BACHELOR BEN Spoilers, Cheating on Courtney Robertson, ATFR Breakup!

Is Bachelor Ben already cheating on his new fiancee? According to various reports, Ben Flajnik was spotted in San Francisco spending time with three different lovely ladies, allegedly flirting and “shock” kissing them. Is it true? Warning Bachelor Ben spoilers ahead and after the rose dish. In case you have missed recent spoilers, Bachelor Ben gives Courtney Robertson the final rose, and chooses her to be his beautiful bride. Although…

March 1, 2012

BACHELOR BEN Spoilers, Courtney Robertson Wedding Blues, Final Rose Twist!

Bachelor Ben is down to his final three. Mesmerized by mean girl, Courtney Robertson, can Nicky and Lindzi even compete on their exotic love vacation. After all, Courtney is in it to win it and treating the Bachelor experience like an Olympic race, competing for the Gold Medal of love. Here are the latest Bachelor Ben spoilers. In case you have missed Reality Steve’s spoilers, Bachelor Ben is smitten by…

February 27, 2012

BACHELOR BEN Spoilers, Courtney Robertson Final Rose, Wedding Plans on Hold?

Has Courtney Robertson cast a spell on Bachelor Ben? The poor guy can’t see through her lies and has him wrapped around her pretty little finger. In fact, it appears Courtney’s vows in her mock wedding to Bachelor Ben were ripped off. Did the Producers make her do it? Warning, Bachelor spoilers ahead. Courtney Robertson, got all “Sex and the City” on us, and channeled her inner Carrie. Lifted from…

February 23, 2012

BACHELOR BEN Spoilers, Honeymoon Over for Courtney Robertson, Final Rose Ceremony!

Has Bachelor Ben already broken up with his fiancee? If the rumors are true, the honeymoon is definitely over and Ben Flajnik has regrets over WHO he gave the final rose to. Of course, if you haven’t been following the recent Bachelor Ben Spoilers, you may be disappointed by who he picks as his future bride. Warning spoilers ahead. Yes, Reality Steve has revealed that Bachelor Ben picks Courtney Robertson….

February 18, 2012