MARCH HOROSCOPES: Important Questions are Answered, Do You Believe?

February 28, 2016

Do you enjoy being tested? Many zodiac signs do. It allows a person a chance to show what they’re capable of or can make happen within a set period of time as exciting challenges are met and accomplished. With that attitude, how can anyone fail to experience success and fulfilment? Find out what Jacy Nova’s Astrology Predictions reveal for YOU in her March Horoscopes. Water Zodiac signs in Pisces, Scorpio…


ASTROLOGY Predictions Election 2016: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Big Surprise

January 23, 2016

What do the stars reveal for your February Horoscope and the 2016 Presidential Election? The sun will blast through Aquarius and politics will be the topic of EVERY water cooler conversation. What are Jacy Nova’s Astrology predictions for the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary? Will Bernie Sanders a Virgo beat Hillary Clinton a Scorpio in the Democratic primary and will Donald Trump a Gemini continue to dominate the Republican…


MERCURY RETROGRADE in Aquarius: Pandora’s Box and Election 2016 Predictions!

January 2, 2016

The New Year in 2016 will say hello to Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius on January 5th, and the planet will station direct on January 25th in Capricorn. What do the stars reveal for this intense astrological period? Jacy Nova, our psychic-astrologer for Astrochicks, weighs in on this intense planetary period holds for you and the Election 2016 when Pandora’s Box is opened. Astrologically, the planet Mercury rules the mind and communication….


DECEMBER HOROSCOPES: Astrology Psychic Predictions 2016!

November 28, 2015

What astrological surprises will the New Year bring this holiday season? If you take a look at 2015, what will you remember most? Not world news events, but personal moments that touch your everyday life. What do your December horoscopes reveal? On December 11th, we will celebrate a New Moon in Sagittarius that conjuncts Saturn. It will be a time of reflection on what it means to be free. Your desire…


CELEBRITY Psychic Love Predictions, Bethenny Frankel’s Nasty Divorce, Kim Kardashian!

Where the stars collide, this week Venus in Aries fueled the passion for several celebrities. It’s true, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are officially divorced. We have all the nasty details and drama behind the scenes. Does our Libra girl have love on her mind and ready to marry baby daddy, Kanye West? Bethenny Frankel a Scorpio is battling a nasty divorce.  Not only does husband Jason Hoppy want cash, but he wants custody…

April 21, 2013

TANYA JAIME NELSON, Kills Psychic For Refusing to Tell Future About Married Lover!!!

In the latest “tales of the weird,” a North Carolina woman who killed a psychic and her daughter was sentenced to death Friday. Tanya Jaime Nelson was convicted  Feb 16th for killing Ha Smith and her daughter Anita Vo, on April 25, 2005. Why did Nelson kill the two women? Prosecutors say that Nelson had an affair with her brother-in-law, Loi Nguyen and killed the psychic because she refused to…

April 23, 2010