MARRIED TO ROCK Update, Billy Duffy and AJ Celi Back Together, Wedding Plans?

Married to Rock fans are dying to know, did AJ Celi and boyfriend Billy Duffy get back together. After E! left fans with a Married to Rock cliffhanger, on the season finale, we watched AJ Celi move out of Billy’s rockstar pad.  Fed up with Billy’s lack of commitment, she was a girl on a mission, and wanted a damn wedding ring on her pretty little finger. Did they go from break up…

February 22, 2011

MARRIED TO ROCK, Josie Stevens Update, AJ Celi and Billy Duffy Back Together?

Married to Rock fans are curious if Billy Duffy and former girlfriend AJ Celi, are back together? On the last episode of the season, fans were left with a love cliffhanger, where AJ Celi gave her rocker bad boy an ultimatum. Marry me or lets break up. Billy Duffy who’s set in his ways, wasn’t ready to take the marital plunge. Did he finally work it out with AJ Celi? On…

January 2, 2011

MARRIED TO ROCK, Billy Duffy Break Up, Girlfriend AJ Celi Moves Out on Rocker!

In the season finale of Married to Rock, Billy Duffy and his girlfriend AJ Celi reached a crossroads in their relationship. After two years of living with Billy, his girlfriend AJ is ready to get married and have babies. Billy Duffy who loves the rockstar lifestyle,  isn’t ready to settle down just yet. In a bold move, AJ Celi decides to get her own place and let Billy Duffy know she wants…

December 26, 2010