EVA LONGORIA New Boyfriend, Interview on Dating and Divorce, Baby Plans!

Eva Longoria in a new CNN interview, gets teary eyed discussing her divorce with Piers Morgan. Visibly still heartbroken over her ex husband, Tony Parker cheating, she still seems very much in love with the NBA star. Also, she would love to have a baby and experience being a mom. Does she have a new boyfriend? The brave Eva Longoria, tells Piers Morgan she loved being married and being the…

April 7, 2011

EVA LONGORIA New Boyfriend, Dating Eduardo Cruz, Latin Rebound Romance!

Eva Longoria. who’s recently divorced from ex husband Tony Parker, has moved on quickly. Love Hollywood style, the Desperate Housewive actress is being romanced by Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz. A much younger boyfriend, in fact ten years younger to be exact. What’s with Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian, they definitely love their young boys. Eduardo Cruz appears to be smitten with his new girlfriend, Eva Longoria. Cruz even sports a…

February 18, 2011

EVA LONGORIA DIVORCE Final, Love After Marriage, Who is Tony Parker Dating Now?

Eva Longoria’s divorce was finalized today. The Desperate Housewive , kicked her ex husband Tony Parker to the curb after he was caught cheating with Erin Barry, a NBA teammates wife.  The couple spent seven years together but unfortunately for Eva Longoria, her hubby Tony Parker had a wandering eye. Will Eva find love again? The divorce was quick and painless, with the marital assets being divided equally. It was reported that…

January 31, 2011

EVA LONGORIA Divorce Update, Tony Parker Marriage Tattoo, Beso Lawsuit!

Eva Longoria divorce to NBA star Tony Parker, should be finalized soon. After her husband broke her heart by cheating with another teammates wife, Erin Barry, our Desperate Housewive is trying to bounce back. What about her marriage tattoo, will Eva Longoria have it removed? Eva Longoria’s tattoo in Roman Numerals is the date of her wedding day which was July 7th, 2007. She got the stunning body art after she…

January 23, 2011

PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS 2011, Eva Longoria Divorce, NeNe Leakes Love Rollercoaster!

This week, our resident Celebrity Astrologer Patty Kamson predicts what the future will hold for some of our favorite stars. First on deck is sweet Pisces Eva Longoria.  Sometimes Pisces women have a tendency to choose men with an addictive or deceitful side.  Unfortunately, this happens to be the case with her soon to be ex hubby, Taurus Tony Parker.  The divorce is obviously going to be painful, hopefully Eva Longoria has learned…

January 13, 2011

EVA LONGORIA Divorce, Beso Bankruptcy Lawsuit, and Husband Tony Parker!

Eva Longoria has had her share of heartache over the last year, especially after her break up with NBA star Tony Parker. First her husband cheated on her with Erin Barry, next Eva filed for divorce, and now her beloved restaurant Beso has filed bankrupty. In fact, one Beso investor is so upset with Eva Longoria, he has sued her and filed a lawsuit for over $4 million dollars. Can’t our…

January 10, 2011

EVA LONGORIA Divorce Update, Tony Parker Lunch, and Girls Night Out in Hollywood!

Eva Longoria has had a rough week. Struggling to cope with her divorce from Tony Parker, she’s still reeling from the fact that he cheated with a close friend, Erin Barry the NBA wife of a Spurs teammate. Rumors have been flying that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker might be getting back together, after they were spotted having lunch in Hollywood. Sources close to Eva say this is not true, “They…

December 18, 2010

EVA LONGORIA DIVORCE UPDATE, Tony Parker Accuses Wife of Cheating Also!

Eva Longoria heartbroken after husband Tony Parker cheated, has decided to move forward with her divorce. For a brief moment, when the couple was spotted having lunch together, rumors swirled that Eva Longoria might forgive her San Antonio Spur.  Friends stating that Eva was sad over her husbands indiscretion, Tony Parker treated the divorce as business as usual. Not a romantic bone in his body. Tony Parker trying to downplay…

December 8, 2010