WORLD WAR Z Movie Review, Brad Pitt’s Zombies on Crack, Dwayne Johnson For Sequel?

In the new movie, World War Z, it’s Brad Pitt against the Zombies. The hotly anticipated but troubled film, finally hits the silver screen this weekend. Will World War Z, smash box office records or will Superman crash Pitt’s premiere party. In his new film, Brad Pitt stars as an ex-United Nations employee racing around the globe in a bid to halt a worldwide attack. The zombies in World War…

June 19, 2013

BRAD PITT Wedding Date, Angelina Jolie Getting Married, Astrology Predictions!

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married?  The Hollywood couple have defied the odds, proving to fans and the media they actually might be soulmates. After six years and six kids, it definitely seems like these two are crazy in love. This week, Brad Pitt was making the press rounds discussing his new movie, “Tree of Life. ” Of course the number one question was; “When is he going…

May 30, 2011

BRAD PITT Birthday, ANGELINA JOLIE Wedding Ring Gift and Mystic Meaning!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the perfect picture of love, have an unconventional relationship. Will the movie star couple ever get married? It appears they may finally be ready to take the plunge. This week, Brad Pitt celebrated his 47th birthday and his lady love decided to give him a special gift. Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt a $400k  family wedding ring, to symbolize their love and commitment, to each other…

December 19, 2010