BRITNEY SPEARS Dating David Lucado, New Boyfriend or Just For Publicity?

Has Britney Spears fallen in love again? Our Sagittarius girl has been spotted in LA with a new boyfriend and a beaming smile, who’s the lucky guy. Is this a real live romance or a hired love interest for our popstar? Here’s the latest Britey Spears news, rumors, predictions and update. Britney Spears a Sagittarius girl, has chosen a regular dude, David Lucado, as her new boyfriend.  Who’s this guy anyway…

March 24, 2013

BRITNEY SPEARS – Did She Beg Kevin Federline to Move Back in With Her???

It looks like our girl Britney misses her boys, even Kevin Federline. In a new gossip report, it has been reported that she has asked Kevin to move back in with her. What did he say? Look Magazine Reports: A source said: “Kevin has been staying over a lot but I don’t think it will be long until they are living together full-time again. They have slipped back into their…

December 16, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS – Reveals Her Dream to Find a New Guy and Get Married Next Year!!!

Britney’s back biatches!!! Our favorite Sag girl, hit number one on the Billboard chart, and four other countries. Her album sold over 550,000 copies this week. Also, she’s just added ten more cities to her concert schedule. You go girl. In her MTV documentary, Britney Spears reveals her desire to get married next year and have more kids. Unfortunately, during the filming her entourage just laughs at her. In the…

December 11, 2008

KEVIN FEDERLINE – Confesses He Still Loves Britney, Was Blindsided by the Divorce, and Has Hope For the Future!!!

Now that Britney is back on top, it looks like her ex hubby K-Fed, is looking to catch his extra 15 minutes of fame. He’s jumped aboard the media train and recently did an “exclusive” interview with People magazine. He dishes the dirt about their marriage, why they broke up, and how he feels about Britney today. Reuters Reports: Kevin Federline said his two year marriage to Britney Spears broke…

December 3, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS – Lost and Lonely, She Celebrates Her 27th Birthday !

I don’t know about you, but I found Britney Spear’s documentary last night completely depressing. I actually feel sorry for the girl. She seems lonely, depressed, and completely lost. She has a beautiful smile that only seems to light up when the cameras are on. When the cameras are off, she has this vacant look on her face, and it seems like she’s on medication or something. I believe last…

December 1, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS – What Happened at the American Music Awards?

Tonight, Britney Spears is expected to make a special appearance at the American Music Awards. Hard at work, she spent her entire week at a Van Nuys dance studio for rehearsals. Not only is she back in shape, she’s excited about her upcoming album release, and European tour. In Touch Magazine Reports: Will her performance at the American Music Awards go well for Britney Spears or will the pressure get…

November 23, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS – What Did She Say About Her Marriage to K-Fed in New Documentary?

Britney Spears, life is just one big adventure after another for our sexy Sag Girl. She never seems to look before she leaps. Sometimes that works for her and obviously lately it hasn’t worked at all. This week, Britney is gearing up for her new album release on December 1st. The download of the album was leaked online, based on early fan response, about 60% really like it. In this…

November 18, 2008