LOVE ADVICE: Six Steps to Energy Cleansing Your Home & Heart After a Breakup

Love Advice
October 7, 2017

No one ever said breakups were supposed to be easy. Whether you called off a relationship that wasn’t working for you, were cheated on, or had your heart broken, breaking up just sucks. Break-ups are painful, but they can be a great time to focus on yourself. Before you can do that, you need to energy cleanse your home – and heart – of your ex. Grab a cup of…


BREAKUP ADVICE: How to Move on After a Long-Term Relationship

June 27, 2017

Relationships are one of the most important elements of life for most people. We all want to be in a long-term, secure and loving relationship, to be close to someone we love who is always there for us and vice versa. When we enter a relationship, this is our vision for the future and we work hard to make sure we are compromising, communicating and being a supportive and loving…