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PRAY FOR BOSTON, Marathon Bomb Blast Update, 3 Dead and 142 Injured, Suspect DETAILS!

boston marathon bomb blast update#Pray for Boston! The Boston Marathon bomb blast has claimed 3 lives and over 142 are injured. With thousands of runners competing in the race, two bombs went off near the finish line sending hundreds scrambling for their lives. One of the dead included an 8 year old child and injuries ranged from head wounds to amputations. Here’s the latest hospital and news update on the Boston Marathon massacre.

Every year, the Boston Marathon is celebrated on Patriots’ Day.  One of the biggest state holidays known as “Marathon Monday”, Bostonians and tourists join in the festivities that include parades and reanactments of the American Revolution. Thousands of people mark the occasion by flocking to Lexington and Concord and the Minute Man National Historical Park.

For one reporter, who witnessed the horrific event said: “All the sudden there was a massive boom. There was a sort of concussive blow that pushed a lot of people back. I could see runners falling in front of me,” said Dave Abel, from The Boston Globe who was about 10 feet from one of the explosions.

The Boston blast causing injuries similar to a war zone, can be difficult to treat. One doctor stated a young woman passed away, who showed no immediate signs of injuries. The “blast wave” from the explosion acts like “an invisible wall of energy.” Its tremendous energy can inflict massive internal injuries, says Mark Morocco, associate professor of emergency medicine, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“You can have disruption of brain function without any physical finding,” Morocco says. “You can have internal injuries even without any obvious bleeding.”

Even patients with extensive injuries are likely to survive if treated within “the golden hour,” Morocco says. Patients who languish more than an hour without treatment often don’t make it.

One Saudi national, who’s leg was injured by the Boston bomb blast is being considered a person of interest. The hospital where he’s being treated is in lockdown mode and no one is being allowed to enter or leave. FBI confirmed to NBC News that Boston police were guarding a “possible suspect” who had been wounded in the terrorist attack.

Astrologically speaking, Moon in Gemini, shows mass confusion on who really caused the Boston Marathon bombing. Five planets in war-like, hi-testosterone, hi-adrenalin Aries battling for control. Was it a suicide bomber, a foreign terrorist group or a disgruntled American trying to make a statement? The next several days the truth will be revealed.

The Boston Marathon has provided  a phone number for people in search of loved ones in the bomb last — 617-635-4520. Anyone who has information, photos or video in connection with the Boston blast are asked to call 1-800-494-TIPS.

Astrochicks thoughts and prayers to family and friends affected by the Boston Marathon blast. Our hearts are with you!



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