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CHERYL COLE Boyfriend, Derek Hough Breakup, Returning to X Factor?

Fox after dumping Cheryl Cole from X Factor, like a fickle boyfriend wants to kiss and makeup. Was she ever really fired? Smells like a publicity stunt to me. Do you think Simon Cowell would really let his beloved Cheryl Cole go?

According to TMZ, Cheryl Cole has a pay or play contract, smart little Cancer girl. She receives $1.5 million dollars, whether she’s an X Factor  judge or not. Depending on who you believe, MTV claims she was paid $2 million dollars hush money not to discuss why she was fired.

On the flip side, TMZ claims Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid both Geminis, are being paid the same $1.5 million dollar fee. Seems kind low for Paula, she’s a household name in the USA, where Cheryl Cole is not.

To make matters worse, Mirror in the UK claims Cheryl’s boyfriend Derek Hough have split. Geez, what’s with all the drama? Derek’s stepfather Aaron Nelson, 54, confirmed the breakup, telling the Sunday Mirror: “It’s sad – but it was just not working out. Derek just wants to move on with his life.”

Derek Hough, born under the sign of Taurus, called time on the romance two weeks ago, just before Cheryl Cole was axed from US X Factor. He told a friend: “I love that girl with all my heart, but I just can’t do it any more. I have done everything I can to pick Cheryl up. But every time I am with her she refuses to leave her room for days and days.

When it comes to love, Cheryl Cole could have any man she wants. She’s absolutely gorgeous. It sounds like she needs some TLC and people keep abandoning her. The good news is astrologically, 2012 is going to be an amazing year for her. Cheryl Cole will bounce back from all the negativity and drama. We predict a new man in her life and if she returns to X Factor, America will fall in love with her. Crossing our fingers it works out for our girl.

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DEREK HOUGH Girlfriend CHERYL COLE, Buy Condo Lovenest in West Hollywood!

Derek Hough sexy Dancing With the Stars boyfriend of Cheryl Cole has a bought a new condo. Will it be a lovenest for his girlfriend? Where did he buy it? Well in West Hollywood of course, hmmm….I wonder who his new dance partner will be?

According to Real Estalker, listing information shows the condo purchased by Derek Hough has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms where he can spend plenty of time practicing his dance moves in the mirror. It features a minimalist kitchen, open tread staircases, hickory wood flooring in the living room, a lower level bonus room and two side-by-side private parking spaces in the secured garage. One spot for Cheryl Cole and the other Derek Hough. All this for only $650k, fairly modest for Hollywood standards.

Derek Hough, born under the astrology star sign of Taurus is a practical guy. Down to earth, Astrochicks imagines he’s a saver and likes to spend his extra cash on his honey Cheryl Cole. His girlfriend born under the astrology sign of Cancer, is worth millions. We expect when she moves to LA for X Factor, she will dropping a couple of million for a mansion in Hollywood Hills. Which is only a few miles from West Hollywood, perfect for late night visits from Derek Hough.

Of course, the location of the Dancing With the Stars cutie new digs has fueled rumors that Cheryl Cole is his beard. Some fans have even questioned whether or not Ryan Seacrest is Derek Hough’s boyfriend. LOL! I seriously doubt it. Wishing Derek Hough and his girl Cheryl Cole lots of happiness in his new pad. Stay tuned.

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CHERYL COLE Boyfriend DEREK HOUGH, New Years Eve Love Celebration!

X Factor star Cheryl Cole,  spent the Christmas holiday with family in England. Unable to see her boyfriend Derek Hough, she did receive a fabulous pair of diamond earring as her prezzie. In fact, the couple spent a romantic New Years eve in Cape Town, South Africa this weekend. Are Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough in love?

In England, several newspapers have speculated Cheryl Cole is still heartbroken over her divorce from ex husband Ashley Cole. For the X Factor judge, 2010 will always be bittersweet. She caught Ashley Cole cheating, divorced him, and found a new kind of love with Derek Hough. Will she break his heart?

This New Years eve, Cheryl Cole  finally made her romance with Derek Hough public this weekend by sealing it with a kiss. Allowing photographers to snap the money shot, they were spotted at a lavish party in front of hundreds of guests at a swanky New Year’s Eve party. Cheryl Cole and the Dancing With the Stars cutie, danced to Pink’s party anthem Raise Your Glass before smooching their way into the New Year.

A fellow partygoer said: “It was so adorable to see Cheryl and Derek and how happy they were. “If anyone didn’t believe they were a couple, the New Year’s Eve party proved they are. They only had eyes for each other and ignored everyone else.”

Astrologically, Cheryl Cole has a big year ahead of her. Born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, rumor is she will the new judge on the American version of X Factor.  Derek Hough a Taurus makes a nice match for Cheryl Cole. Astrochicks astrology love prediction for the couple is it will end by next summer. Cheryl Cole isn’t ready to settle down yet and unfortunately she has an attraction for bad boys. I’m sure some high profile Hollywood stud will sweep Ms. Cole off her feet.  In the end, I think Derek Hough may be just too vanilla for her. Back to Dancing With the Stars.

CHERYL COLE Psychic JUSSTINE KENZER, Personal Love and Destiny Reading!

Cheryl Cole is in love and moving to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend Derek Hough. Is her move permanent? The rumor is Simon Cowell has tapped her as one of the new X Factor judges in the states. Of course she has plenty of experience under her belt, where she’s currently the judge on the UK version of X Factor and mentor for Cher Lloyd.

Born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, Cheryl Cole is a sensitive girl who can be very moody at times. Family and friends mean everything to her and it takes time for her to trust love. Now magazine reports, a close friend of the star says she’s put a five-step plan in place to heal her broken heart. Her friend says, Cheryl Cole  is tired of being a victim,’ says the pal. ‘She wants to be happy and enjoy her life and everything she’s worked so hard for.’ The friend says she’s drawn inspiration from her LA-based celebrity psychic healer Jusstine Kenzer.

Astrochicks has been fortunate enough to have a personal reading from Jusstine Kenzer ourself and she’s absolutely AMAZING!  She’s a very popular psychic in Hollywood and has read for Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, and has appeared on several shows including Bad Girls Club. We reached out to Jusstine and she’s agreed to offer Astrochicks readers a special half off rate for first time clients.

If you’re wondering what the New Year will bring you, if you’re going to find the love of your life, or interested in new career opportunities, Jusstine can definitely give you the answers you need. To get the special one time rate, click here. Astrochicks wishing everyone an amazing New Year and we hope all your wishes come true.

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CHERYL COLE Love Holiday, Boyfriend Derek Hough and Her Move to LA!

Cheryl Cole has plans to spend the holidays in Los Angeles, will she be sharing the Christmas spirit with Derek Hough? The couple who were romantically linked over the summer, have been keeping their relationship quiet during X Factor and Dancing With the Stars season. Now that both shows are winding down, Cheryl Cole has decided to set aside some time to focus on a little fun and more importantly LOVE! Will she be moving to LA permanently be with boyfriend Derek Hough?

A friend said: “Cheryl  Cole loves the States and can’t wait to get back there after the year she’s had. She currently gearing up for her post-Christmas hols like you wouldn’t believe. She’s really looking forward to a bit of sun and the chance to let her hair down. While there, she’s also going to be househunting and having meetings about her solo career. She’s spent the past six months focusing on her acts in the X Factor. Now it’s time to channel her energy into her own career.”

Cheryl Cole born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, is a warm and affectionate girl,who enjoys home and family. No doubt, the divorce from Ashley Cole was incredibly painful. The good news is, Derek Hough has been a sexy bandaid to help heal her broken heart. Hough a Taurus, provides the strong shoulder she can lean on and is very loyal. Astrochicks thinks these two make a nice couple but unfortunately for Hough, I think Cheryl Cole may have acquired the taste for bad boys. Translation, our Dancing With the Stars cutie should enjoy it while it lasts. On the move to LA, if Cheryl Cole does decide to put down roots, the best time for her astrologically would be in 2012. I expect at that time she will be ready to get married again and have babies. Stay tuned.

CHERYL COLE New Boyfriend, Love Astrology and Psychic Predictions for X Factor Host!

Cheryl Cole star of X Factor, ex wife of Ashley Cole and sometimes girlfriend of Derek Hough is on a path of emotional rebirth. The sexy pop star and fashionista, has had a rough row over the last year. First it was catching her former husband Ashley Cole cheating and afterward a bad bout of malaria. Not to worry, Cherly Cole is read to bounce back and we have a few astrology predictions for her.

Born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, she’s a sensitive girl who can be very moody at times. Family and friends mean everything to her and it takes time for her to trust love. Now magazine reports, a close friend of the star says she’s put a five-step plan in place to heal her broken heart.

Her friend says, Cheryl Cole is tired of being a victim,’ says the pal. ‘She wants to be happy and enjoy her life and everything she’s worked so hard for.’ The friend says she’s drawn inspiration from her LA-based psychic healer Jusstine Kenzer.

Cheryl Cole has worked with Jusstine Kenzer to visualise what she wants from her life and how to change the patterns she’s formed in past relationships,’ says the pal. She’s advising her to imagine the sort of man who’ll be good for her and try to attract him into her life.

Astrochicks predicts that Cheryl Cole can look forward to remarriage in the future. Prince Charming is just around the corner, we expect her new boyfriend to arrive in 2011 and we see babies for the beauty in 2012.  After completing X Factor this year, Cheryl Cole needs to take a well deserved vacation. She’s more likely to meet Mr. Right when she’s feeling relaxed. Also, we believe it will be a man who is more low profile. Translation, no more athletes for Cheryl Cole. Stay tuned.



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