heavy with Evelyn Lozada or was he?

In a new interview Rubi Pazmino claims that she’s talking with Chad Ochocinco every day. Rubi says: “Even while we were on the show a lot of girls were saying he was with her. There have always been rumors. It wasn’t a huge shock to me when I heard that it was out there in the media. But just like with anybody, when you hear a rumor you just ask like, “Hey what’s going on?” I asked him about it. He said Evelyn’s a friend of his, they didn’t have anything and they’re friends. And that’s all. If someone tells you something, you just have to believe them. I’m not gonna sit there and ask him every two seconds. I asked him once and he answered it and that’s enough.”

On his Twitter page yesterday, he joked that Teyana Taylor was his new girlfriend, he even posted a picture. The model fired back quickly on her Twitter saying, “Omg @OGOchoCinco ima kill you boy! Lol stop before u have these blogs thinking shit lol.” Even Rubi and Evelyn have started a Twitter friendship, maybe Evelyn is only a friend, or a friend with benefits. Although Rubi isn’t tweeting with Chad Ochocinco, is this just a showmance?

I guess Chad Ochocinco is a prankster or a player, or maybe both. He’s one lusty Capricorn dude. Heather from Ultimate Catch claims Chad was still calling her after the show trying to hook up and he still sends gifts to Cheryl Burke. Oh well, at least he’s generous.

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