ROCK OF LOVE BUS – Taya Parker Says She Would Marry Bret Michaels in a Heartbeat!!!

In a new interview, Taya Parker reveals her TRUE feelings for Bret. On Sunday, VH1 will air the Rock of Love reunion show, featuring all the skanks from previous episodes. So are the two still together? Out of all the girls, I think they have the best chance of making it. B5 Media Reports: She spoke of how she feels towards Bret, saying, “Once I realized the ring he was…

April 16, 2009

ROCK OF LOVE BUS – Have Bret Michaels and Taya Already Broken Up???

In the “Rock of Love Bus” finale, Bret picked Taya to be his girlfriend for a few hours. I thought Taya was the best fit for him, although I really thought he would pick Mindy. I guess her “funky” over emotional personality got on his nerves. What I did find out is that Taya is not only “Penthouse Pet of the Year,” she also was “Exotic Dancer of the Year,”…

April 13, 2009

ROCK OF LOVE BUS – Spoiler Alert: The Final Two Mindy and Taya, Who Wins, and Who Gets a Spin off Show???

I love Bret Michaels, but what is up with those braids?  UGH! He needs a new look, the hair looks tired, and he looks tired. In last nights episode, the final two girls are Mindy and Taya. Both cranky, emotional, and insecure little girls. I can’t imagine why he would want either one of them. Of course, I think Mindy will win. Why? That way, Taya can get her own…

April 6, 2009

ROCK OF LOVE BUS – Spoiler Alert: Who Does Bret Michaels Kick to the Curb in the Finale, Plus Jaimes Groupie Past!!!

I can never understand why rockstars, or musicians for that matter, take groupies as girlfriends. Don’t they understand, most girls don’t care which rockstar it is, as long as you’re in a band?  Also, they will keep trading up to get the bigger and better rockstar. It’s called “Skanks ‘r’ Us” and USERS. Why not enjoy them for the night, or the week, but to actually take as a girlfriend?…

March 30, 2009