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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes Grandma Blues, Bryson’s Girlfriend Pregnant?

Real Housewives of Atlanta resident diva, NeNe Leakes, is going to be a grandma. Her troubled son Bryson Bryant, has gotten his girlfriend pregnant and NeNe has reportedly flipped out. NeNe’s disappointed that her son Bryson has dropped out of school. She’s even questioned if he’s really the baby daddy and has pushed for a paternity test, according to Radar Online. Nothing like a mother’s love. Who’s the baby mama?

Real Houswives of Atlanta has had baby fever this season. Phaedra Parkes newborn baby, Kim Zolciak’s pregnant, and now NeNe Leakes son is going to be a baby daddy. Exhausting! Radar Online reports: “NeNe Leakes threw a ‘real hissy fit’ when she found out and she really laid-into Bryson.” I wonder what her estranged husband Gregg thinks? Maybe NeNe’s upset she’s going to be a Granny at only 42, combined with a pending divorce, that’s a lot of drama to deal with.

No word on whether or not NeNe Leakes family drama will play out on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s a Sagittarius girl, so it’s natural NeNe’s going to speak her mind. Astrochicks predicts that Bryson Bryant will get his life together after the baby is born, also I think there’s a strong chance the child will come to live with NeNe. She may not be happy now but once she sees the little cutie, NeNe will fall in love. Stay tuned.

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