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CHRIS BROWN Update, Rihanna Hot Date on Grammy Night, Wild Paparazzi Car Crash!

chris brown rihannaIs Chris Brown spiraling out of control again? The night before the Grammys, the troubled R&B singer was ran off the road by paparazzi’s chasing him in Beverly Hills for the ultimate photograph. He lost control of his car and slammed into a wall. Fortunately, he was okay.

This year, Chris Brown’s “Fortune” has been nominated for Grammy and is rumored to be taking Rihanna to the award ceremony. Hollywood Life reports that the couple want to perform a duet, “Nobody’s Business”, whether or not it’s true is yet to be seen.

A source in the couples camp says, “Rihanna’s turned up and getting into that performers frame of mind right now. She’s focused and looking forward the the Grammys and [she] will be with Chris the whole night, so you know that’s going to be extra f**king special. He already told her he would go with her, so its a wrap.”

Astrologically speaking, Brown a Taurus appears to be unraveling before our eyes. He may have his soulmate by his side but that won’t scare away the demons that continue to haunt him. He’s walking a tight emotional rope and seems to be easily pushed over the edge.

For Rihanna a Pisces, she’s blinded by love and no one can change her feelings about Breezy. That’s her man and she doesn’t want anyone else. In 2013, she will be flying high in her career and will feel emotionally secure. Together, Rihanna thinks Brown and her can weather any storm.

Tune in for the Grammys on Sunday night , where we will get to see Rihanna strut her stuff on the red carpet wtih Chris Brown.



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CHRIS BROWN Update, Rihanna Wins Love Battle, Ex Girlfriend Karrueche Out, RUMORS!

Is Chris Brown playing ping pong with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran’s hearts? Over the last few months, Chris Brown, has been acting like a stone cold player. Like the song, he’s torn between two lovers and looking like a dang fool. What’s the latest on the love triangle? Here’s the latest news update and rumors, on Chris Brown and Rihanna love thang.

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna just friends or moving towards getting back together? Our Pisces girl, has expressed her undying love for Brown and has forgiven him for his mistakes. Still, he’s expressed confusion over whether he loved Karrueche or Rihanna more. Instead of choosing one girl over the other, he decided to keep dating both.

Just last month, Rihanna visiting Brown while on tour. As soon as she left, Chris had Karrueche join him in the city of love, Paris. It appears, he wants his cake and wants to eat it to. What’s the deal?

Well, I guess Brown was missing Rihanna and the couple were spotted on Christmas, catching an NBA game together. Sharing some holiday love, they looked very happy together, you can check out the photos here. The look on Rihanna’s face, priceless. That girl is spun, spun, spun.

In fact, Chris Brown had a tattoo of his ex girlfriend, Karrueche, to prove his love to Rihanna. Sweet gesture.

Astrologically speaking, Rihanna a Pisces girl, definitely wants to make her relationship permanent with Brown. Dreaming of engagement rings, wedding dates, and bridal gowns. Astrochicks, says hold on girl. Chris Brown a Taurus, definitely has some emotional maturing to do and he’s not ready to say I do. Together, they have a very passionate relationship but has too much fire, Rihanna we predict will continue to get burned.


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