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BACHELOR SPOILERS, Juan Pablo Cheating, Dating Mayra Veronica?

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersHas Bachelor Juan Pablo already split with his reality bride to be? The ratings may be sky high, but our Latin playboy doesn’t like to play by the rules. Warning, major Bachelor Spoilers and cheating rumors straight ahead.

Leo Bachelor, Juan Pablo, was spotted at the Miami Heat game, where he had a chance meeting with singer Mayra Veronica. A sexy songstress, who’s a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian, mesmerized our Bachelor stud.

An eyewitness said: “Juan Pablo and Mayra had never met before, but it was obvious to everyone that there was a real connection between them. They spent most of the talking together, and at one point Juan Pablo whispered something to Mayra, and they both broke up laughing.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Juan Pablo and Mayra Veronica are both passionate Leos. More importantly, his Mars in Cancer conjuncts her Venus in Cancer, which equals sexual soulmates.

Our Astrology prediction is Mayra is way too “Muy caliente” for Bachelor Juan Pablo. Yes, he would have a fling with her, but she’s not marriage material. Not conservative enough for our Latin lover.

What about Bachelor Juan Pablo’s final rose? According to Reality Steve, he chooses Nikki and Claire as his final two, but of course, Nurse Nightingale gets the final rose but not the ring. You don’t have to be psychic to predict they will breakup.

Our astrology prediction is Bachelor Juan Pablo will marry in two years, not to his reality bride and DEFINITELY not Mayra Veronica, but his Baby Mama. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Wedding Plans Delayed, Love UPDATE!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingIs Bachelor Sean’s desire for fame and fortune pushing Catherine Giudici away? With rumors flying detailing the couples rocky relationship, from public fights at Hollywood clubs to Catherine being too emotional, makes fans wonder if the wedding is off. What does the future hold for Bachelor Sean and Catherine? Will they get their happily ever after or split in a few months? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean rumors, astrology predictions and news update.

Appearing on a popular reality show has it perks, especially if you’re chosen to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette. For Sean Lowe a Scorpio, he’s a stealth business man who’s turned his Bachelor gig into a multimillion dollar opportunity. Not only did he receive $250k for appearing on Bachelor season 17, he was paid another $250k for Dancing With the Stars and signed a million dollar endorsement deal with Hydroxycut.

There have been conflicting rumors whether or not Bachelor Sean and Catherine will get married. Still living separately and no sex before the wedding, makes most Bachelor fans wonder if it will last. What keeps the love alive, especially when your man is doing all his sexy moves with his DWTS partner?

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio is a determined guy. He knows his fifteen minutes of fame won’t last forever, he wants to make the money and run. For Hollywood, ABC loves the Texas hunk and have big plans for him. He could easily become a host like Chris Harrison, endorse fitness products or even have his own HGTV show. Which means he may be in LA for awhile.

For Catherine a Taurus girl, she’s a graphic designer and a creative hippy chick at heart. She has wicked sense of humor and has a little girl vibe which Bachelor Sean loves. On the fame factor, yes she’s really pretty but doesn’t have the same star quality as Bachelor Sean. Will she be happy to live his shadow, Astrochicks is concerned?

Astrochicks astrology prediction is that Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s wedding will be on a definite hold. Which leads us to ask, how long can a relationship last with no intimacy. Especially for Catherine, who’s NOT a reborn again virgin. Unfortunately, we think if the couple don’t marry by summer they will split. Stay tuned.

BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Rumors, Million Dollar Wedding Payday, DWTS Salary!

bachelor sean dwtsBachelor Sean and Catherine may have said no sex before marriage, but they’ve said yes to a reality TV wedding.  In fact, Sean Lowe is ringing the cash register pretty hard after being paid to appear on the Bachelor, agreeing to have a televised wedding with Catherine, and now he will appear on Dancing With the Stars. Here’s the latest news on Bachelor Sean Lowe, his future wife Catherine and DWTS update.

Anyone who appears on the Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise may not always be looking for love. Many hope to launch a Hollywood career and pursue fame and future. For our Texas native, Sean Lowe who’s a Scorpio, probably went on the show love and money. We think he’s definitely an astute businessman.

According to various sources, Bachelor Sean was paid $250k to appear on the popular reality show and another $250k for his appearance on Dancing With the Stars.  Plus, Bachelor Sean and Catherine will be paid $500k to have their wedding aired on television. That’s not all, he recently signed a $1 million dollar endorsement deal with Hydroxycut as well. Wow, Catherine’s scored herself a multi-millionaire.

For Catherine Giudici a Taurus, she may have more difficulty in cashing in on her reality fame. Yes, she’s beautiful but Astrochicks doesn’t think she has the same appeal as Bachelor Sean Lowe. That guy is sexy and the ladies love him. For Catherine, she has a fun and quirky sense of humor. Bachelor Sean is reportedly launching a furniture line and maybe Catherine can help with all his businesses.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean will have a stellar year went it comes to making money. Astrochicks is concerned that the reality show that brought Catherine and him together, ultimately may pull them apart. Hopefully after DWTS, the couple will take some time off to be together and plan their future, otherwise we see the wedding may be delayed…Tune in Monday night DWTS to watch Bachelor Sean shake his moneymaker, maybe even shirtless! Woot!


BACHELOR LINDSAY YENTER New Boyfriend, Over Sean and Moving On With New Love?

lindsay yenterDoes Bachelor Sean’s former love, Lindsay Yenter, already have a new boyfriend or dating anyone special? In a new interview, Lindsay confirms that her heart is on the mend and has moved on. Is she hiding or true feelings or did our Pisces girl bounce back with a new man?

After taking a month off to hide out at her parents, Lindsay Yenter says she’s excited for the future and returning to her teaching job in Orange County. The sweet Pisces girl is thankful for the experience with Bachelor Sean and realizes now that he loved her but wasn’t in love with her. So mature!

Lindsay says, “I’m completely moving on.  I am so thankful for the experience.  It really truly has shaped me into the woman I am now.  And honestly, when you have your support system taken away and you can just rely on your inner strength it really, you know, does a lot for you.  And I am just ready to get into my teaching career.  I have my own classroom now and I actually love it.  And I’m just ready for a normal life.”

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks that Lindsay Yenter will find love again and probably this year. Born on March 1st, her zodiac sign is Pisces. For 2013, she may think she has moved on from reality TV but we see future opportunities for her covering the upcoming Bachelorette season.

Lindsay Yenter’s Sun in Pisces, Moon in Leo and Venus in Aries makes her warm and affectionate girlfriend. She’s the girl you would love to have as a best friend, super funny and not afraid to go after what she wants in a relationship. If we had to choose a guy for her, Astrochicks would recommend a Leo, Aries or Libra guy.  Hmm, I wonder if any former guys from the Bachelorette might be a fit? soon.

Lindsay says she has her eye on a new man and we hope he treats her right. You can read the rest of the interview here on Reality TV World.

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BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Catherine and Lindsay Final Rose Drama, Wedding News!

bachelor sean and catherineHas Bachelor Sean found the love of his life? Finally, he’s narrowed his choice down to is down to Catherine, AshLee, or Lindsay. Who will get the final rose and will the Texas virgin find his future bride. According to Reality Steve, he’s in love and engaged but for how long. Also, will Bachelor Sean appear on Dancing With the Stars? Here’s the latest spoilers, predictions, and rumors.

If you ask most Bachelor Sean fans, they think he should have chosen Desiree. She may have lost his heart but may be the front runner to become the next Bachelorette. In a close second, we have Lindsay and Catherine, with controlling AshLee far behind. For Astrochicks, we think AshLee’s carrying way too much baggage and would be too much of a drama queen with Bachelor Sean. Our personal choice would be Lindsay, she seems the most ready to become Mrs. Lowe.

For Astrochicks, we’re not convinced Bachelor Sean found love and he seemed to lack chemistry with most of the girls. Yes, he really loved kissing Lindsay and seemed to have the most fun with Catherine but we didn’t see any connection that screams marry me, along with a reality wedding.

Could the fact that Bachelor Sean is a virgin make him more conservative when it comes to showing affection? Is this the reason he put his passion on simmer and didn’t see a real love connection with anyone.  After all, he’s a Scorpio who are known to be quite lusty. It’s very black and white for him, which would explain his insensitive way of sending Sarah Herron home before the rose ceremony.

For Catherine a Taurus girl, she’s the polar opposite of Bachelor Sean. “I like the way he looks at me. I like the way he makes me giggle all the time,” says Catherine. “I love the way he smells. I love his big, beefy arms, and I love the way that he accepts me for who I am —- in every way.”

Bachelor Sean confessed in his hometown date that he “loves” Lindsay’s “youthful energy.” She confesses that she could “definitely see us settling down and raising a family here.” Hmm, will she get the final rose?

Reality Steve revealed that Bachelor Sean picks Catherine as his future bride. Giving her the final rose and breaking Lindsay’s heart in the process. Astrologically speaking, he may be in love but we don’t see him getting married. We think Catherine’s independence and quirkiness will rub him the wrong way. He’s pretty set in his ways and in the end will choose to move on. For DWTS, we hope the rumor is true and we will see him hitting the dance floor soon. Stay tuned.


BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Catherine or Lindsay Final Rose, Ashlee New Bachelorette?

bachelor sean final roseBachelor Sean has had his share of drama this season. He may be a virgin and a good Christian boy, but his final four have lots of family drama and issues. Will he find love or will he pull a Brad Womack and not choose anyone? After tonight’s hometown date, we would think that Lindsay would be the front runner but is she? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers and predictions.

Desiree’s hometown visit was the date from hell. Her brother an instant troublemaker, let Bachelor Sean know he thought the reality show was a bunch of bull***t. Leaving our sexy Scorpio running for the hills. Who wants to marry into that family? YIKES!

Astrochicks think Desiree’s brother was just trying to protect his sister and was very observant. He KNEW that Bachelor Sean was not that into Desiree. “So far from being here, what I’ve seen from you, I believe that she’s really into you, but you’re not into her,” Hartsock’s brother says. HA! Well, he was right and Bachelor Sean sent Desiree packing.

For Ashlee’s hometown date, you can tell she’s “Daddy’s little girl”, and Bachelor Sean will do anything to impress him. No doubt, Ashlee is totally in love with her man but we think she’s obsessive and controlling. With Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, he’s the only one that will be controlling  in the relationship. We don’t see Ashlee getting the final rose.

Lindsay’s hometown date was fun and challenging for Bachelor Sean. He gets to meet her two star general dad and you can tell where she gets her sense of humor from. According to Reality Steve Bachelor spoilers, Lindsay makes the final two and Astrochicks thinks she’s the best choice for him.

On Catherine’s hometown date, Bachelor Sean meets her sisters who are not easily impressed. Astrochicks thinks they’re just jealous that Catherine a Taurus was getting so much attention. Although, Reality Steve says Bachelor Sean chooses Catherine with the final rose, Astrochicks doesn’t see these two getting married. Our astrology prediction is there’s too much drama and in the end we think Bachelor Sean will move on. Maybe he will return to Lindsay? Stay tuned.



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