BACHELORETTE DESIREE Spoilers, Brooks Breakup Forever, No Final Rose?

Will Bachelorette Desiree be dumped during the final rose ceremony? Chris Harrison promises the “most dramatic” finale ever. The preview alludes to a major drama brewing in paradise, leaving our bridal stylist in a puddle of tears. Here’s the latest Bachelorette Desiree spoilers. Bachelorette Desiree may have feelings for Drew and Chris, but she’s definitely in love with Brooks. Naturally, she would choose the guy who’s not sure if he’s…

July 28, 2013

BACHELORETTE SPOILERS, Ashley Hebert Psychic Predictions, Her Future Husband!

Rumor and speculation are swirling around, who will Bachelorette Ashley Hebert choose to be her future husband. Who will get the final rose? Will Ashley be left standing at the altar, rejected, and crying for Bentley one last time? This week, in Jesse Csincsak’s exclusive Bachelorette blog, he provides insight on who might be the final guy standing. We add in a few psychic and astrology predictions. WARNING MAJOR BACHELORETTE SPOILERS!…

June 28, 2011

BACHELORETTE SPOILERS, Ashley Hebert Final Rose Ceremony, Winner Revealed?

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, the poor insecure girl, finally got closure last week with Bentley. Like a bird, he set her free to continue on her journey of love. Chivalry is alive and well in Utah. What about the Bachelorette spoilers? Who will Ashley give the final rose to in the grand finale? In tonight’s episode, Bachelorette Ashley overwhelmed with guilt, decided to tell the remaining Bachelors how hung up she…

June 27, 2011

BACHELORETTE SPOILERS, Ashley Hebert Final Four, Reality Steve Reveals Winner!

In a new Bachelorette spoiler alert, Ashley Hebert is a fool for love when it comes to Bentley Williams. She has ten hot and sexy men left vying for her attention, yet Ashley can’t get bad boy Bentley out of her mind. He’s not even that cute. UGH! Will he make the final four? On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert has 10 hot guys at her disposal during romantic…

June 19, 2011