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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Wedding Bells and Relationship Hell!

bachelor sean and catherineAre Bachelor Sean and Catherine Giudici still getting married? After postponing their wedding not once but twice, has the couple lost their loving feeling. Here’s the latest update on Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s fairytale romance, wedding bells and relationship hell.

How long should a couple wait before getting married? According to eHarmony, years ago the statistics ranged from 6 to 14 months. In a recent study, happily married couples dated for approximately 25 months before planning a big wedding. In another study, couples who fell crazy in love fast, were engaged after 9 months, and married after 18 months.

When it comes to love, reality style, Bachelor Sean and Catherine are in a unique situation. Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and a reborn again virgin, Bachelor Sean, has nixed any hanky panky before the wedding. Catherine a lusty Taurus girl, says she respect his decision, but how long does she really have to wait.

On a recent episode of the Bachelorette, Catherine Giudici,  jetted off to the Caribbean to give Desiree some well needed love advice. The number one question she had? Who had the biggest package? I guess, Catherine, definitely has lovin on her mind. Who wouldn’t, no sex for  12 to 18 months, pure torture.

Astrologically speaking, when Taurus and Scorpios come together in a love match, it’s an intense rollercoaster of positive and negative emotions.  Together, Bachelor Sean and Catherine share a special, yet complex connection. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. She wants romantic love and he wants passion. The big question is will it last?

Astrochicks previous astrology prediction, Bachelor Sean and Catherine, would postpone their wedding. Our future prediction, we don’t see the couple getting married and we think Bachelor Sean has cold feet. Catherine is a super sexy girl, we think she will move on if he doesn’t pull the trigger in the next year. Only time will tell, stay tuned.



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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Breakup Rumors, Wedding Postponed to Next Year, UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingBachelor Sean and Catherine have postponed their wedding, AGAIN! When it comes to love reality style, it’s never a good sign when a couple delays their nuptials. Especially, if you’re a reborn again virgin. Does Bachelor Sean really expect Catherine to wait another year before they have sex? Here’s the latest rumors and news update.

Life after the Bachelor, definitely, can be financially sweet. For Sean Lowe a Scorpio, sources claim he’s too busy fielding offers to get married right now. Instead, the couple have opted for a 2014, television wedding. Before or after, Bachelor Drew’s season?

EOnline reports, “Straight after The Bachelor, Sean went into Dancing With the Stars and straight after that they both had a lot of work commitments,” the source told E! News. “There was no time to make wedding plans. Now that they’ve both freed up a little, they just want to enjoy each other this summer. They’ve got a few mini-vacations in the works.” Gee, who’s the source? Catherine quit her job, what work commitments does she have.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks someone may have cold feet.It’s normal to feel extra sensitive before you take the marital plunge. Especially, if you’ve met your future wife on reality TV. Of course, Bachelor Sean and Catherine, may have decided to get to know each other better and the smart choice is to wait to get married. On the hand, these two may have more serious problems and could be speeding towards a breakup.

When it comes to astrological love between a Scorpio and Taurus, they face challenges. Bachelor Sean a Scorpio likes to be in control and Catherine a Taurus is his polar opposite.  Together, they share an intense chemistry but can’t light the match. Remember, Bachelor boy is a reborn again virgin and she is not. That’s bound to cause conflict, especially when you’re lady is a lusty Taurus girl.

Previously, Astrochicks predicted they would postpone their wedding. Also, our astrology prediction is Bachelor Sean will pull the plug on their wedding. We believe he’s not ready to settle down. Unfortunately, fame and fortune change you, we think Bachelor Sean loves Catherine but is content to keep the marriage on hold for now. If Catherine can be patient and wait, we could see a wedding in 2015. Either way, we wish them the best. Stay tuned.


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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding, Couple Breakup Rumors, Love UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingBachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have denied breakup rumors and insist they’re crazy in love. In a new interview, Bachelor Sean says the wedding is definitely on and the couple will make plans after his stint on DWTS.

Bachelor Sean tells E! Online, “Every time Catherine and I go to the grocery store, we will flip through the tabloid magazines and it’s all fictitious. We couldn’t be happier. I’m so happy that we are finally in the same city having somewhat of a normal relationship. I couldn’t be happier!”

When it comes to family, Bachelor Sean a protective Scorpio defends his future wife saying, “They love her, they absolutely love her. They’ve been coming in town for the “DWTS” events and they hang out with her every time they’re in town. They’re already treating her like a daughter.”

Astrologically speaking, when it comes to love are Bachelor Sean a Scorpio and Catherine a Taurus a good match? A Taurus woman and Scorpio man can make a great couple, or a disastrous one. Opposites attract, with complementary aspects in their charts this could create a positive love connection. This would be colored with very passionate expressions of love, anger and anything else you can think of.

Bachelor Sean a Scorpio will love the stability that Catherine exudes, what you see is what you get. She’s grounded and down to earth,  he senses no ulterior motive in her, and there is no risk of manipulation. He’s like an emotional tornado and no doubt Catherine grounds him.

On the flip side, Catherine a Taurus has both feet on the ground. Astrochicks doesn’t see her as the “Hollywood” type and is more on the geek creative side. She’s very practical and finds it hard to let go, but Bachelor Sean pushes her outside of her comfort zone.

Astrochicks thinks what drives Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s relationship is pure sexual chemistry. She’s totally infatuated with him and he loves it. Over the next few months, we see astrological challenges for the couple. Bachelor Sean and Catherine need to experience being a couple away from the cameras, otherwise reality fame that brought them together, could ultimately pull them apart. In the end, we think he’s in the driver seat and will ultimately control what happens in the relationship. Stay tuned.


BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Wedding Plans Delayed, Love UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingIs Bachelor Sean’s desire for fame and fortune pushing Catherine Giudici away? With rumors flying detailing the couples rocky relationship, from public fights at Hollywood clubs to Catherine being too emotional, makes fans wonder if the wedding is off. What does the future hold for Bachelor Sean and Catherine? Will they get their happily ever after or split in a few months? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean rumors, astrology predictions and news update.

Appearing on a popular reality show has it perks, especially if you’re chosen to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette. For Sean Lowe a Scorpio, he’s a stealth business man who’s turned his Bachelor gig into a multimillion dollar opportunity. Not only did he receive $250k for appearing on Bachelor season 17, he was paid another $250k for Dancing With the Stars and signed a million dollar endorsement deal with Hydroxycut.

There have been conflicting rumors whether or not Bachelor Sean and Catherine will get married. Still living separately and no sex before the wedding, makes most Bachelor fans wonder if it will last. What keeps the love alive, especially when your man is doing all his sexy moves with his DWTS partner?

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio is a determined guy. He knows his fifteen minutes of fame won’t last forever, he wants to make the money and run. For Hollywood, ABC loves the Texas hunk and have big plans for him. He could easily become a host like Chris Harrison, endorse fitness products or even have his own HGTV show. Which means he may be in LA for awhile.

For Catherine a Taurus girl, she’s a graphic designer and a creative hippy chick at heart. She has wicked sense of humor and has a little girl vibe which Bachelor Sean loves. On the fame factor, yes she’s really pretty but doesn’t have the same star quality as Bachelor Sean. Will she be happy to live his shadow, Astrochicks is concerned?

Astrochicks astrology prediction is that Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s wedding will be on a definite hold. Which leads us to ask, how long can a relationship last with no intimacy. Especially for Catherine, who’s NOT a reborn again virgin. Unfortunately, we think if the couple don’t marry by summer they will split. Stay tuned.

BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE News Update, Living Together and Wedding On Hold?

bachelor sean and catherine newsAre Bachelor Sean and Catherine Giudici living together? The couple may be waiting to have sex for their wedding night but that doesn’t mean they can’t shack up. Now that Bachelor Sean has gone Hollywood with his DWTS gig and new endorsement deal with Hydroxycut, has he put his marriage to Catherine on the backburner.  Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean and Catherine update, rumors and future wedding plans.

When it comes to reality love, Catherine has left her past behind in Seattle. She quite her job at Amazon to come to LA to be with her man, Bachelor Sean Lowe. You would think the couple would move in together but according to a recent interview, Catherine is staying with friends and giving her future husband “space” while he competes on Dancing With the Stars. Isn’t that kind of weird? How will Bachelor Sean know if he can live with his future wife?

According Wet Paint, Bachelor Sean and Catherine aren’t living together, she’s rooming with her Bachelor BFF Lesley Murphy. “She has her own place,” the source confirms to Wetpaint Entertainment. “But geographically, she and Sean are very close.”

Astrologically speaking, we think Bachelor Sean and Catherine make an adorable couple. Sean Lowe a Scorpio, definitely can be controlling and likes to be in charge. For Catherine a Taurus, she definitely has a stubborn streak. Together, they are polar opposites but can balance each other out. Astrochicks main concern is Catherine will get lost in the Hollywood shuffle. Bachelor Sean’s getting all these cool career opportunties and she’s stuck doing freelance work for Amazon. Hmm, we think that can become a problem.

When it comes to love and marriage, Bachelor Sean and Catherine are reportedly planning their wedding now. Astrochicks doesn’t think he will win DWTS but may last a few more weeks. Our Scorpio boy has two left feet but we think it’s sweet that Catherine is so supportive. Hopefully, these two will make it to the altar. Stay tuned.

BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Million Dollar Wedding Payday, DWTS Salary!

bachelor sean dwtsBachelor Sean and Catherine may have said no sex before marriage, but they’ve said yes to a reality TV wedding.  In fact, Sean Lowe is ringing the cash register pretty hard after being paid to appear on the Bachelor, agreeing to have a televised wedding with Catherine, and now he will appear on Dancing With the Stars. Here’s the latest news on Bachelor Sean Lowe, his future wife Catherine and DWTS update.

Anyone who appears on the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise may not always be looking for love. Many hope to launch a Hollywood career and pursue fame and future. For our Texas native, Sean Lowe who’s a Scorpio, probably went on the show love and money. We think he’s definitely an astute businessman.

According to various sources, Bachelor Sean was paid $250k to appear on the popular reality show and another $250k for his appearance on Dancing With the Stars.  Plus, Bachelor Sean and Catherine will be paid $500k to have their wedding aired on television. That’s not all, he recently signed a $1 million dollar endorsement deal with Hydroxycut as well. Wow, Catherine’s scored herself a multi-millionaire.

For Catherine Giudici a Taurus, she may have more difficulty in cashing in on her reality fame. Yes, she’s beautiful but Astrochicks doesn’t think she has the same appeal as Bachelor Sean Lowe. That guy is sexy and the ladies love him. For Catherine, she has a fun and quirky sense of humor. Bachelor Sean is reportedly launching a furniture line and maybe Catherine can help with all his businesses.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean will have a stellar year went it comes to making money. Astrochicks is concerned that the reality show that brought Catherine and him together, ultimately may pull them apart. Hopefully after DWTS, the couple will take some time off to be together and plan their future, otherwise we see the wedding may be delayed…Tune in Monday night DWTS to watch Bachelor Sean shake his moneymaker, maybe even shirtless! Woot!




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