CHRIS HARRISON New Girlfriend, Bachelor and Bachelorette Dating Site!

Watch out and eHarmony, Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss, have launched a new dating site to help Bachelor and Bachelorette fans find love. At First Sight, acts as a personal dating coach and casting app to find your true love. “It’s really going to be revolutionary,” Harrison tells E! News exclusively. “It’s a fun, Instagram-slash-Twitter-slash-Vine version of a dating site. We do it how we cast the show. We…

July 11, 2013

BACHELOR BRAD WOMACK, Tells Ellen DeGeneres He’s Ready For Love!

Brad Womack says he’s an older and wiser Bachelor. In a new interview, Brad claims to no longer be a commitment phobe and has even sought therapy over childhood issues surrounding his father. Now Mr. Scorpio says he’s ready to find love, even possibly a wife, on the new season of the Bachelor on ABC. Will he actually find his Cinderella? Brad Womack appeared on Ellen’s talk show this week,…

September 30, 2010

BACHELOR Brad Womack, Bachelorette Jesse Csincsak and Fans Opinion, Will He Find Love?

The Bachelor buzz today is about Brad Womack taking a second shot at love. Bachelorette and Bachelor fans are split on bringing Brad Womack back, some are all for it and some are totally against. Many are disappointed that Chris Lambort turned down the Bachelor opportunity and other fans would like to have a new guy cast as the Bachelor. Former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are speaking out, giving their…

September 28, 2010

BRAD WOMACK, Bachelor Again, For Love or Money, Reality Steve Spoils Announcement!

It’s true, Brad Womack will return as the Bachelor again this season and will try a second chance of love. King of Spoilers, Reality Steve was right, even though ABC denied it after Steve announced the big spoiler on his Twitter page. Astrochicks is disappointed that Chris Lambton won’t be the next Bachelor, does that mean maybe he will come back on the Bachelor Pad? Is Brad Womack really serious…

September 27, 2010