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REAL HOUSEWIVES REUNION, Kim Zolciak Baby Update, Kandi Burruss Tardy Royalty!

Real Housewives of Atlanta girls ended their season with a bang. The big topic of the evening was Phaedra Parks baby and her super hot hubby, Apollo Nida. Also, why he was arrested and how much time Apollo spent in prison.

Phaedra Parks, our Scorpio girl kept it classy. She likes to take the high road when she’s dealing with the Real Housewives of Haterville. After all, she’s successful, beautiful, and she’s got a man. She confirmed to Andy Cohen, her husband Apollo was NOT on the downlow and they are very happy. Also, she’s buying a funeral home because dead people don’t complain. LOL!

For Kim Zolciak, she appears to have mellowed now that she’s found baby daddy, Kroy Biermann. Happy and pregnant, she seems to have the perfect family. Will there be a wedding?  Kim Zoliciak has her house up for sale and she’s moving in with Kroy. One step closer to a big diamond ring.

One sticking point, is Kandi Burruss and Kim’s drama over the song, “Tardy for the Pardy.” Kandi still hasn’t been paid her royalties for producing the song and giving Kim the gift of a singing career. What’s up Kim, karma is a biatch, you better pay up girl. Both Kandi and Kim are Taurus girls, money is important to our two Real Housewives of Atlanta girls. Hopefully they will work it out and continue to churn out the hits.

In the end, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show was low key. It felt like an extended live version of the show, it just featured NeNe Leakes bitching about Kim Zolciak. Our Sagittarius girl doesn’t know when to shut up. Will NeNe return next season? Who knows, if she loves her pocketbook she better stay. Andy Cohen was subdued and I guess he’s holding his excitement for the new season of Real Housewives of Miami. Stay tuned.

PIERS MORGAN, Love Calling for Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes, Guru Donny Deutsch!

Real Housewives of Atlanta girls appeared on Piers Morgan show on CNN. Riding shotgun, with his cupid bow in tow, was Donny Deutsch from the new Bravo TV show, Love Calling.  Piers put Phaedra Parks, NeNe Leakes, and Kandi Burruss in the hot seat. Having the girls dish on their love lives.

Donny Deutsch the self proclaimed “love guru,” wants to be crowned the King of  late night talk on Bravo.  The famous ad exec, says he’s a reformed bad boy, and understands how men think. He’s ready and willing to help women find their lifetime love partner. Maybe he should be helping NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss. Real Housewives need love too.

Donny Deutsch, born under the astrology star sign of Sagittarius, is a free spirited soul. A man, who women find irrestible. Not only is he sexy, he’s rich as hell. Maybe NeNe Leakes, another Sagittarius, should go after a man like that. Legally seperated from Greg Leakes, she admitted she’s speeding towards divorceville. Freedom never felt so good. We sure hope she finds a new love, we want the old happy NeNe Leakes back.

The only happily married Real Housewives of Atlanta was Phaedra Parks. She’s married to hottie Apollo Nida, his wife Phaedra says the secret to their success is being committed to the relationship. She’s a Scorpio girl to, so I’m sure she probably wears the pants in the family.

For Kandi Burruss our Taurus girl, dang when is she going to find a good man. She’s a fun and pretty lady, but all the men she picks seems to be shady. Astrochicks predicts some major changes for Kandi in 2012, she will set boundaries in her relationships, which will pave the way for a new man to come into her life. He will definitely be a keeper and hopefully she will find her happily ever after. You can check out Love Calling on Bravo. It’s a pretty good show. Stay tuned.

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WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, Andy Cohen Interview, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Marriage Update!

Andy Cohen, put Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas in the hot seat tonight on Watch What Happens Live Valentine interview. He wants to see if the Newlywed couple are in marital bliss or headed for a divorce attorney. Will love keep Cynthia Bailey and Peter together? Or will their marriage bite the dust?

Cynthia Bailey looked super fab, dressed in black, and ready for a funeral. Who died girl?  Andy Cohen got Cynthia and Peter to dish on the Real Housewives reunion. They all agreed that Kandi’s hair looked weird, they preferred it short. Also, they made fun of the faces that Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak made towards each other.

When Andy Cohen asked Peter Thomas how his marriage was going with Cynthia, he said great. Ms. Bailey corrected him and said it was “well” on they way to great. Gee, so romantic. As a couple, they do make an interesting match. It’s obvious they love each other, hopefully the finances will pick up for these two.

Cynthia Bailey, who is reportedly born under the sign of Libra, has been accused of being a runaway bride. The former girlfriend of Russell Simmons and Leon Robinson, it appears Peter Thomas is the one who caught her heart. If she really is a Libra, Astrochicks predicts an emotional rollercoaster over the next year for our girl. Cynthia still on the fence over her marriage, she will continue to have love challenges with her husband Peter. Hopefully they can keep it together. Wishing them the best. Happy Valetine’s Day.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Reunion, NeNe Leakes Divorce, Phaedra Parks Cat Fight!

Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion ended with a bang. NeNe Leakes had a sourpuss look on her face, shooting dirty looks at Kim Zolciak and Phaedra Parks all night long. The girls ganging up on Phaedra because she has the best looking husband in the house, next to Kim Zolciak.

Andy Cohen threw Phaedra Parks under the bus, telling her all the other Real Housewives call her Fakedra, ghetto, and her own biggest cheerleader. Personally, Astrochicks loves Phaedra Parks, she’s the ultimate Southern Belle, with her money and career. NeNe Leakes clucking all night long, “Girl I Don’t Know You.” What’s up with that? Was she trying to start a cat fight?

Lets get real, Cynthia Bailey married Peter Thomas who is broke broke broke. Phaedra Parks keeps it real, tries to be respectful to the other women, while NeNe Leakes keeps riding her like its the Kentucky Derby. Tweeting that one of her cast members on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a transvestite? Was she looking in the mirror? What’s wrong with our Sagittarius girl?

Phaedra Parks, born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio, is one mama you don’t want to mess with. Smart and sexy, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Maybe the past year has take a toll on NeNe Leakes soul. Now that she’s getting a divorce, maybe NeNe Leakes can get her happy back. Is she jealous of Phaedra Parks and her hot husband, Apollo Nida?

It was an interesting reunion show for Real Housewives. NeNe Leakes was soooooo uptight all night long, it’s safe to say she may not be back next year. Part two of the reunion is next week. Stay tuned.

CYNTHIA BAILEY, Real Housewives Marriage Drama, Husband Peter Thomas Still Broke?

Real Housewives of Atlanta ended up with a bang. With poor Cynthia Bailey stressed out over her wedding, fans were worried she would be a runaway bride. Upset that her husband to be, Peter Thomas, was broke. Not to mention, Cynthia Bailey’s mom and sister DID NOT want her to marry Peter.

In a new interview, Cynthia Bailey told iVillage:  “All kinds of craziness started happening during the whole preparations for the wedding,” Bailey tells iVillage. “It was just a lot of drama. It didn’t look like (the wedding) was going to happen many, many times. Very bumpy road.” Of course Cynthia chose to marry her man Peter. What about their finances?

Cynthia Baily told Zapit, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have a love hate relationship with Peter Thomas. She says, It’s amazing to me how people get so involved in the show. When I see people out, people are like, ‘Are you okay?’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, are you guys kidding me? I’m fine.’ The wedding’s happened at this point. At any case, I didn’t realize going into this how personal people take our storylines. People tweet me, put on my Facebook, and on my blogs saying when I cry, they cry.

Rumor is Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas has opened up a lounge in Atlanta. Where does this dude get his money? Lets hope that Cynthia isn’t still supporting him. Astrochicks has conflicting reports that Cynthia is either a Libra or a Pisces girl. If she’s a Libra, Peter and her will be riding a love rollercoaster all year long. Astrologically, the relationship will be challenged but if they can make it 2012, they should be okay.  Wishing her lots of love of happiness.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes Jealous Rage, Kim Zolciak Drama!

Real Housewives of Atlanta dialed up the drama tonight, with Kim Zolicak and NeNe Leakes drunk on hateorade. Is NeNe jealous of Kim Zolciak’s singing career? Granted Kim’s not much of a songstress but she’s definitely a pop culture icon. I think NeNe Leakes pending divorce has taken an emotional toll on her.  I love NeNe but she seriously needs to get her anger under control.

NeNe Leakes a loud mouth Sagittarius, disses Kim Zolciak’s friend Thomas Kramer who was gracious enough to let the girls stay at his mansion. NeNe was out of control and Kim thought she was being disrespectful. Girl get a grip.

 NeNe Leakes other BFF, the runaway bride Cynthia Baily, decided to have a pity party at her Bachelorette party. Concerned her future husband Peter Thomas is broke, she’s not sure if she should go through with the wedding. You think?

Thankfully,  the other girls were nicer to the eccentric millionaire and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Phaedra and the girls were wondering if Thomas was another one of Kim Zolciak’s Big Poppas. A girl can never have too many sugar daddies, he definitely was good looking and our Taurus girl Kim, loves the good life.

Word on the street is NeNe Leakes may not return for another season, she’s exploring more TV reporting and talk show opportunities. Our Sagittarius girl is appearing on the new Celebrity Apprentice and may have a development deal with Donald Trump. Is he trying to make NeNe Leakes his next Omarosa? Stay tuned.



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