THE BACHELOR, Why Does Jake and Vienna Think Gia Would Make a Better Bachelorette???

Vienna, is showing some love for her girl Gia. In a new tweet, she says she thinks Gia would have been the best bachelorette. I think most fans would agree that Tenley or Gia would have been the better choice. Ali just doesn’t seem that likable. Ali is like the bitchy head cheerleader or prom queen everyone loves to hate. One of Girardi’s Twitter friends, “AliThompson08” raved about third-place Allemand….

March 21, 2010

DANCING WITH THE STARS, Jake Pavelka Injured Will He Still Appear on the Show???

Only a few more days until the new season of DWTS premieres. Yesterday, Jake Pavelka spilled the beans to Entertainment Tonight saying he pulled several muscles in his back while practicing his dance moves. The former “Bachelor” says while he’s not feeling 100%, he will definitely compete on the show which starts on Monday, March 22nd. How will he handle the pain?  He says, “You just ignore it, I am…

March 18, 2010

JAKE PAVELKA, Went on the Bachelor to Lead 25 Women to God or the Jacuzzi Tub???

I love this story, I think it’s hilarious. According to sources, when Jake Pavelka embarked on “The Bachelor” taping, he claimed to have “zero intention” of marrying any of the Bachelorettes. In fact, the source reports that he told his ex girlfriend Tanya Douglas that his goal was completely spiritual. “He told her he was going to lead 25 women to God,” the insider claims. I wonder who the source…

March 13, 2010

THE BACHLEOR, Does Chris Harrison Think Vienna and Jake Will Really Get Married???

Why did Jake pick Vienna? Chemistry. Either you have it or you don’t. I guess Vienna really gets his engine racing and they seem to have alot of fun together. Plus, he’s an older man, I think 9 years older. Vienna will look up to him, he will be the breadwinner and she will take care of him. What does Chris Harrison think? “You could tell how easy it was…

March 7, 2010