DAISY OF LOVE – Spoiler: Who Do Fans Think Will Win London or Twelve Pack???

When Daisy of Love first aired, I wasn’t sure if I liked the show or not. Now that I have watched the whole season, I actually love it.  Daisy is lovable in a fun and skanky sort of way.  I even find Twelve Pack – Dave quite endearing. I guess I’m just a reality show love junkie. Buddy TV Reports: On the season finale of Daisy of Love, the last…

July 26, 2009

DAISY OF LOVE – London Says: He Wants to Meet Naughty Girls Who Do Bad Things!!!

London, on Daisy of Love, is definitely enjoying his new found fame. The homeless punk rocker dude who stole Daisy’s heart, has had a change of luck recently. He’s the lead singer of the band “The Party Death.” Which he claims to be the best fucking rock band in the world on his MySpace page.  What is Joshua Lee, aka London, really about? He says on MySpace: I love the…

July 13, 2009

DAISY OF LOVE – New Interview: Daniel Alfonso aka Fox, Will He Get His Own Reality Show???

Daniel Alfonso, aka Fox on Daisy of Love, is speaking out about his recent appearance on the show. Of course, he has regrets after watching the show. It must be surreal watching yourself drunk, etc.  Anyhoo, what did our foxy hairstylist have to say? VH1 Reports: Oh really? So you admit fault? Yeah, I don’t blame them. Having my ex-girlfriend calling the show, at first I was totally speechless. My…

June 24, 2009

DAISY OF LOVE – Spoiler Alert: Fox Kicked to the Curb, Will Sinister or 12 Pack Win???

Wow, I’m really surprised that Daisy kicked Fox to the curb tonight. Of course, he does have a girlfriend, BUT he’s incredibly hot. What’s up with Big Rig, temper temper. Maybe Daisy isn’t so dumb after all. Fox claimed to have moved out of his girlfriend’s house “a numerous amount of time ago.” But then Ashley/Jenna (the girlfriend, who introduced herself with two different names) called the house, talked to…

June 14, 2009