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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Fan Backlash Over Kim Zolciaks New Single Tardy for the Party!!!

I guess Kim Zolciak has decided to pursue a singing career after all. I don’t see her having a big singing career but kim-zolciak-magazine-coverpossibly a novelty one.

In case you missed the recent Bravo episode, Kim has hooked up with castmate and R&B singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss did her best to Britney-ize Kim with her song. Bottom line, the girl cannot sing…she basically raps the song.

Of course, Kim denies leaking the song, she says the following:

“My debut single, ‘Tardy for the Party’ was leaked to the internet yesterday without my consent, or the producers,” Zolciak wrote on her website. “There is blame being placed every where, but all I can say is that our intention was for it to never hit the internet in the way it did. We had hoped to keep it part of the Bravo TV show and release it via iTunes upon the release on the show.

What was one of the fans classic comments?

TARDY FOR THE PARTY? ARE YOU S E R I O U S?? when was the last time you heard the word “tardy”? Come on people. Y’all got money. Buy a clue!!!

Over 51% Atlanta Journal Readers thought the single sucked. Personally, I think NeNe would have done a much better version. If you dare, you can check out the new single here.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Did Kim Zolciak Spread Rumor Nene Leakes is Cheating on Her Hubby???

It looks like Kim Zolciak is spreading nasty rumors about NeNe Leakes. According to Kim, Nene is cheating on her nene-leakes-short-hairhubby of 12 years, wonderful and faithful Greg. Who is she cheating with? Jamie Foxx maybe Denzel Washington???

No, of course not. LA Examiner says she is allegedly cheating on her hubby Greg with New Orleans Saint Charles Grant. Really? UGH!

Only four months ago, Kim Zolciak filed a police report against NeNe for reportedly strangling her in a heated argument. Is this Kim’s payback for her strained relationship with the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kim is definitely one chick you love to hate.

Thankfully, in a radio interview, NeNe says the rumors are completely false and they only participated in a charity together. According to, Mrs. Leakes merely participated in a charity function for Charles’ organization. NeNe stands by her statement that she is happily married and never cheated.

We believe you NeNe!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Juicy Memoir: Nene Dishes on Stripping, Married Men, and Life as a Single Mom!!!

In the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the girls have dialed up the drama dial. In last years season finale, nene-leakes-2Nene and Kim promised to resolve their “issues” over a glass of wine, something that never happened.  According to LA Examiner, while both women admitted a desire to forgive and forget during the premiere, media reports indicate that the drama between the women has risen to new heights.

According to ETonline, Kim has filed a police report against Nene. In the report, Kim alleges that NeNe choked her. An allegation that may, no doubt, put a strain on the two women’s promises to reconcile. Next week, Kim and Sheree are at it as well. I wonder if Kim is going to have any friends left after all of this?

Overall, Nene is still the break star of the group. The girl you would love to have as a friend or a sista. The friend you confide in when you want to keep it real.

Nene is scheduled to drop her new memoir drops on August 11th. I’m SURE it’s guaranteed to be a best seller. She will dish on one of the Housewives time as an Atlantic City stripper and their love for married men.

Damn, sounds juicy and a good read. You can reserve a copy now at

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Exclusive New Season Video Sneak Peak: Sheree Has a Cat Fight With Party Planner!!!

This month, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are back for round two. In an exclusive sneak peak, diva Sheree Whitfield, the fashion mama of three, gets heated during a disagreement with a party planner. Of course she does, she’s always in someones face. Also, what’s up with those glasses girl???

The new season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” premieres Thursday July 30 on Bravo. Woohoo!!! Can’t wait!!!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – The Girls New Season, Who is Kim Zolciak Dating Now???

Are any fans suffering a “Real Housewifes” hangover? Not me. This month, the southern girls will return, and it’s going real-housewives-atlanta-320to be juicy. What does the Real Housewives of Atlanta have in store for us?

Returning this year are aspiring country singer Kim Zolciak, entrepreneur Lisa Wu Hartwell, the outspoken NeNe Leakes and budding fashion designer Sheree Whitfield. Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss, a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and former member of Xscape, will join the mix, becoming the official fifth castmate, replacingDeShawn Snow. According to the network, the newest Housewife’s storyline will involve balancing wedding planning, writing and recording a new album as a solo artist and being a mom. Burruss is friends with Wu Hartwell.

he Real Housewives of Atlanta second-season highlights will include Kandi juggling motherhood, planning a wedding with fiance AJ and launching a solo music career; Kim enjoying the single life while also deciding to create her own line of wigs; Lisa launching a new clothing line and thinking about having another child; NeNe organizing an event for women against domestic violence; and Sheree delving deeper into her clothing line by preparing a fashion show.

Set your TIVO for July 30th.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Second Season in Production: Has Kim Zolciak Gotten Back Together With Big Poppa???

I have to admit, I miss “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” I’m sorry, I find the “Real Housewives of NYC” a complete kimzolciak3snorefest. Damn, I find their lives BORING. Anyhoo, it was just announced that there will be a “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” I can’t figure out why they haven’t added Miami. They need some Latin heat on Bravo.

Kim Zolciak has launched a new website, it actually looks pretty cool. Also, she has lost some weight, looks like she has had some lip filler, and of course she still has her trademark wig. Kim announced they are NOW filming the second season. That means season two should air sometime this summer.

What about Big Poppa? Well a few months ago it was announced they broke up. Have they gotten back together? Will we ever get to see who Big Poppa is? Here’s what she had to say.

Q How has your life changed because of the show?

A My life has completely changed in a very short period of time. My relationship has suffered, you know with Big Poppa. It’s been very difficult. You go from having a private life to all of a sudden, it’s all over. And especially with him being a mystery, or a secret, people have really tried to snap a photo or tried to get him and me together. My children have had a really hard time with people in school, they go to a very strict private school.

You can’t even go to the grocery store, you know? Which is flattering, because without my fans I wouldn’t ever be where I’m at today. But there’s no more going to the grocery store, in and out. Even McDonald’s drive-thrus, you know? People recognize you, they want a picture. But all in all, it’s been a great experience.

I guess we will just have to wait until this summer. Stay tuned.

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