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BACHELORETTE DESIREE and CHRIS Love Update, Wedding Plans and Reality Show!

Bachelorette Desiree and Chris WeddingBachelor Sean & Bachelorette Desiree’s wedding race to the altar is on. Which reality couple will fans get to see marry first? We’ve got our bet on Bachelorette Desiree but what about you. Here’s the latest news and rumors on the happy bride and groom.

Last weekend, Bachelor Sean’s future in-laws, threw a big engagement party for Catherine and him in Seattle. The intimate party was held in Ballard, at one of Catherine’s favorite haunts, surrounded by family and friends to share in their love.

For Bachelorette Desiree and Chris, they can’t wait to get married and they are busily planning their big day. No doubt, they will share their special moment on TV and Astrochicks predicts they will get married right after Bachelor Juan Pablo’s season. We definitely think they will get hitched before Bachelor Sean and Catherine, as well. He’s a Scorpio and likes to take his time, we have a feeling he might be a Bridezilla in the making. Watch out Catherine!

Bachelorette Desiree a Bridal Stylist in real life, recently revealed on Twitter she was a wedding blog and is asking fans to submit questions.  She tweeted, “Brides to be! Please Tweet me all your bridal and wedding planning questions to be answered in my blog to come! use #DHadvice XO”.

Either way, we think Bachelorette Desiree and Chris have a bright future ahead of them. Our astrology prediction is she will get her own reality show. Wishing both Bachelor Sean & Bachelorette Desiree a lifetime of love and happiness.

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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Update, Wedding Date Set, Big Texas Bash!

bachelor sean and catherine newsBachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, celebrated their engagement last week, with a big Seattle bash. Does this mean the couple have finally picked a wedding date? Here’s the latest scoop on Bachelor Sean rumors and wedding plans.

It’s no secret, Bachelor fans are excited to find out when Sean and Catherine will finally get hitched. The couple have been coy about their pending nuptials, but they’ve dialed up the excitement by celebrating with family and friends in Seattle.

A local newspaper in Seattle reported, they hosted their engagement party at Ballard Annex Oyster House last Friday night, October 4. Surrounded by loved ones, Bachelor Sean and Catherine appeared to be crazy in love. Will they finally make it to the altar?

According to the post, the party was thrown “at one of Catherine’s favorite hometown spots” by her bridesmaids and her mother. Aww, how sweet.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, has been cautious about announcing the big date. He values his privacy and after appearing on three different reality shows, his life gotta a little crazy. Now that Bachelor Sean is back in Texas, he seems to be more settled and finally ready to make Catherine a Taurus his beloved wife.

The big rumor is Bachelor Sean and Catherine will marry next summer. Astrochicks previous astrology prediction is Bachelorette Desiree and Chris would make it down the aisle before them. We still believe that. Where the couple will marry is yet to be seen, but it will definitely be shown on TV. Astrochicks predicts the big announcement will be made before the new season of the Bachelor. Stay tuned.


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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding Update, Her New Job and Couples Dallas Home!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingBachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have officially moved to Dallas. Which means, the couple have left Hollywood lala land for more stable waters. Are the couple finally ready to get married and start planning the big wedding?

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, would be full of passion and lust. Scorpios love hard and relationships for them can be intense. Bachelor Sean’s need to be in control and Catherine’s desire for drama, may have put the wedding plans on hold temporarily. In fact, it even fueled several breakup rumors. Fortunately, the couple have weathered the storm and appear to be ready to take their relationship to the next level.

For Catherine Giudici, she’s quietly lived in Bachelor Sean’s shadow since the reality show ended. Now that she’s living in Dallas, our Taurus girl is ready to step into the spotlight. Catherine has a new fashion blog, The Lowe Down, featured on the popular site, The Divine Addiction.

In her first featured post, Catherine Giudici, not only reveals a few fashion tips but makes some style recommendations as well. She says, ” I’m a faker. People closest to me know that. I have a handful of luxury items but most of my things come from consignment stores, recycled shops and online sites’ sales.” Sweet, vintage girl. I’m sure Bachelor Sean’s pocketbook appreciates that.

For Bachelor Sean Lowe, he’s designing a furniture line and is investing his money wisely. No word on when he will marry his lady love, but we predict that Bachelor Desiree and Chris will marry before Bachelor Sean. Not that it matters but Astrochicks astrology prediction is that Bachelor Sean and Catherine will continue to have an EXTENDED engagement. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Update, Wedding Plans and Breakup Rumors!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingHave Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice finally set a wedding date? The couple who became engaged earlier this year originally planned for a summer wedding. After claiming a hectic schedule, Bachelor Sean and Catherine postponed their nuptials, so he could appear on Dancing With the Stars. Here’s the latest Bachelor couples update.

Love reality style, can be a rough road to travel. Bachelor Sean and Catherine have been dogged by breakup rumors but appear to still being going strong. In fact, he recently told People magazine to expect a wedding soon.

A reborn again virgin, Bachelor Sean isn’t afraid to wait. Although Catherine is dying to get married, fans believe he may have a bad case of cold feet. “We’ve been talking about it a lot more so I imagine an annoucement will be made sometime in the near future,” Lowe recently told People. Hmm, that’s not exactly definitive.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Bachelor Sean Lowe likes to be in control. A spiritual guy, he most likely wants to “feel” when it’s right to marry Catherine. On the flip side, his future wife is a Taurus. Catherine would be the exact opposite and is someone who HATES to wait.

In a recent interview, Bachelor Sean said about Catherine: “She’s a very passionate person, which means she’s an emotional person, but that’s so great. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Lowe said of his fiancée. “She’s someone who loves very hard and she’s wants to make sure that I’m happy all the time, and that puts a big responsibility on me because I have to make sure I reciprocate that.”

Astrochicks astrology translation of what Bachelor Sean said about Catherine. The couples relationship is a rollercoaster ride with lots of drama. Most likely, they fight quite a bit and may have caused a delay in the marriage. Passion can be hot, when you’re having lots of sex. For Bachelor Sean who doesn’t believe in “hot loving” before marriage, means Catherine is a pressure cooker of love, ready to explode. Astrochicks think she may be insecure and it could be the downfall of the relationship. Scorpios don’t like needy girls, although they LOVE drama!

In our previous astrology predictions, Astrochicks said that Bachelorette Desiree and Chris would marry before Bachelor Sean and Catherine. We still stand by that prediction. We think Desiree is much more anxious to become a wife and mom, with Chris thrilled to have her by his side. We hope we’re wrong and Bachelor Sean works it out. Stay tuned.

BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Wedding Bells and Relationship Hell!

bachelor sean and catherineAre Bachelor Sean and Catherine Giudici still getting married? After postponing their wedding not once but twice, has the couple lost their loving feeling. Here’s the latest update on Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s fairytale romance, wedding bells and relationship hell.

How long should a couple wait before getting married? According to eHarmony, years ago the statistics ranged from 6 to 14 months. In a recent study, happily married couples dated for approximately 25 months before planning a big wedding. In another study, couples who fell crazy in love fast, were engaged after 9 months, and married after 18 months.

When it comes to love, reality style, Bachelor Sean and Catherine are in a unique situation. Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and a reborn again virgin, Bachelor Sean, has nixed any hanky panky before the wedding. Catherine a lusty Taurus girl, says she respect his decision, but how long does she really have to wait.

On a recent episode of the Bachelorette, Catherine Giudici,  jetted off to the Caribbean to give Desiree some well needed love advice. The number one question she had? Who had the biggest package? I guess, Catherine, definitely has lovin on her mind. Who wouldn’t, no sex for  12 to 18 months, pure torture.

Astrologically speaking, when Taurus and Scorpios come together in a love match, it’s an intense rollercoaster of positive and negative emotions.  Together, Bachelor Sean and Catherine share a special, yet complex connection. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. She wants romantic love and he wants passion. The big question is will it last?

Astrochicks previous astrology prediction, Bachelor Sean and Catherine, would postpone their wedding. Our future prediction, we don’t see the couple getting married and we think Bachelor Sean has cold feet. Catherine is a super sexy girl, we think she will move on if he doesn’t pull the trigger in the next year. Only time will tell, stay tuned.



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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Breakup Rumors, Wedding Postponed to Next Year, UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingBachelor Sean and Catherine have postponed their wedding, AGAIN! When it comes to love reality style, it’s never a good sign when a couple delays their nuptials. Especially, if you’re a reborn again virgin. Does Bachelor Sean really expect Catherine to wait another year before they have sex? Here’s the latest rumors and news update.

Life after the Bachelor, definitely, can be financially sweet. For Sean Lowe a Scorpio, sources claim he’s too busy fielding offers to get married right now. Instead, the couple have opted for a 2014, television wedding. Before or after, Bachelor Drew’s season?

EOnline reports, “Straight after The Bachelor, Sean went into Dancing With the Stars and straight after that they both had a lot of work commitments,” the source told E! News. “There was no time to make wedding plans. Now that they’ve both freed up a little, they just want to enjoy each other this summer. They’ve got a few mini-vacations in the works.” Gee, who’s the source? Catherine quit her job, what work commitments does she have.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks someone may have cold feet.It’s normal to feel extra sensitive before you take the marital plunge. Especially, if you’ve met your future wife on reality TV. Of course, Bachelor Sean and Catherine, may have decided to get to know each other better and the smart choice is to wait to get married. On the hand, these two may have more serious problems and could be speeding towards a breakup.

When it comes to astrological love between a Scorpio and Taurus, they face challenges. Bachelor Sean a Scorpio likes to be in control and Catherine a Taurus is his polar opposite.  Together, they share an intense chemistry but can’t light the match. Remember, Bachelor boy is a reborn again virgin and she is not. That’s bound to cause conflict, especially when you’re lady is a lusty Taurus girl.

Previously, Astrochicks predicted they would postpone their wedding. Also, our astrology prediction is Bachelor Sean will pull the plug on their wedding. We believe he’s not ready to settle down. Unfortunately, fame and fortune change you, we think Bachelor Sean loves Catherine but is content to keep the marriage on hold for now. If Catherine can be patient and wait, we could see a wedding in 2015. Either way, we wish them the best. Stay tuned.


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