READY FOR LOVE Spoilers, Eva Longoria Dating Ernesto Arguello, Rumor Update!

Ready for Love may have been cancelled but the real winners of the show are Eva Longoria and Bachelor, Ernesto Arguello. Could this be why NBC cancelled the show? They didn’t like the fact that Eva couldn’t keep her pretty little hands off our sexy Latin lover, Ernesto. Here’s the latest Ready for Love rumors and spoilers. Life & Style spys, spotted Eva and Ernesto having a romantic dinner at her…

May 5, 2013

READY FOR LOVE Spoilers, Ernesto Dating Eva Longoria Rumors, Cougar UPDATE!

Does cancelled Ready for Love series have a new home? A new rumor is E! has said I do and will air the series this summer. If you can’t wait until June, Ready for Love fans can continue to watch the show online. What about Eva Longoria and Ernesto, are they really dating? Straight ahead, Ready for Love spoilers, predictions and winners. Starting next Tuesday, April 30, a new episode will be…

April 26, 2013

READY FOR LOVE Spoilers, Eva Longoria Helps Three Bachelors Find Love and Marriage!

Are you Ready for Love? Well, 36 Bachelorette hopefuls are. On Eva Longoria’s new reality show, her girls will compete to win the heart of three Prince Charming’s on NBC. Ready for Love, will feature three hopeful Bachelors, who are all good looking and financially successful but missing that special someone by their side. Three matchmakers and social media will weed through the lovely ladies, trying to help each one find the perfect match. Gee,…

March 31, 2013

CELEBRITY LOVE, Bachelorette Emily and Eva Longoria, Soulmate Love Wanted?

Are you searching for your soulmate? Whether you’re Bachleorette Emily or Eva Longoria, love can be elusive for today’s sexy singles. What’s the best way to find your cosmic soulmate, your own personal Prince or Princess Charming? If celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston can find their happily ever after, so can you. Here’s the deets on Celebrity Love! Whether you’re a Libra like Kim Kardashian, who loves being in…

October 26, 2012

EVA LONGORIA New Boyfriend, Interview on Dating and Divorce, Baby Plans!

Eva Longoria in a new CNN interview, gets teary eyed discussing her divorce with Piers Morgan. Visibly still heartbroken over her ex husband, Tony Parker cheating, she still seems very much in love with the NBA star. Also, she would love to have a baby and experience being a mom. Does she have a new boyfriend? The brave Eva Longoria, tells Piers Morgan she loved being married and being the…

April 7, 2011

EVA LONGORIA New Boyfriend, Dating Eduardo Cruz, Latin Rebound Romance!

Eva Longoria. who’s recently divorced from ex husband Tony Parker, has moved on quickly. Love Hollywood style, the Desperate Housewive actress is being romanced by Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz. A much younger boyfriend, in fact ten years younger to be exact. What’s with Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian, they definitely love their young boys. Eduardo Cruz appears to be smitten with his new girlfriend, Eva Longoria. Cruz even sports a…

February 18, 2011

EVA LONGORIA DIVORCE Final, Love After Marriage, Who is Tony Parker Dating Now?

Eva Longoria’s divorce was finalized today. The Desperate Housewive , kicked her ex husband Tony Parker to the curb after he was caught cheating with Erin Barry, a NBA teammates wife.  The couple spent seven years together but unfortunately for Eva Longoria, her hubby Tony Parker had a wandering eye. Will Eva find love again? The divorce was quick and painless, with the marital assets being divided equally. It was reported that…

January 31, 2011