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BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, Winner Hayden Moss Grabs $500k and Kristen’s Heart in Finale!

I loved Big Brother 12 this year. In part three of the HOH competition, Hayden beat Lane, to make it to the final two. For a moment, Astrochicks thought Hayden might take Enzo as his co-pilot to the final two. Instead, he stayed loyal to Lane and the last two remaining Brigade members sat side by side. Hands down, Hayden played the best Big Brother game and Enzo played the best social game. Lane managed to play both sides.

In the finale, the Jury House found out Matt lied about his wives illness and you could tell he was seriously bummed he didn’t make it to the final four.  In the end, Hayden Moss won the Big Brother 12 house vote, and the 24 year old Gemini from Arizona will take home the $500k. In previous interviews, Hayden said he would give most of the money to his mom.

Hayden Moss, a college student from Tempe, Arizona it looks like he might have even won Kristen’s heart as well. She was the lady in red tonight, she announced to the Big Brother 12 live audience that she was now single and open to having a relationship with Hayden.  The camera flashed to Hayden and he looked a little mortified. He said he would take her out for pizza. Really? You just won $500k. No worries, I’m sure they will be making out at the big Vegas bash.

If you want to see the post live interviews, go to Big Brother 12 Dish for the scoop. Congrats to Hayden, his Mama must be so proud!

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BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, HOH Final Winner Part 3 Hayden or Lane, Live Feed and Enzo!

The final two countdown has begun for Big Brother 12. Will it be Hayden and Lane in the final two or Hayden and Enzo. From the beginning, the Brigade flew under the radar and outsmarted some of the best game players in the house. Rachel, Brendon, Matt, and even Britney. No one could take them down.

Hayden a Gemini, is a pretty smart guy. Good looking, funny, and actually a really nice guy. With the part three competition of HOH, will Lane or Hayden win. Whoever wins this final competition, will get to choose who gets to go to the Big Brother 12 finale. In the BB12 live feeds, Hayden and Lane talk shop on why they are in the final three and Matt isn’t. Hayden says, “Matt was in the best position in the game, but he kinda overplayed his hand.”

Hayden and Lane feel bad for Enzo who is totally bummed. Well, at least he won $25k. On Big Brother 12 America’s Choice Poll, it looks like Brendon or Britney will win the fans vote and receive $25k. Now as we get down to the final two, who will win the $500k. Will it be Hayden, Lane or Enzo. Astrochicks thinks Hayden has it in the bag but you never know.

Stay tuned on September 15th when we have the Big Brother 12 finale. Can’t wait.

BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, HOH Winners Hayden and Lane, Live Finale and Jury House Vote!

The Big Brother 12 finale is only a week away. Hayden won the first part of the HOH Endurance Competition. In round two, Lane went up against Enzo. Whoever wins part two of the Final 3 Head of Household competition, will advance to part three. Spoiler alert: our man Lane won part two and will now compete against Hayden for the title of Final 3 HOH. The winner of part three, will get to decide who makes it to the final two and face the BB12  Jury House. Wow!

Here is where the final Big Brother 12 game play comes in. If Lane wins part three of the HOH Endurance Competition, will he still take Hayden to the final two? Or will he feel he has a better chance to win against Enzo in the Jury House? If Hayden wins part three of the HOH Endurance Competition, will he still take Lane to the final two BB12 finale? If either guest is smart, they should take Enzo to the final two and they are almost guaranteed to win Big Brother 12. Astrochicks money is still on Hayden to take home the $500k.

In America’s Choice Poll, fans get to vote on which Big Brother 12 house guest should win $25k.  Who will it be? On a recent poll, it shows that Britney was leading and Enzo was in second place.  Personally, I think Britney deserves to win the $25k. She played a great game, she was the last girl standing, even though she let the Brigade bulldoze over her during the Big Brother 12 competition.

Next Wednesday, on September 15th, with be the grand Big Brother 12 finale and a live Q&A.  Will Hayden and Lane be the final two?  Poor Enzo, he’s so bummed. He never won a HOH competition and only one POV. It’s been a great season. Can’t wait to see who wins next week stay tuned.

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BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, New HOH Hayden Wins, Lane or Enzo Eviction, Jury House Vote!

On Big Brother 12 show tonight, it will showcase who won the first part of a three part HOH, BB12 spoiler alert, which we all know by now is Gemini Hayden.  The second part of the Endurance Competition will be between Libra Lane and Capricorn Enzo.  With so much planetary energy in Libra today, Lane has a good chance to push through and win the second Big Brother 12 HOH.  But don’t count Enzo out yet.  He is a Capricorn and they are known for their sheer determination and Enzo is hungry for a win.

Hayden is for sure a winner at this point.  It’s just a matter of will he be a Big Brother 12 $50,000 winner or a $500,000 winner.  Hayden is a Gemini and Gemini’s are known for their social skills.  Hands down Hayden has been the nicest person in the house as well as playing very competitively in competitions.  It is also known by his Brigade buddies, Lane and Enzo, that Hayden is very well liked by the other Big Brother house guests.  Gemini Hayden really doesn’t have any enemies in the Jury House.  Looks like a sure bet that Handsome Hollywood Gemini Hayden should win BB12! Will Hollywood be calling afterward? He definitely is rocking the movie star looks.

Tune in tonight to watch the winner of the second Big Brother 12 HOH competition and who the two finalists will be!  Will Lane or Enzo be evicted, who will be Hayden’s partner in the Big Brother 12 final two. Then tune in next Wednesday for the 2 hour finale to see who the jury house evictees choose as the winner!

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BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, Endurance Competition Results, Hayden Final Two, America’s Choice Poll!

The Big Brother 12 live feeds are back on. Last night, Britney was officially evicted as a house guest and was sent on her merry way to the Jury House. The remaining final three Hayden, Lane, and Enzo started their wild and wacky jungle themed Endurance Competition. There are a set of three HOH competitions before the Big Brother 12 house gets it final two. Exciting!

Last night, the Big Brother 12 live feeds came back on around 9pm and it shows the Brigade in their final week in the Big Brother 12 house. Locked away from friends and family for the last two months have been tough. Hayden looking pensive and exhausted, has positioned himself to make it to the final two. In a Big Brother 12 spoiler alert, it appears that Hayden wins the first of three Endurance Competitions. Which means Hayden is one step closer to the final two. Can he make it?

Last night on the live feeds, we found that the Big Brother 12 competition part two is between Lane and Enzo. So one of them will be going home. Today, fans get to vote on their favorite house guest, the America’s Choice Poll. Whoever wins the fan vote, wins $25k dollars. In the Big Brother 12 polls, Britney is leading with over 30% of the vote. A nice consolation prize for making it to the final four.

One part of the Big Brother 12 live feeds Astrochicks won’t miss is Lane’s sexy time in the shower. LOL! Enzo is having a minor anxiety attack thinking today is the finale. It’s actually next week but I can imagine how you lose track of time while stuck in that house. The boys hit the sack early last night, excited about their big day and I’m sure dollars dancing through their head.

Can’t wait to see who wins in the Big Brother 12 finale. Who will the Jury House vote for? Also, don’t forget to vote on your  favorite Big Brother 12 competitor. Also, Patty Kamson will be tweeting live. You can check it out here. Stay tuned.

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BIG BROTHER 12 SPOILERS, Britney’s Eviction, New HOH, and Hayden in Final Two?

Big Brother 12 live feeds were blacked out yesterday. Major spoiler alert, HOH Hayden and his Brigade have been in full game play over the last 24 hours. Britney and Lane up for eviction, Enzo had the power vote to kick either one to the curb. Who would he pick?  Britney who pouted all weekend, felt betrayed by lover boy Lane and she cried all weekend because she knew Enzo would vote to evict her from the household.

Luckily on Big Brother 12 dish, they had a mole in the audience covering the eviction. Although Enzo waffled over whether or not to send Lane or Britney to the Jury House, Enzo stayed true to the Brigade and sent Britney packing. Our Virgo girl played a really good game. The last woman standing she made it to the final four.

Hayden, Lane and Enzo are now the Big Brother 12 final three. Now they must face the ultimate test, the Endurance Competition. The first part of the competition is jungle themed. The House Guests are on the vines, swinging around, and Big Brother 12 has them banging into walls.  Sounds like a tough competition for poor Enzo. Astrochicks doesn’t know who won the Endurance Competition but it sounds like it’s a competition Hayden would win.

Stay tuned tonight, there is a live viewing party at BBDish and we will get to hear Britney’s parting words before she goes to the Jury House. As mentioned before, Astrochicks thinks Hayden will win Big Brother 12. Tune in tonight to find out.



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