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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Wedding Plans, Moving in Together, UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine newsBachelor Sean will be dancing into America’s heart on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars,” starting on March 18th. By his side, will be his future Catherine Giudici to cheer him on. Does he have what it takes to win the mirrorball? Here’s the latest update on Bachelor Sean and Catherine, America’s new sweethearts.

The couples big announcement this week was they will wait to consumate their relationship until their wedding day, making their honeymoon a night to remember. Bachelor Sean revealed he’s a reborn again virgin since college and wants to save himself for marriage. For his fiance Catherine Giudici, she respects her future husbands values and will honor his wish to wait until the big wedding day.

For settling down, Bachelor Sean and Catherine have plans to move to Dallas. “We want to move around a little while we’re newly married and enjoy that first,’ Sean said, going on to say that they want ‘maybe three’ children and have ‘talked about adopting’.”

For his new DWTS gig, Bachelor Sean’s dance partner Peta Murgatroyd,  says she sees a lot of potential in him. “He has already get some pretty good moves down,” she revealed. “I definitely think Sean’s gonna make it far. I think he’s got all the determination and drive to win that Mirrorball.”

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks that Bachelor Sean as an athlete, has the discipline to go far in the “Dancing With the Stars” competition. The big question is does he have the rhythm? Born under the sign of the Scorpio, we expect him to oooze sex appeal and passion.

His fiancee, Catherine Giudici, says she will watch every rehearsal and attend every competition. Yes, our Taurus girl wants to keep a watchful eye on her man and make sure Peta doesn’t steal him away. Our Taurus girls can be jealous and possessive but we don’t think she has to worry.

When’s the big wedding day? Bachelor Sean revealed: ‘We’ve kicked around some ideas. It could be this summer. We talked about an outdoor wedding in the L.A. area. I think that will be fun. We want it to be a big party.’

Also, Bachelor Sean Lowe is ringing the cash register. He just signed a HUGE deal with Hydroxycut, which is rumored to be worth $1 million dollars.

For Astrochicks, we’re excited about Bachelor Sean and Lisa Vanderpump appearing on DWTS. We think it will be one of the best seasons ever. Don’t forget to tune in Monday night.


BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Final Rose Catherine or Lindsay, Couples Wedding Plans!

bachelor sean and catherineWho does Bachelor Sean pick tonight? Will he choose fun loving Lindsay or quirky Catherine? Also, who wrote the mysterious letter during the final rose ceremony sending Bachelor Sean into a puddle of tears. Here’s the final Bachelor spoilers, rumors, predictions and a sneak peek at AFTR. Plus, who will be the next Bachelorette.

Host Chris Harrison told E News! He revealed he knew who Bachelor Sean was going to pick, before he even told him. Is our Leo host a psychic or just basing it on the chemistry he saw between Bachelor Sean and his future bride? For our Scorpio boy, he wasn’t quite so confident on which girl he should choose.

“You’re going to see me, basically, have a mental breakdown,” Lowe tells Lopez, reports Us Weekly. “I get to a point where I’m like, man, both of these girls are so wonderful and I could see my life heading in either direction. And I don’t know what to do, and I’m torn.”

Bachelor Sean even cries like a baby in the final rose ceremony, saying, “I was always proud of the fact that through [Emily Maynard’s season of] ‘The Bachelorette’ and every episode except for the last of ‘The Bachelor,’ I never cried once. I had my man-card in tact, and then the emotion just pours out of me that last day. I lose it all.” Awww, I wonder what Lindsay and Catherine think about that.

In case you missed all the Reality Steve spoilers, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio is rumored to choose Catherine a Taurus, as his future wife. As Astrochicks has mentioned in previous posts, we think these two are in love but we don’t see a future wedding. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposites and we think in the end the differences will be too great.

In fact, astrologically we think Bachelor Sean and Lindsay are a much better fit. She’s a Pisces with Moon in Leo, she’s all about love and positive reinforcement. Catherine is much more moody and stubborn. I wonder if Bachelor Sean will think he made a mistake? Will Lindsay take him back? If Lindsay’s not chosen as his bride, we would love to see her on Bachelor Pad. Stay tuned.


BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Catherine or Lindsay Final Rose, Ashlee New Bachelorette?

bachelor sean final roseBachelor Sean has had his share of drama this season. He may be a virgin and a good Christian boy, but his final four have lots of family drama and issues. Will he find love or will he pull a Brad Womack and not choose anyone? After tonight’s hometown date, we would think that Lindsay would be the front runner but is she? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers and predictions.

Desiree’s hometown visit was the date from hell. Her brother an instant troublemaker, let Bachelor Sean know he thought the reality show was a bunch of bull***t. Leaving our sexy Scorpio running for the hills. Who wants to marry into that family? YIKES!

Astrochicks think Desiree’s brother was just trying to protect his sister and was very observant. He KNEW that Bachelor Sean was not that into Desiree. “So far from being here, what I’ve seen from you, I believe that she’s really into you, but you’re not into her,” Hartsock’s brother says. HA! Well, he was right and Bachelor Sean sent Desiree packing.

For Ashlee’s hometown date, you can tell she’s “Daddy’s little girl”, and Bachelor Sean will do anything to impress him. No doubt, Ashlee is totally in love with her man but we think she’s obsessive and controlling. With Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, he’s the only one that will be controlling  in the relationship. We don’t see Ashlee getting the final rose.

Lindsay’s hometown date was fun and challenging for Bachelor Sean. He gets to meet her two star general dad and you can tell where she gets her sense of humor from. According to Reality Steve Bachelor spoilers, Lindsay makes the final two and Astrochicks thinks she’s the best choice for him.

On Catherine’s hometown date, Bachelor Sean meets her sisters who are not easily impressed. Astrochicks thinks they’re just jealous that Catherine a Taurus was getting so much attention. Although, Reality Steve says Bachelor Sean chooses Catherine with the final rose, Astrochicks doesn’t see these two getting married. Our astrology prediction is there’s too much drama and in the end we think Bachelor Sean will move on. Maybe he will return to Lindsay? Stay tuned.



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BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Final Rose Predictions, Tierra Engaged to Ex Boyfriend?

bachelor sean loweHas Tierra from Bachelor Sean’s season already found love again? After a very emotional split last week. Bachelor Sean made the difficult decision to say goodbye to the girl everyone loves to hate. For most girls, especially obsessed Ashley, her sparkle shined just a little too bright and they couldn’t handle the drama. Who will get the final rose and win Bachelor Sean’s heart? Here’s the latest Bachelor spoilers, predictions, and rumors.

I don’t know about you but Astrochicks thinks this season way too many girls have been riding the crazy train and if I were Bachelor Sean, I think I would run for the hills. AshLee is a sweet girl but she seems a little cray cray, who was determined to throw Tierra under the bus. In the end, did she do the girl a favor?

On Friday, WetPaint confirmed that Tierra LiCausi’s ceremonial Bachelor dump had a happy ending. She has found love again with her ex boyfriend and is engaged. He reportedly was devastated when he found out Tierra had auditioned for the show. In fact, he had plans to ruin Bachelor Sean’s romantic holiday in the Caribbean and was on his way for the ultimate love battle to win back Tierra’s heart. That trip was cut short, when TIerra called him from the airport telling her ex, Sparkle was coming home.

“It’s someone she had been seeing before the show. They’ve known each other three or four years,” her brother Tyler explained to Wetpaint.  “Unfortunately, they had a bad breakup. When that happened, she signed up to go on The Bachelor. Right after she left to film, though, he had a huge change of heart and wanted to get her back.”

For Astrochicks, we love Tierra our dramatic little Scorpio girl. She was a little emotional but we thought the girls were pretty mean to her. Naturally, when you have 25 women fighting over Bachelor Sean’s heart, there is bound to be a little drama. Plus, he’s a Scorpio too and we think he secretly digs it. If you’re still a virgin, you need a little excitement in your life.

For Bachelor Sean spoilers, we can confirm he’s definitely engaged and in love. Reality Steve dished all the Bachelor Spoilers earlier this season and has confirmed the final rose goes to cute Catherine Giudici. She’s a Taurus girl and the polar opposite of Bachelor Sean. We guess her exotic good looks and laid back Seattle vibe meshed well with our Scorpio boy.

Astrochicks astrology prediction is Bachelor Sean may have found love but we don’t see wedding bells ringing. We don’t think he’s ready for marriage just yet and unfortunately we predict the couple will split. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Final Rose Tierra’s Secret Love Letter, Reality Steve Predictions!

sean lowe bachelorBachelor Sean Lowe may be a “reborn again” virgin, but that hasn’t stopped fans from falling in love with the Texas stud. This week he had a meet and greet at Freed’s Furniture store in Dallas, where fans got to meet the Bachelor hunk. Did he reveal who he gave the final rose to? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers, Reality Steve rumors, and final rose predictions.

When it comes to good looks and incredible charm, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, definitely scores a perfect ten. Is he just as nice in person? Lucky fans who met him on Saturday said he was gorgeous, sweet, and just a really sincere guy who wants to find love.

The big question Bachelor Sean was asked was if he really find true love on TV? He says, “If you blocked out all of the exotic destinations and dates and everything, and focus on the person you’re with, I think you can definitely find love.”

Astrochicks was curious why he would appear at a Freed’s furniture store and according to Bachelor Sean, he has his own custom-furniture line, and said he met the Freed family at the Las Vegas furniture market. They have plans to work together soon. Hmm, in the future will we see Bachelor Sean starring in his own HGTV or DIY show? Probably!

For the girl we all love to hate, Tierra, fans want to know why Bachelor Sean didn’t kick her to the curb sooner. Bachelor Sean says, “I didn’t see the side everyone else sees.”

Well, they are both Scorpios and Astrochicks thinks secretly Bachelor Sean loves the drama Tierra brings and can be a pretty intense guy. Love is all consuming for him and I think he liked her passion! Plus, the rumor is Tierra writes Bachelor Sean a secret love letter delivered before the final rose proposal. We predict she will definitely be on the Bachelor Pad!

When it comes to Bachelor Sean spoilers, Reality Steve, revealed the final rose gose to Catherine Giudici a Taurus. The down to earth Seattle girl steals his heart, with Lindsay as the runner up. Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean may have found love but we predict he will be a Runaway Groom and they will eventually split. Sorry…still loved the show this season.

BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Final Four Predictions, Reality Steve Lawsuit Drama UPDATE!

sean lowe bachelorBachelor Sean continues his journey of love this week, hoping to find his future bride in the remaining Bachelorettes. Will he find his happily ever after and get married or will he pull a Emily Maynard and be a runaway groom? This season of the Bachelor has it’s share of drama, along with a lawsuit against Reality Steve because of all his juicy Bachelor spoilers. Here’s the latest rumors and final rose predictions.

For Bachelor Sean Lowe he may be a Scorpio but he has a tremendous respect for his mom. In fact, she asked him to limit the sexy hot tub scenes and make the show more romantic. We want to enjoy Bachelor Sean’s journey of love not watch soft porn. Which would explain is more heartfelt approach to choosing his future wife.

After Bachelorette Emily an Aquarius broke his heart, Bachelor Sean wasn’t afraid to find love. I’m sure the $250k he was paid didn’t hurt his pocketbook either.

In a new interview, Bachelor Sean says: “I wasn’t too scared of getting hurt again,” he revealed. “I realize that, although I was hurt by Emily, it was healthy for me.”

Bachelor Sean continued: “I don’t want a girl that’s self-absorbed,” says Sean. “Too many times I have run across girls that I think are great, and then they talk about themselves.”

On a side not, Bachelor Sean and Mike Fleiss have sued Reality Steve for revealing spoilers. Astrochicks STILL thinks Reality Steve has to be on the ABC payroll, why in the world would they continue to sue him. It just stirs up publicity and drama for the show, attracts more viewers and everyone wins. If you want deets on all the drama, you can check Reality Steve’s website and Bachelor spoilers here.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean is engaged and is rumored to give the final rose to Catherine Giudice a Taurus. Our astrology prediction is they will find love but we don’t see them getting married. Bachelor Sean will hit a rough astrological patch this summer which may cause the couple to split. We hope we’re wrong but either way, he won’t have any problem finding a new girl to love. Stay tuned.

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