BRET MICHAELS, No Longer Dating Taya Parker, Suffers Minor Seizure Setback!!!

Bret Michaels experienced a minor setback today. Doctors stated they believe Michaels may have suffered a stroke that led to the brain hemorrhage. In addition to his slurred speech and dizziness, the Poison singer is reportedly having minor seizures as a side effect. His reps say, Michaels is undergoing additional tests so doctors can pinpoint the source of the bleeding. They add that doctors are “hopeful that Bret will gradually…

April 27, 2010

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, Every Boardroom Has its Thorn With Bret Michaels!!!

I really loved Bret Michaels on Rock of Love. I’m not so sure that Celebrity Apprentice is showing him in the best light. First, he’s a guy who likes to be in charge and right now he just seems a bit lost on the show. In the latest episode, he shows up late for the Kodak challenge. I guess he’s use to be on rockstar time versus Donald Trump time. …

March 22, 2010