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DECEMBER HOROSCOPES: Astrology Psychic Predictions 2016!

Happy New YearWhat astrological surprises will the New Year bring this holiday season? If you take a look at 2015, what will you remember most? Not world news events, but personal moments that touch your everyday life. What do your December horoscopes reveal?

On December 11th, we will celebrate a New Moon in Sagittarius that conjuncts Saturn. It will be a time of reflection on what it means to be free. Your desire to seek truth and spiritual enlightenment will be high.

A New Moon in Sagittarius will make you think about where are you going in life? What have you learned and how are you applying that knowledge? What type of friend, lover, or family member are you?

Your December Horoscope could reveal a big surprise; that opens the door to an unexpected opportunity in 2016.  On December 5th, Venus will enter intense Scorpio that will ignite your passion fueled by Mars in flirty Libra. Highlighted by Mercury in serious Capricorn, you will feel inspired to make plans for the future. It’s important to outline a practical plan on what you hope to achieve. Neptune in mystical Pisces helps us to remember the power of dreams and how to manifest our goals for the future.

Our psychic astrology predictions for Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, is all about love. Perhaps, you will receive a marriage proposal or moving in with your partner. Embrace the ones you love and stay close to family and friends this holiday season, they will need your extra support.

The zodiac signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, could feel emotionally challenged. It’s not in your nature to make rash decisions, but you will feel the need to make a significant change in 2016. It’s important to evaluate your career choices, and you want to make a move. Plan accordingly and you will see success in early March.

For Air signs Libra, Aquarius and Gemini it will be all about the party. You love the holidays and enjoy socializing. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and perhaps find a new love, don’t let the stress of holidays get you down. Bask in the limelight and enjoy the moment.

Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries you will feel the urge to break free. It’s time to take action and decide on what YOU WANT the future to bring you. In life, you would rather lead than follow. It’s time set in motion the ideas you have been working on. By summer, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In 2015, Resident Celebrity Astrologer, Jacy Nova, made several psychic predictions that came true. Ranging from accurately predicting that Kim Kardashian a Libra would have a second child to Taylor Swift a Sagittarius finding true love. What will the stars reveal for you in 2016? Stay tuned, Jacy Nova will release her new predictions in early December.

PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS 2015: Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift!

Kim Kardashian News!Psychic Prediction 2015. What does the future hold for our favorite celebrities? Astrochicks checked in with resident Astrologers: Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson for a few star predictions.

For our favorite divas like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, they can expect a year filled with love and a couple of unexpected eye-openers this summer.

On the flip side, other superstars like Beyoncé and Jay Z, may experience a period of turbulence, causing a cosmic communication breakdown.

Here are a few of Astrochicks favorite Celebrity Psychic and Astrology Predictions for 2015:

For superstars Beyonce a Virgo and Jay Z a Sagittarius, Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson predict a communication breakdown in 2015. Divorce rumors will continue to dog the couple over the summer, leading to an official split in 2016.

Kim Kardashian a Libra and Kanye West a Gemini, Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson predict they will welcome another child in late 2015 or early 2016. Also, Kanye will publicly announce his semi-retirement from music to concentrate on being an awesome Daddy.

Taylor Swift a Sagittarius will find true love. Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson predict a long-term relationship in 2015, when Prince Charming sweeps our country cutie off her feet.

Prince Harry a Virgo will get engaged in Summer 2015. Astrologically, Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson recommends the royal hottie should marry in late 2015 or early 2016. Jupiter in Virgo will trine his Sun, shining many blessings on the royal Prince.

A perfect soul mate match, Jennifer Aniston an Aquarius and Justin Theroux a Leo will secretly wed in 2015. Jacy Nova & Patty Kamson predict no biological children for the happy couple, who may consider adoption in the near future.

For more Astrology & Psychic Predictions in 2015, check out the weekly Astrochicks Radio Show, “where the stars collide” featuring Celebrity Astrologers Jacy Nova and Patty Kamson.

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FULL MOON IN ARIES, Psychic Predictions for Nick Cannon and Kourtney Kardashian!

kourtney kardashian and scottOn October 8th, the stars will collide when the Full Moon in Aries conjuncts unpredictable Aries, fueling unexpected events and unwelcome surprises.

When it comes to love, the Full Moon in impulsive Aries will oppose the love driven Sun in Libra, which will test romantic relationships and leave a trail of broken hearts in its midst.

For celebrities like Nick Cannon a Libra, who’s recently split from Aries wife, Mariah Carey, we can expect some salacious details revealed about his rumored relationship with Amber Rose. Our celebrity psychic prediction, lets hope Nick Cannon has a good divorce attorney, because Ms. Mariah Carey is NOT going to be happy.

If you’re in a relationship, the moon energy will reveal how to meet your individual needs but still be sensitive towards those we love. Alls fair in love and war, with passionate Pluto’s square to the Full Moon in Aries, which will bring answers to burning questions of the heart. If you can keep your sense of humor, you will be able to ride the wave of uncertainty and arrive at a resolution that leaves you happy.

When it comes to your career, Full Moon in Aries will push you forward, making it the perfect time to ask for a raise or look for a new job. The cosmic wind will be blowing in a positive direction, driving your desire for change.

In matters of the heart, Astrochicks celebrity psychic predictions is a possible engagement announcement for Lady Gaga, Kourtney Kardashian or Emma Watson. Who will it be? Stay tuned!


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CELEBRITY Psychic Astrology Predictions 2014: Miley Cyrus, Khloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez!

miley cyrus newsWhen the stars collide on December 31st, 2014, the Moon in Sagittarius, will highlight the feeling of adventure and freedom. Mars and Mercury will be caught up with the Sun, Moon and Pluto on New Year’s Eve.  Making most people feel a little cray cray and seriously worried about what 2014 might bring.

What does the future hold for our favorite celebrities: Miley Cyrus a Sagittarius, Khloe Kardashian a Cancer and Selena Gomez a Cancer? Here’s our Celebrity Psychic + Astrology Predictions for our baby girls.

Miley Cyrus, what a difference a year makes. Whether you love or hate our Sagittarius girl, you have to give our fiery songstress props for reinventing herself. Not only did Miley skyrocket to the top of the charts with her twerky behavior, she managed to dethrone Lady Gaga as the most outrageous and is gunning for Katy Perry’s popstar crown.

When it comes to love, Astrochicks thinks Miley a Sag is trying a little too hard. She wants to prove to ex boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth a Capricorn, she doesn’t need him anymore.  Astrochicks predicts that Miley will be romantically linked to several guys and girls, but in her heart, we think she still loves Liam. We predict a rematch in 2014, that will only lead to heartbreak for Miley and Liam again. Also, we predict Miley will continue to experiment and may pull a Lindsay Lohan by switching teams. Our girl loves to shock!

As we previously predicted, Khloe Kardashian a Cancer and Lamar Odom a Scorpio would end in divorce. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. After marrying Khloe, Astrochicks thinks Lamar lost his career focus and was distracted by all that reality bull####. Unfortunately, we think love will continue to escape Khloe. Yes, she will be romantically linked to several hotties but she’s not really interested in dating. Khloe may be smiling on the outside but she’s crying on the inside. Our psychic astrology prediction is the Kardashian’s show will be cancelled in 2015.  Hopefully, our Cancer girl will diversify and focus on her business empire.

Last but not least, we’re a little worried about Selena Gomez. She’s such a sensitive girl and Astrochicks thinks she’s emotionally lost. Fame is a double edged sword and we think Selena needs to focus on her health. Not only is she emotionally worn out, we think her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber, really broke her heart. We predict Selena will bounce back this summer with a new boyfriend and start dating an older man, Astrochicks predicts it will be an actor.

For all us mere mortals, our 2014 Psychic + Astrology Predictions are as follows. In 2014 Saturn continues its long treacherous journey through Scorpio. What has been hidden will be revealed, relationships will be tested and most will long for emotional security. It’s time to connect with your spiritual side, focus on what’s important in life, love and happiness, don’t be distracted by outside influences. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

STALKED BY A GHOST TV Show, Psychic Who Battles Paranormal Activity!

Stalked by a Ghost Reality ShowHave you ever met a psychic, who sees dead people and battles paranormal activity? We have, she works with a wide range of people including celebrities and has an intriguing new show airing on the BIO Channel, which is about people being “Stalked by a Ghost.”

Her name is Cindy Goldenberg and in recent years, she has had her hands full raising her two kids and doing personal psychic readings.  Her one wish, when Lisa Greenfield spoke with her a few months back was that whatever comes next in her work, she wanted it to be EASY.  Have you ever wished for that?

After a bumpy few years for so many people, Cindy Goldenberg sent a wish out to the universe that she wanted life to be more simple.  Now watch what happens, when people make even little wishes that line up with their destinies!

What happens when powerful people meet up and give each other a helping hand in making dreams come true…? Remember Cindy wished for EASY.  Now let’s see how even a small heart wish can make magic happen! We asked Lisa Greenfield, who specializes in reading peoples hands to look at the Psychic and Producers involved with the show, “Stalked by a Ghost.”

Meet Mark Maranaccio, the Executive Producer on “Stalked By A Ghost”.  Someone let him know they were looking for a new take on a ghost show, did he know of anyone who had a hot idea they could make?

Mark didn’t at the moment but walked away cooking on the idea.  He headed over to his buddy Justin Tucker, show runner on Duck Dynasty.  The two of them work well together and had created shows together, so Mark wanted to run this by his creative buddy and see what the two could come up with for ideas.

It took no time at all before Mark and Justin imagined what it must feel like to be stalked by a spirit, you couldn’t call the police and get protection from it, how scary it must be.  They wanted to find those people battling evil entities and see if the right psychic, could make their lives easier.  They contemplated a whole team of people, therapists along with a psychic medium.  Armed with a game plan, they started looking for the right cast for the show.

A few weeks later, in walks Cindy Goldenberg.  It didn’t take Mark and Justin long, to narrow down the cast of several therapists to just one very special psychic medium. They watched her work and agreed, Cindy could handle any paranormal activity and battle most evil spirits that crossed her path.

Together, they went back to the original network that requested the show and pitched the idea. Immediately, the show went into production and is now airing on BIO Channel.  Both Mark and Justin scratched their heads at the speed with which it happened.  They hadn’t ever had such an EASY time making any show happen.  Sound familiar…

What gets really interesting is when you know the destinies of each of the players.  This is how a wish hooks into the destiny – for not one but three people – to make things happen.

Our destiny is revealed by the fingerprint type and then which fingers have a specific type on them.  Mark, Justin and Cindy all had something called a ‘Peacock’ on their ring finger.  The peacock is a combination of a bull’s eye print and a loop.  So it makes the print look like a bit like the peacock’s tail.

Peacocks are here to stand out, when it’s on that finger!  The name speaks for itself, right.  How they stand out is seen by what’s on the rest of the fingers.   Now let’s go first to Mark who started things rolling.  His destiny is to be ‘Master Of Living His Heartfelt Dreams’.  The key for him is HEARTFELT.  When he makes decisions from an emotional place (not easy in his business and as a man) he has the magic touch for anything he does.

Next we look at Justin who jumped in with Mark and helped catch lightning in a bottle.  His destiny is ‘Mr. Big Shot In The Spotlight’.  His challenge is to risk failing in a public arena.  After Duck Dynasty, anything he does is going to be measured against the number one show of all time on cable.  So he decided to risk alongside his good friend Mark, tying his destiny to Mark’s destiny of being heartfelt.

Finally we have Cindy Goldenberg.  Her destiny is to ‘Master At Building Peaceful Communities’.   Which she accomplished in many layers, first bringing friends Mark and Justin together again and then to the people that she helps on the show!   She helps the stalking ghosts; some of them pretty nasty characters, transition and leave their victims in peace.

And it was all EASY.   They all were baffled on how it flowed! Whew, so interesting how our purpose in being here cannot only affect others, but do it in such an interesting way, right!

You can watch Stalked By a Ghost on the Bio Channel here; they are rerunning the episodes so you don’t have to miss a single episode. If you love the film Paranormal Activity, you will be an instant fan of “Stalked By a Ghost.”  And you’ll be watching destiny unfolding with our inside cosmic information, too!

For all the Astochicks out there, if I’ve made any of you curious about your own destiny you have a gift for being on this site!  Book your Life Purpose Reading at by midnight EST Friday and mention Astrochicks to receive a bonus 12 Month Life Ahead reading along with your Destiny!

If you want to learn more about Cindy Goldenberg and her amazing psychic abilities, you can follow the show on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!

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PSYCHIC TIA, Real Housewives Celebrity Medium, New A&E Reality Show!

Psychic Tia New Reality ShowMove over Long Island Medium, there’s a new cosmic chick in the house named Psychic Tia. A new original A&E reality show airing on BIO, focuses on New Jersey clairvoyant’s mystical world. It’s Real Housewives meets Elvira.

The show centers on Psychic Tia, who’s a celebrity medium and a former New Jersey police detective. A no nonsense psychic, who’s remarkable gift marries the physical world to the supernatural one. Also, she’s Teresa Giudice’s psychic of choice. Astrochicks wonders if Psychic Tia warned her the feds were coming? We sure hope so.

When it comes to her supernatural talents, Psychic Tia first noticed her cosmic intuition as a cop. She found it played a key role in her detective work, so she decided to focus her ability in a new direction: launching her own New Age business!

At her New Jersey store The Craft, Psychic Tia, shares her exceptional skills as both a medium and a psychic with her clients…and this outspoken intuitive, like any bona fide Jersey girl, truly tells it like she sees it. Psychic Tia’s no-nonsense, direct approach is one of a kind, and an appointment with her is truly a life-changing experience!

Psychic Tia’s amazing readings range from talking to the dead, Tarot to Wicca, where she performs charms and incantations. Her main intention throughout is to use her vision to provide guidance to her clients and help them live better lives – and in Tia’s own life, between running a business, having a family, and listening to spirits, it can get pretty noisy!

You can watch Psychic Tia on the BIO Channel, Saturdays at 10pm/9c. Twitter: @thecraftbytia. Check out her web site here.  Enjoy!



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