BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, POV Winner, Aaryn Eviction This Week, UPDATE!

It’s a complete miracle or Big Brother 15 diabolical plot that Aaryn and Gina Marie still remain in the house. Fans disappointed by this seasons casting, has been shocked by both girls racist behavior and lack of remorse for their bad behavior. Will Aaryn finally be evicted this week or will her reign of terror continue? Here’s the latest BB15 spoilers. Amanda won PoV this week, with Aaryn and McCrae…

August 24, 2013

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, New HOH, Jeremy Eviction, Aaryn and GinaMarie Next?

Are CBS and Big Brother 15 producers playing the race card to milk ratings? Fans continue to be disgusted and shocked by house guests, Aaryn and GinaMarie’s, ugly racist behavior. Why hasn’t CBS evicted the most hated castmates in America? Why was Jeremy evicted and not Aaryn? Here’s the latest update on Big Brother 15 live feed and spoilers. To win Big Brother, you’re suppose to outwit and outsmart, not…

July 19, 2013

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, Aaryn Gries Racist HOH, Fans Want Eviction!

Each summer, Big Brother fans, look forward to a new season of drama and intrigue. This year, BB 15, has been marked by ugliness and racist comments by three house guests: Aaryn Gries, Spencer Clawson and GinaMarie.  The negative reaction was swift outside of the Big Brother 15 house, with both both Aaryn and GinaMarie, getting fired from there jobs. Here’s the latest BB15 spoilers. It’s safe to say, Aaryn…

July 10, 2013

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, GinaMarie and Aaryn Gries Racist Comments, Early Eviction, UPDATE!

Big Brother 15’s new season has gotten off to a rocky start. Both GinaMarie and Aaryn Gries, are under fire for racist comments made on the live BB15 feeds, leaving CBS executives scrambling on whether or not they should be kicked out of the house. As Astrochicks predicted, Big Brother 15 was going to have a dramatic season with a few houseguests leaving unexpectedly. Here’s the latest Big Brother spoilers,…

July 3, 2013

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, HOH Competition, Jeremy Showmance, Gina Marie Early Eviction?

Big Brother 15 is back! In tonight’s premiere episode, Julie Chen, introduces BB15 fans to the new houseguests. The casting directors have tried to duplicate the success of past seasons, giving us a mix of eye candy and drama queens. Warning, Big Brother 15 spoilers and predictions ahead. Astrologically speaking,  Mercury in Cancer is retrograde for the next three weeks, which should make the BB15 house extra sensitive and moody. Astrochicks…

June 26, 2013

BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, Jeremy and Jessie Showmance Brewing, NEW UPDATE!

Big Brother is back! This seasons BB15 elevates reality casting to a fine art. The producers found a perfect mix of ego maniacs, drama queens, geeks and eye candy to round out the houseguests this summer.  Warning Big Brother 15 spoilers ahead. One Big Brother 15 houseguest, Jeremy McGuire, admits his Texas ego could cost him the game. A competitive guy, he looks like he was cast straight out of a…

June 24, 2013

BIG BROTHER 14 Spoilers, Eviction Nomination, Willie Meltdown, Shane Out?

Emotions are running high on Big Brother 14. Today, the feeds were down for several hours, but after switch was flipped back on, one of the house guests flipped out. Gee, I wonder who that was. Warning, MAJOR BB14 spoilers ahead. According to Zap2it, former head of household, Willie Hantz, has some serious anger management issues. Don’t Big Brother producers do mental stress tests on houseguests?  I guess he had…

July 20, 2012

BIG BROTHER 12, Hayden Moss Update, New Best Friend Lane, and Dating Kristen?

Now that Big Brother 12 is over, what has the winner Hayden Moss been up to and how is he going to spend his $500,000? His plans for the money include investing, helping out his mom and sister and paying off some student loans. But he also plans to keep in touch with his new BFF’s Lane and Enzo. What did he think about the Big Brother 12 finale and…

September 24, 2010