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BACHELORETTE Desiree and Chris Update, Jillian Harris Thinks She Still Loves Brooks!

bachelorette desireeIt’s official, Bachelorette Desiree and Chris Siegfried have safely arrived in Seattle. The couple are ready to build there new life together, which includes a televised wedding and little bambinos. Has Bachelorette Desiree really found her Prince Charming?

Bachelorette Desiree fans are divided over last weeks finale. Some believe it was a sweet romantic proposal and others like Jillian Harris aren’t buying the final rose ceremony.

Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris says ,Desiree may be on the rebound: “I felt this episode, she was sad, she was healing, and her heart was broken. And maybe, just maybe, her statement was true: That Chris was there all along and he is what she really needed, but I don’t think she was over Brooks and that makes all of this a tricky situation. It’s a rushed situation and all you have is your instinct. At that moment, she could have truly realized that Chris was the one, or she could have just needed the support he was able to give her to get over Brooks. It’s not my place to say which it is, but there was a part of me that was sad for her last night.”

For Bachelorette Desiree, Astrochicks believes Brooks is a stand up  guy. Also insecure with abandonment issues, he knew that there was no fairytale ending with him. Still nursing a love hangover from an ex girlfriend who cheated, Brooks is definitely not husband material right now.

For Chris Siegfried a Sagittarius, he shares a similar background to Bachelorette Desiree. Both down to earth, they each come from a close knit family and share the same values (they love corny poetry). Both parents have been married for over 25 years, whereas Brooks came from a broken home. No doubt, emotional baggage Brooks will carry with him for a lifetime.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelorette Desiree born under the sign of Cancer, wants love and family most. During his proposal, she gushed that Chris was always there for her and the man she needed by her side. Which we believe is true.

In love, there are three keys to an enduring relationship. Love may be important, but communication, respect and trust are essential. Thankfully, Bachelorette Desiree can find all three with Chris.

It’s our astrology prediction, Bachelorette Desiree and Chris will get married. In fact, we believe they will marry before Bachelor Sean and Catherine. Either way, we’re happy for the couple and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

BACHELORETTE Desiree Wedding Plans, Her Seattle Lovenest with Chris, UPDATE!

Bachelorette Desiree and Chris WeddingHas Bachelorette Desiree finally found her knight in shining armor? After suffering a heartbreaking rejection from Brooks Forester, in a twist of fate, Bachelorette Desiree bounced back and accepted Chris Siegfried’s marriage proposal. Will Bachelorette fans get to see Desiree and Chris get married next year? Here’s the latest update on the happy couple.

In reality land, fairytales do come true. For Bachelorette Desiree and Chris, they’ve opted for a 2014 wedding. As Astrochicks predicted, we think that Bachelorette Desiree would marry before Bachelor Sean and we still think that’s true. Why? Read on…

Bachelorette Desiree born under the sign of Cancer (another site says Aries) feels insecure in love. After Brooks left her before the actual fantasy suite, Astrochicks thinks Bachelorette had a “Come to Jesus” moment and realized that Chris would be the perfect husband for her. After all, she had 25 guys to pick from and even sent hunky Juan Pablo home. We think Bachelorette Desiree realized she would never find anybody better than Chris and her abandonment issues kicked in. It’s not always what you want but what you need in love. Besides, who wants to chase after a guy who doesn’t love you.

A former Chicago Cubs baseball player, Chris Siegfried, was born under the sign of Sagittarius.  The zodiac sign of the adventurer! Chris possesses a strong sense of confidence and will always be there to comfort Bachelorette Desiree in her time of need.  He values freedom and independence in a relationship and together, Astrochicks thinks they can enjoy life’s journey.

When it comes to weddings, astrologically speaking, we’re happy to say the stars are aligned for Bachelorette Desiree and Chris. She’s ready to be in love, become a wife and a mom. Chris waltzed into her life at the perfect time.

In fact, Bachelorette Desiree’s moving to Seattle this weekend and they’ve already picked out a new home to move in together.

She says, “I’ve moved a few things to the place and I’ve also brought a few things of hers up,” Siegfried says. “But we’re going to get things together and piece the place together.”

Though Bachelorette Desiree says she would “marry him tomorrow,” she’s still a girl and has a big wedding to plan – “possibly” in June, they say.

Astrochicks is happy for the couple and we think Juan Pablo will find true love as well on the Bachelor. Rumor is producers are scouting locations now! Can’t wait till the new Bachelor season starts. Stay tuned.



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BACHELORETTE Desiree Spoilers, Brooks Leaves Show, Drew Final Rose!

bachelorette desireeWill Bachelorette Desiree be left standing at the altar? New spoilers have surfaced, revealing Brooks bails on her during the fantasy date episode, sending our bridal stylist into a hysterical tailspin. After the breakup, does Brooks have second thoughts and return during the final rose ceremony to propose to Bachelorette Desiree? Here’s the latest update and juicy spoilers!

It’s no secret, Bachelorette Desiree has fallen in love with Brooks Forester. Of course, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying some tonsil hockey with Chris and Drew. Is it possible, Bachelorette Desiree may be in love with all three guys? Not a chance, Chris a Virgo will be too boring and Drew an Aries, way too metrosexual.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelorette Desiree is born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. In interviews, she’s admitted that she’s insecure when it comes to love and is emotionally sensitive. She’s a modern day Cinderella, hoping Prince Charming will land her doorstep and take her away.

The good and bad news is Brooks is born under the sign of Cancer also. While Bachelorette Desiree is dreaming of her fairytale wedding, Brooks is thinking about jetting off to Hawaii with his bros to go surfing. Translation, Cancer men are late bloomers and tend to marry later in life. That’s not to say he doesn’t love deeply and passionately, it just means Brooks isn’t sure about getting married.

For Drew Kenney an Aries, Bachelorette fans thinks he’s absolutely yummy. The only problem, they think he likes boys and isn’t really interested in Desiree. We’re happy to report, Astrochicks recently spotted Drew in Manhattan Beach, and he’s much hotter in person. Don’t hate him just because he has a pretty face. :) We think he likes chicks, he’s just metrosexual and is paid to look that good.

For Chris a Virgo, we can be bothered. He’s a nice guy but we don’t see a happily ever after with Bachelorette Desiree.

In case you want a good laugh, besides reading Reality Steve spoilers, Jen Frase has some funny recaps of the Bachelorette Desiree episodes each week, check them out here.



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