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REAL CHANCE OF LOVE 2, Doll and Hot Wings Say the Brothers Played Them!!!

I guess Real and Chance are more into acting like they are looking for love, versus really trying to find it. I guess real chance of love 2having your own reality show is a gold mine, both dudes have girls on the side, and babies to boot.

In the grand finale, Real picked Doll, and Chance picked Hot Wings. The only problem is, after the show, the two brothers never bothered to call the girls. They collected their REALity checks and hit the road.

Here’s what the two girls had to say…

“We wrapped the show in June, and it took me three months just to hear from Chance one time. That was the only time I heard from him since the show, and that was on Twitter,” Hot Wings told VH1 after the finale.

“I kind of feel like I got played really bad,” she added.

Hot Wings came on the show allegedly to find love though it didn’t occur to her that she joined a VH1 reality dating series— which pretty much toys with the idea of finding love all for the sake of good TV. And she’s not the only one who got a bad ending.

“Surprisingly, I haven’t really had much contact with Real at all, actually,” Doll told VH1. “It became clear about a month after the show was over. I mean, are you kidding me? For a guy not to contact me for a whole month after we supposedly became close? You picked me out of the 10 or 15 other girls that were on the show for you. And I wasn’t pursued a month after that?”

“Really, we didn’t win,” Hot Wings added. “It’s almost like we got eliminated too, because we never hear from them. Yeah, he picked me, but where is he now? I have no clue, I don’t speak to him. I gave him my number twice and he’s never called me. He told me something like, ‘Oh, I left your number in my pants, and the ink ran,’ or some kind of dumb excuse. So I was like, ‘OK, so here’s my number again…’ and still haven’t gotten a phone call.

Oh well, maybe one of these girls will get their own show.

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REAL CHANCE OF LOVE 2 – Spoiler Alert: Will Chance Pick Mamasita to be His Girl???

Are you ready for a spoiler alert? Or maybe a cosmic prediction? I think Chance may actually pick Mamasita in the end to be his girl. Last season, he picked no one. So I bet this season maybe Real doesn’t pick a girl and Chance does.

Of course, Chance is supposedly still with his baby’s mama. But we all believe in fairy tales don’t we? Check out the hilarious singing…

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REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – The Boys Are Back, Casting For Season Two!!!

In case you’re wondering, there will be a Real Chance of Love, Part Two. Surprise Suprise!!! The boys have been holed realchanceoflove2up in the studio and of course before the album drops, it’s time to do some marketing. According to VH1, they are looking for 20 smokin hotties to get their groove on with Real and Chance.

VH1 Reports:

If you watched Real Chance of Love, you know the road to love is a treacherous one where furry chinned Rabbits and Stalking Yetis lurk at every turn. You also know that Chance ended his journey alone and Real found the girl of his dreams. Or did he?

What you don’t know is that Corn Fed’s promise to “take it slow” lasted until she found out that Real had proposed to Hoops on Season One of I Love Money. After that, declarations like, “I love you,” turned to questions like “Why don’t you love me like that?” and “Where’s MY friggin’ ring?” Needless to say, Real ran for the hills.

Since that time Real and Chance have turned their backs on romance, and have holed up in the studio devoting their time to their music. But a man can live without love only so long.

Now Real and Chance are back to give love another chance. 20 new women will move into the Stallionaire Ranch and compete for the brother of their choice. Will Real and Chance finally find the girls of their dreams? Who knows? But one thing is certain, it will be fun to watch them try.

Will they ever find love? Nah…Chance is still with his baby mama, and Real is in it for the ride. It’s fun to watch. It should be airing sometime late summer.

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – Risky Calls MediaTakeOut Liars and Tells Them to Get a Life on her MySpace Page !!

Risky, one of the girls from Real Chance of Love, is taking head on. In recent gossip reports,riskybizness1 MTO has insinuated that Risky prefers girls over guys. In her new MySpace blog post, she says it ain’t true.

Risky’s MySpace post:

Ok, this Mediatakeout shit is getting ridiculous. First, I was gay with by best friend b/c we took some normal pics, like all girls take at the club. Nobody believed them, so they had to find some kind of pics to make it seem true, it still didn’t work. Now, I see that me and Cali are supposedly dating now! Come now, MEDIATAKEOUT, give me a break, get a life, and find some truthful shit to write about. Read the rest of the post HERE.

Risky, a sweet Cancer girl, is a sensitive soul. I’m sure the Media Take Out posts upset her at first. In reality, it just means that she is SUPER POPULAR with the fans, and MTO ran out of stuff to talk about.

She describes herself on MySpace as follows:

What about me: I am a very down to earth, funny, loyal, independent, hard working, classy, creative, unique, fashionable, dedicated, goal & family oriented, expensive, intelligent, loving, happy, daring, bossy, spontaneous, genuine, center of attention, generous, dependable, kind hearted, outspoken, cocky, sexy,and confident woman. I love to have fun and Im fun to be around!

My prediction is we will see our girl on the new season of Real Chance of Love Charm School. She’s a really cute girl, you can check out her new photo shoot with Hazz Visions at her MySpace page.

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – After the Reunion Show: Did Real Dump Cornfed for MILF???

Poor Cornfed, I guess Real broke her heart after all. Why do you have to be such a dog Ahmad? According to herahmadgivens recent interview with Media Take Out, Real was seeing other girls from the show on the side. He was flying girls out to see him and telling her having a “relationship” was bad for his career. Really? Why the hell are you asking Hoopz to marry you?

Here is what Cornfed said:

I feel like the truth needs to be told about my experience on Real Chance of Love and also what happened after the cameras were off. I had an amazing time on Real Chance of Love. I made some amazing friends and I fell for Real. Anyone who says that Reality TV is fake or the people are acting, well that’s your opinion. But I was NOT acting! I am NOT fake! Very very far from it in fact. What I felt for Real was soooooo real. I will always hold this experience very dear to my heart.

After Real Chance wrapped, Real and I had a great relationship (over the phone). We stayed in contact everyday, texting, calling, I even went out to stay with him for 5 days over Labor Day weekend. I thought everything was fine, I had a blast getting to know his family better. I thought we were in love, we talked about me moving out there and etc. But when I got back, we would talk on the phone he had changed. I didn’t understand why he was acting so distant. I then started to find out he was in contact with some of the other girls from the show, not just as friends, but saying he wanted to fly them to see him and other things. When I confronted him about this he denied it and then said I couldn’t handle his lifestyle and that he couldn’t be serious with anyone because it wasn’t good for his career.

Personally, I think it’s low class to not even call Cornfed. Come on Real, I thought you were a classy brother. The fans made you a star and they can take it away. It looks like the REAL PLAYER in the family is Real and not Chance.

I guess we will have a Real Chance of Love 2. Stay tuned.

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – Reunion Update: Did Real and Cornfed Get Back Together???

If you caught Real Chance of Love’s reunion show last night, it looks like Real and Cornfed might be back on. Although,cornfed Real looked less than enthusiastic, the couple hadn’t spoke in a couple of months. Why? As I reported earlier, I think he still has the hots for Hoopz. Now, it looks like Corned aka Abbie Noah is his back up girl.

Cornfed’s hometown paper reports:

When Givens joined Noah on stage, she flashed a big smile and hugged and kissed “her man,” as she called him on the show. He seemed nervous, using a fake voice to say, “I ain’t seen you in a while.” Soon Givens was asked if the couple still had a chance of real love.

“I want to make it, but I think me and her need to take it slow,” Givens said, now using his real voice. He looked at Noah and asked “Do you want to try?” She said, “Yeah,” and they embraced.

Givens also explained that the feelings he showed Noah on the program were real and revealed that he entered “Real Chance of Love” a bit heartbroken. Following his stint on a previous reality TV show “I Love Money,” Givens asked a former cast member, “Hoops,” to marry him. Apparently she said no.

In the end, Chance confesses he would have chose Riskey over Cali. But in reality, according to MediaTakeOut, he is having baby number two with his longtime girlfriend Kemi. Also, So Hood was looking super fly with her new look. Maybe they should change the show name to No Chance at Love.

Stallionaires will be dropping their new album in late Spring.



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