ZAC EFRON Dating Update, Kissing Ashley Tisdale at Birthday Party, Just Friends?

Zac Efron celebrated Ashley Tisdale’s birthday in Malibu this weekend. Several photos were taken showing the two friends romping on the beach, holding hands, and even KISSING! Are Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale dating? What was especially weird, her BFF Vanessa Hudgens was noticeably missing from the birthday bash. Ashley Tisdale posted the following comment on Twitter,  “So happy zacary made it to my party,” she tweeted. “He’s my brother/best…

July 4, 2011

ASHLEY TISDALE, Hellcats Star Rocks Fendi and Robert Pattinson!

Ashley Tisdale, the star of  the CW comedy drama, “Hellcats,” plays a cheerleader by day and at night she transforms into a Hollywood fashionista.  A teen icon, she wears a mixture of styles and designer looks. She’s not afraid to mix casual with high fashion, when hanging out in LA. For Ashley Tisdale, in this photo she’s wearing a sporty t-shirt and rocks a Fendi Zucca Spy bag. A very feminine…

November 24, 2010