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BACHELOR Juan Pablo Spoilers, Final Four Predictions, No Proposal?

Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersThe new Bachelor, Juan Pablo, has added some Latin flava this season to the popular reality show. The single papa, who’s looking for his future wife, has 27 lovely ladies to choose from. Will he find his Cinderella or will he say, hell to the no, for a future wedding? Warning, Juan Pablo, Bachelor spoilers ahead.

Born under the astrology sign of Leo, Juan Pablo, lives for the spotlight. King of all Spoilers, Reality Steve, accuses the Latin hunk of being a fame whore. He believes Bachelor Juan Pablo is still with his baby mama and in the end, will choose not to get engaged. Is it true?

Astrologically speaking, Sun in Leo likes to shine his love on his family and friends. Leo men are very loyal, who would do anything for their loved ones, and this is especially true of Bachelor Juan Pablo. With his sexy charm and crazy sense of humor, he can woo almost any girl he chooses. Except if you’re an Opera singer. :)

Bachelor Juan Pablo has Moon in Libra, which makes him romantic and sweet, he hates to hurt anyone’s feelings. His Venus in Virgo, makes him attracted to more conservative chicks, which would explain his strange infatuation with the Opera singer, Sharleen. Really Juan Pablo? You gave HER the first impression rose? YUCK! Sharleen acts like she has a stick up her ass, Astrochicks is not loving her.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio will square Bachelor Juan Pablo’s, Leo Sun. What does that mean astrologically? LOTS OF DRAMA! Astrochicks predicts he will be conflicted in love. He desperately wants to be married, have more kids, but we don’t believe his future wife is on the Bachelor. Just as Reality Steve predicted. In fact, Astrochicks predicts Bachelor Juan Pablo will get married in two years, but she will not be the winner of the show.

The good news is the Bachelor Juan Pablo season will be full of cat fights and fun! Leo’s love all the fuss, we think he will secretly enjoy all the attention. Also, Astrochicks predicts that he has a LONG future in television, we can expect our Bachelor stud to extend his 15 minutes of fame on Dancing With the Stars and future acting roles. For more Bachelor spoilers and Reality Steve’s final four predictions, click here! Enjoy!


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BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Final Four Predictions, Reality Steve Lawsuit Drama UPDATE!

sean lowe bachelorBachelor Sean continues his journey of love this week, hoping to find his future bride in the remaining Bachelorettes. Will he find his happily ever after and get married or will he pull a Emily Maynard and be a runaway groom? This season of the Bachelor has it’s share of drama, along with a lawsuit against Reality Steve because of all his juicy Bachelor spoilers. Here’s the latest rumors and final rose predictions.

For Bachelor Sean Lowe he may be a Scorpio but he has a tremendous respect for his mom. In fact, she asked him to limit the sexy hot tub scenes and make the show more romantic. We want to enjoy Bachelor Sean’s journey of love not watch soft porn. Which would explain is more heartfelt approach to choosing his future wife.

After Bachelorette Emily an Aquarius broke his heart, Bachelor Sean wasn’t afraid to find love. I’m sure the $250k he was paid didn’t hurt his pocketbook either.

In a new interview, Bachelor Sean says: “I wasn’t too scared of getting hurt again,” he revealed. “I realize that, although I was hurt by Emily, it was healthy for me.”

Bachelor Sean continued: “I don’t want a girl that’s self-absorbed,” says Sean. “Too many times I have run across girls that I think are great, and then they talk about themselves.”

On a side not, Bachelor Sean and Mike Fleiss have sued Reality Steve for revealing spoilers. Astrochicks STILL thinks Reality Steve has to be on the ABC payroll, why in the world would they continue to sue him. It just stirs up publicity and drama for the show, attracts more viewers and everyone wins. If you want deets on all the drama, you can check Reality Steve’s website and Bachelor spoilers here.

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean is engaged and is rumored to give the final rose to Catherine Giudice a Taurus. Our astrology prediction is they will find love but we don’t see them getting married. Bachelor Sean will hit a rough astrological patch this summer which may cause the couple to split. We hope we’re wrong but either way, he won’t have any problem finding a new girl to love. Stay tuned.

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