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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding Plans, Did the Couple Move to Dallas?

bachelor sean and catherine newsHas Bachelor Sean given up on his Hollywood dreams and finally moved back to Texas with his future wife Catherine? The couple who originally postponed their wedding for Bachelor Sean to appear on Dancing With the Stars may finally be ready to settle down. Here’s the latest update on Sean and Catherine.

Forget about those breakup rumors, Bachelor Sean and Catherine are still going strong. “They’ve finally made the move to Dallas as of this week,” a friend of the couple told Life & Style.“They’re really happy together and excited to start their new life.”

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean is an old fashioned Scorpio guy. A reborn again virgin, he’s opted to wait until his honeymoon before making sweet love to Catherine. After a whirlwind romance, the couple have opted to have a televised wedding to share with Bachelor fans.

“TV certainly has its advantages” Bachelor Sean Lowe told Life & Style. “As I’ve said a number of times, a free wedding is always a good thing and you can create the wedding of your dreams, all her dreams. Then you don’t have to sit back and worry about the budget and freak out about stuff like that, so I think there are advantages to both – either it being televised or private.”

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio and Catherine a Taurus are polar opposites. She helps keep him grounded and he brings more passion to her life. Astrochicks predicts that Catherine may have trouble adjusting to Dallas life. Either way, Bachelor Sean will try to keep his girl happy and hopefully they will pick a wedding date soon. Stay tuned.


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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding Details, One Million Dollar Payday for Couple, RUMOR UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingIn a new interview, Bachelor Sean and Catherine, discuss their vow of celibacy and their commitment to saving themselves for marriage. The only problem, the couple haven’t set a wedding date yet, making fans wonder if there’s trouble in paradise. Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean and Catherine rumors and news update.

The couple may have moved in together, but Bachelor Sean and Catherine have opted to share with a friend. I guess, they don’t want to be tempted, they have to save all that lovin for the honeymoon.

In a new interview, Bachelor Sean did reveal the wedding location details, “It’s probably going to be in LA,” he said. “If we do the televised wedding, which it looks like we will, it just makes more sense since that production crew is in the LA area — and her family is in Seattle, mine is in Dallas, LA is a good meeting point.”

Not very romantic but financially smart. It’s rumored, ABC will pay Bachelor Sean and Catherine, a cool one million dollars to get married on TV. Well, that definitely will keep the couple motivated.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, likes to be in control at all times. Initially reluctant to chase fame and fortune, he’s officially gone Hollywood and hopes to land a TV hosting gig.

For Catherine Giudici a Taurus, she appears to be content to be his arm candy. A talented graphic artist, she doesn’t seem to be worried about making money. I guess her man is taking care of that.

Still, the couple find time to be romantic. “We always try to go on little dates,” Sean says. “Los Angeles is a cool city because it has so many cool restaurants so we always try to try new places to eat, or we try to go to different beaches. We just try to spend quality time together.”

Previously, Astrochicks astrology prediction is Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s wedding will be on a definite hold if he gets another TV gig. We hope he decides to put the relationship first, after all, a girl can only wait so long. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN Update , What Astrology Signs Most Likely to Cheat?

sean lowe bachelorHave you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places or been burned by a cheating lover? From online dating to reality shows, love and romance, has become a competitive sport. Not everyone can be as fortunate as Bachelor Sean or Bachelorette Desiree and have 25 hotties to choose from.

When it comes to Astrology, which signs are most likely to cheat? According to the notorious affair-enticing website, they did a cosmic check on members’ birthdays to figure out which zodiac signs have signed up for the site the most and therefore, which zodiac signs are associated with married men or women on the prowl.

For men, the Astrology sign with the naughtiest cheaters is Pisces. Aquarius is number two and Cancer is number three. The men who are least likely to cheat are Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Libra. Wow, Bachelor Sean’s fiancée, Catherine Giudici a Taurus must be relieved. Her man’s a Scorpio.

For women, the zodiac sign with the most cheaters is Gemini. Aries is number two and Virgo is number three. The women who are least likely to cheat are Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus. You’ve been warned!

From Astrochicks personal experience, we’ve been cheated on by a Virgo and a Libra guy both. Obviously, it depends on the guy and the situation.

According to Huffington Post, most people cheat out of insecurity and the need for constant approval. What’s more, both men and women are likely to cheat with someone they already know, but men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair with a stranger. Hello, Facebook!

If you’re worried, your guy or girl might be cheating, you can check out the warning signs here!

BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Wedding Plans and Spin Off Reality Show?

bachelor sean and catherine weddingAre the Bachelor Sean and Catherine breakup rumors true or are they busy making romantic wedding plans? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean gossip and rumor update.

After DWTS, Bachelor Sean has sidelined his plans to return to Dallas and has opted to stay in LA with his fiancé. Still living separately, the couple have opted to wait on sex before marriage. Will that be recipe for a happily ever after or cause them to split?

In a new interview, Bachelor Sean revealed that no date has been set to marry Catherine. Although, they have decided to opt for the televised wedding, where they will earn lots of cash and prizes.

Bachelor Sean says, “Having the ceremony in LA makes sense both for the families and for the Bachelor wedding special, Sean explains: “If we do the televised wedding, which it looks like we will, it just makes more sense since that production crew is in the LA area — and her family is in Seattle, mine is in Dallas, LA is a good meeting point.”

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, claimed in early January he wouldn’t pursue a Hollywood career. Flash forward to May 2013, he’s whistling a different tune.

Considered the golden boy and the most popular Bachelor, he continues to be pursued by several Hollywood offers and rumor is if he marries Catherine, they will get their own spin off reality show.

Previously, Astrochicks has predicted the couple will not marry. Originally, the wedding date was set for August and postponed. Now, Bachelor Sean has to decide on his various career offers, while his loyal girlfriend, Catherine, waits in the wings.

Personally, we would love to see a Bachelor Sean and Catherine reality show. Expect more announcements this summer, stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding Plans, Cheating Rumors, Dallas Move?

bachelor sean and catherine weddingWhen are Bachelor Sean and Catherine getting married? The happy couple recently celebrated six months together but continue to battle cheating rumors. What’s the latest gossip on Bachelor Sean and Catherine? Here’s the latest news and astrology predictions.

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean, claims he’s a reborn again virgin and refuses to live with his girlfriend Catherine before marriage.

The couple live in the same apartment building in LA, called the Palazzo, but have no immediate plans to move to Dallas. According to a recent interview, Bachelor Sean, wants to continue his Hollywood career and hopes to score a hosting gig. What about Catherine?

Star magazine claims that Catherine was jealous of Bachelor Sean’s relationship with Peta and decided to get her flirt on. She was spotted snuggled up with a mystery man, Julz Tocker. According to a source, “She was rubbing Julz’s arm, whispering in his ear and giggling.” Turns out, he’s actually a DWTS pro and was teaching Catherine a wedding dance.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, has a challenging year ahead of him. Excited about the opportunities presented to him, sometimes Catherine may feel left out. She left her job in Seattle to plan a wedding, not wait around for her man.

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean would never cheat on Catherine, he would leave the relationship first. A Scorpio man is one of the most loyal guys in the zodiac,  once his trust is earned. He will not deviate and will always be there to support his girl. He is also extremely passionate about life and everything that he does.

Astrochicks astrology prediction is Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s summer wedding will be postponed. We think Bachelor Sean will claim a hectic schedule and Catherine will feel disappointed. For the relationship to work out, Catherine will need to find a career that will make her happy, while Bachelor Sean pursues his Hollywood dreams. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding, Nasty Breakup Rumors and Future Plans!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingWhat’s up next for Bachelor Sean and his future wife, Catherine Giudici? In a new interview, he discussed challenges the couple face and his desire to ride the fame train, all the way to the bank. Bachelor Sean addresses the breakup rumors, the couples wedding plans and what the future holds.

When it comes to reality TV, Bachelor Sean says, “I mean, The Bachelor was challenging for a lot of different reasons, but Dancing With the Stars probably takes the cake. Not only was it physically demanding, but emotionally demanding, too.”

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean still thinks Catherine is the one. He says, “”I think we continue to learn new things about each other every day, as we probably will for the rest of our lives, I hope. I think our relationship’s growing stronger each day. I couldn’t be happier with where our relationship is.”

What about the wedding? Are Bachelor Sean and Catherine still planning on a summer wedding? Sean told Extra, that Catherine is definitely taking the reigns on the impending nuptials. “When she wants my opinion I’ll give my opinion, but I know the wedding’s all about the woman,” Sean says.

Bachelor Sean a Scorpio and Catherine a Taurus are polar opposites. Are they the perfect love match or will they face challenges in the marriage? With Scorpio men the waters run deep, they are brimming with passion but have a secretive side. As Taurus, Catherine understands this
and can see beyond the surface, she will understand his feelings. Bachelor Sean probably loves  Catherine’s reserved nature like himself but also her wild passion and affection to him only.

When it comes to love and marriage, Astrochicks astrology prediction is for Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s relationship to be successful, he should leave the reality career behind. The couple needs time to build a solid foundation for the future, otherwise fame could get in the way and cause the couple to split.



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