JOHNNY DEPP Update: Amber Heard’s Divorce, Mother’s Death and Astrology Predictions

johnny depp divorce
May 28, 2016

It’s official, Johnny Depp’s marriage is officially over. His estranged wife Amber Heard filed for divorce after a violent altercation with her husband just days after his beloved mother’s death. Depp was rumored to be drunk but is that the REAL story behind this Hollywood couple? Did he lash out at his wife because of being emotionally distraught over his mom’s death? What does the future hold for Johnny Depp? Check out…


MARCH HOROSCOPES: Important Questions are Answered, Do You Believe?

What is My Zodiac Sign
February 28, 2016

Do you enjoy being tested? Many zodiac signs do. It allows a person a chance to show what they’re capable of or can make happen within a set period of time as exciting challenges are met and accomplished. With that attitude, how can anyone fail to experience success and fulfilment? Find out what Jacy Nova’s Astrology Predictions reveal for YOU in her March Horoscopes. Water Zodiac signs in Pisces, Scorpio…


Gwen Stefani Asks Blake Shelton: Why Did You Have to Make Me Like You, Love Predictions?

Gwen Stefani
February 18, 2016

Why did you have to go and make me like you? Yep, Gwen Stefani our Libra girl is so in love with her new boyfriend, Blake Shelton that she wrote a new hit tune. What does the future hold for our two lovebird judges? Will the stars predict a happily ever after for Gwen & Blake or will their astrology charts reveal a much more dire prediction? Grammy night, Gwen…


ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Full Moon in Virgo Brings Changes in Love and Work

full moon in virgo
February 18, 2016

The Full Moon on February 22nd will illuminate in 3 degrees Virgo. The Full Moon will shine a light on your personal relationships, personal challenges and other areas of your life that need improvement. It’s time to complete projects that you’ve started, have those conversations you’ve been avoiding and deal with love relationship problems that you may have ignored. The energy created by the Full Moon in Virgo will feel…


ASTROLOGY Predictions Election 2016: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Big Surprise

Election 2016 Predictions
January 23, 2016

What do the stars reveal for your February Horoscope and the 2016 Presidential Election? The sun will blast through Aquarius and politics will be the topic of EVERY water cooler conversation. What are Jacy Nova’s Astrology predictions for the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary? Will Bernie Sanders a Virgo beat Hillary Clinton a Scorpio in the Democratic primary and will Donald Trump a Gemini continue to dominate the Republican…


BACHELOR PREDICTIONS: Ben Higgins Engaged, Aries Passion Fuels Drama, Breakup Rumors!

Bachelor Ben
December 28, 2015

The popular reality show “The Bachelor” will return on January 4th starring Ben Higgins. This season the handsome sales executive will have 28 hotties to choose from. Will Bachelor Ben find everlasting love and get engaged or will he decide to fly solo? What do Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers and Jacy Nova’s astrology love predictions reveal? Born under the zodiac sign of impulsive Aries, Bachelor Ben Higgins celebrates his birthday on March…