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CHIP COFFEY – Psychic Medium Reveals How to Connect Through the Veil!!!

Well, Astrochicks got their psychic groove on this weekend in Atlanta. I chip_coffey2attended the “Through the Veil” event featuring guest speakers Chip Coffey from “Paranormal State”.  An added bonus was Christopher Atkins discussing his spiritual journey as well.

Witnessing Chip Coffey, a Leo/Virgo cusper in action, during a gallery reading was pretty amazing. I found him incredibly accurate and very humorous at the same time. He mentioned that “Psychic Kids” had been picked up for another season and no word on “Paranormal State”. He did mention that what we see on “Paranormal State” is not near as creepy as what’s left on the editing room floor.

I was most surprised by Christopher Atkins. It’s obvious he’s a gorgeous guy but also I found his spiritual journey quite interesting. He was funny, down to earth, and inspiring. He discussed everything from God, being a celebrity, to his 20 years of sobriety, nude beaches, to his desire to be happy versus sad. He’s definitely a free spirited Pisces guy and the waters do run deep. Yes ladies, he’s even better looking in person. Sigh…

It was a fun weekend, I received a Reiki Healing, an intuitive reading, and even attended a seance. Super cosmic weekend overall. Good times. Now back to LA…where the stars collide.

CHRISTOPHER ATKINS – Shares Words of Wisdom for Young Teen Idols!!!

Christopher Atkins, taking a second spin at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has some advice for the Jonas Brothers. Inchristopheratkins case you missed it, the sexy Pisces actor, recently starred in the VH1 reality series “Confessions of Teen Idol.” In a new People interview, he had some timely advice for the young rockers.

“I was recognized all over the planet. Everywhere. It boggled my mind,” Atkins, 47 tells PEOPLE in its latest issue. The actor, along with six other former teen idols, examines fame on VH1’s Confessions of a Teen Idol.

Looking back on his younger days, Atkins offers a bit of advice to today’s heartthrobs, namely the Jonas Brothers.
“I have a saying: He with the most stories wins because if you have stories you’ve had adventures and if you’ve had adventures you’ve lived life,” Atkins says. “There is a fleeting aspect to fame … so just live. And even when it’s gone, have fun.”

He looks pretty happy in this photo. If rumors are true, he may have a new TV show this summer. Stay tuned.

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CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN IDOL – Girls Gone Wild: Why Did Eric Nies Leave the Show???

In the new episode of Confessions of a Teen Idol, Eric Nies abruptly leaves the show after a charity event turns into aericnies Chippendales dance revue. I don’t blame the guy, he was there to promote awareness about helping Africans get clean water. Instead, some naughty housewife just wanted him to take his shirt off, and stuff money down his pants. Come on girls, what would we say if some guy in the audience wanted a girl to take her top off? Yes, he’s hot but you need to respect the guy.

After the show, Eric continues to focus on his work as a Life Coach and is the spokesperson for the U Group. Also, he has created a cool new healing technique Chi-Force with his brother Jon. Here is some more info from his website:

Created by brothers Eric and John Nies, Chi-Force is the culmination of their unique experiences training under a Martial Arts Grand Master and John’s professional football career in the NFL . This fusion of ancient Eastern health and wellness philosophies and cutting edge Western training techniques is a blueprint for living a fully integrated mental, physical and spiritual life. Chi-Force incorporates a holistic spiritual approach incorporating John and Eric Nies’ Seven Disciplines: The “BODY” components of the physical training encompass challenging endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and agility trials and a focus on nutritious eating. The “MIND” incorporates visualization, focus on breath and deep breathing, meditation techniques, and study, while “SPIRIT” encourages prayer, reconnection with nature, and charitable service.

Sounds like a good workout and an amazing healing technique. Our reformed playboy who previously dated Pamela Anderson, Alyssa Milano, and Kristy Swanson has retired his bad boy card. According to his bio, Eric a Gemini, travels extensively and has his home base by the beach in Los Angeles. He lives with his girlfriend Penny and a little black dog named Sugar Ray. (cute dog name.)

Don’t worry Eric, we think you made the right choice. It’s important to have integrity.

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CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN IDOL – Christopher Atkins the Free Spirit of Hollywood???

I don’t know about you but I LOVE “Confessions of a Teen Idol.” I think it’s a VERY revealing look at Hollywood andchristopheratkins what happens to young stars when they get older.

One of Astrochicks favorite is Christopher Atkins. He’s a Pisces and has a very sweet soul. A true romantic at heart, he wears his heart on his sleeve. Our other favorite is another Pisces, Adrian Zmed. Such a sensitive and lovable guy, you just want to give them both a big hug.

On Christopher Atkins MySpace page, he reveals his free spirited side. He describes himself as follows:

I have an adventurous spirit. Love to travel, love to explore. I’m a Pisces, love creativity; love the little things in life, love romance, tenderness, affection, matters of the heart. I will smother you everyday with hugs. My buttons are disrespectful, unthoughtful, dishonest, mean, unnurturing people.

I will never be invisible in a relationship again and I want to be wanted not needed. I don’t have faith in money but have faith in FAITH. I believe in – aliens, ghosts, strange creatures, imagination, prayer, left-handed people, optimism, a pat on the back, building up a spirit not tearing it down, stereotypes, getting to the point, never wearing clothes, nude beaches, openness, and a good hug.

Hopefully, this show will be one of many seasons, and the former teen idols will find some type of new found fame. What I like most about the show, are the guys who were cast. Every single one of them are real, down to earth, and incredibly likable. A definite MUST WATCH on Sunday nights.

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