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REAL HOUSEWIVES REUNION, Kim Zolciak Baby Update, Kandi Burruss Tardy Royalty!

Real Housewives of Atlanta girls ended their season with a bang. The big topic of the evening was Phaedra Parks baby and her super hot hubby, Apollo Nida. Also, why he was arrested and how much time Apollo spent in prison.

Phaedra Parks, our Scorpio girl kept it classy. She likes to take the high road when she’s dealing with the Real Housewives of Haterville. After all, she’s successful, beautiful, and she’s got a man. She confirmed to Andy Cohen, her husband Apollo was NOT on the downlow and they are very happy. Also, she’s buying a funeral home because dead people don’t complain. LOL!

For Kim Zolciak, she appears to have mellowed now that she’s found baby daddy, Kroy Biermann. Happy and pregnant, she seems to have the perfect family. Will there be a wedding?  Kim Zoliciak has her house up for sale and she’s moving in with Kroy. One step closer to a big diamond ring.

One sticking point, is Kandi Burruss and Kim’s drama over the song, “Tardy for the Pardy.” Kandi still hasn’t been paid her royalties for producing the song and giving Kim the gift of a singing career. What’s up Kim, karma is a biatch, you better pay up girl. Both Kandi and Kim are Taurus girls, money is important to our two Real Housewives of Atlanta girls. Hopefully they will work it out and continue to churn out the hits.

In the end, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show was low key. It felt like an extended live version of the show, it just featured NeNe Leakes bitching about Kim Zolciak. Our Sagittarius girl doesn’t know when to shut up. Will NeNe return next season? Who knows, if she loves her pocketbook she better stay. Andy Cohen was subdued and I guess he’s holding his excitement for the new season of Real Housewives of Miami. Stay tuned.

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, Phaedra Parks Met Apollo Nida in High School?

This week on Watch What Happens, Andy Cohen interviewed Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra Parks and her hot hubby Apollo Nida.  The entertainment lawyer, looking fabulous, dished the deets on how she met Apollo, her difficult pregnancy, and what she thinks about the other housewives. What other love secrets did they reveal?

Andy Cohen got Phaedra to reveal how Apollo and her started dating. The Real Housewives couple  told Andy they first met in 1996, on the highway of love.  Apollo a young player at the time, was cruising down the freeway when he noticed  Phaedra in the left lane.  Apollo said it was love at first sight, the two flirted, and Phaedra invited him back to her house to exchang digits.  BOLD!  What Phaedra Parks DIDN’T know at the time, was her future husband Apollo lied about his age. In fact, Apollo was STILL in high school, while Phaedra was pursuing her law degree.

Andy Cohen had one awkward moment during the interview. A Real Housewives of Atlanta fan asked Apollo if he ever swam in the man pond. Apollo appeared embarrassed and said no way. Astrochicks believes him, I think he really loves his wife Phaedra.   

The name Phaedra, which means Goddess of Light, was absolutely glowing.  Our Scorpio girl, was a gracious Southern Belle and discussed the confusion on her pregnancy due date. Apollo Nida riding shotgun, maintained a positive attitude even when fans asked weird questions. You can watch the entire interview here. Enjoy!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks and Husband Apollo’s Baby Scare!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo, are proud parents of a new baby boy. What Bravo fans don’t know, is Phaedra Parks had a pregnancy scare, just before her baby was born. Phaedra and husband Apollo call their son a miracle baby.

The day before Phaedra Parks had her baby shower, she had severe bleeding and says it was a scary situation for her. Phaedra was rushed to the hospital and fortunately doctors got the situation under control. Fortunately for Real Housewives of Atlanta mama, her son was born perfectly healthy. Phaedra and Apollo absolutely adore their son and she is enjoying motherhood.

In a new interview, Phaedra Parks get personal and talks about what it was like to film the first season of Real Housewives. She mentions the show is definitely all about the drama and will probably be back for next season. You can view the video clip here.

Phaedra Parks born under the astrology star sign of Scorpio, is a warm and passionate girl. Protective of her husband Apollo, she’s not happy over the Real Housewives criticism of his criminal record. Like a good wife, she stands by her man. Astrologically, the next two years will present some challenges Phaedra. Being a high powered attorney, reality star, wife and parent can be exhausting. Astrochicks predicts Phaedra will make some positive changes in her personal life, which will give her more time to spend with her family. Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVE OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks Secret, Husband Apollo Nida’s Criminal Past!

Phaedra Parks, one of the most interesting new Real Houswives of Atlanta, has quite a few secrets in her closet. In the new season, Phaedra has told multiple stories on how she met her super fine ex-con husband, Apollo Nida.  She claims to have been college sweethearts with Apollo, when in fact, she’s reportedly seven years older than him.

Astrochicks did some investigating and found a very interesting article about Phaedra Parks. According to Media Takeout and Starcasm, Apollo Nida was first arrested in March 1997, for racketeering and served five months for receiving stolen goods. You can see his lovely mugshots here. His second convinction, according to public records, Apollo Nida was sentenced to 18 years in prison, for a second felony charge of racketeering. Apollo Nida began serving his sentence on July 28, 2004. He served nearly 5 years of his 18 year sentence before being paroled on May 27, 2009. When did Ms. Phaedra Parks have time to meet her man?

Phaedra Parks, a high powered lawyer in Atlanta, was born under the astrology sign of Scorpio. Although she likes to be mysterious, Phaedra is not very good at keeping secrets. According to various reports, Phaedra Parks met her husband Apollo in 2005, when he was incarcerated. When he was released from prison in 2009, the couple immediately hooked up and Phaedra Parks got pregnant. Afterward, the couple were married, remember Phaedra Parks is a Southern Belle. The rest is Real Housewives history and now they have a beautiful baby boy.

Astrochicks hopes that Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida can keep it together. Our Real Housewives of Atlanta girl has some hard astrological aspects coming up in 2012. She may need to reevaluate her marriage, career, and even her reality show. I like the fact that she stands by her man. Personally, I think Phaedra Parks would make a cool daytime TV judge or a correspondent for one of the popular court shows. Either way, she’s one of our favorites on the show.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks and Husband Apollo New Baby!

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida, are the proud parents of a new baby boy. In an upcoming episode of Real Housewives, Phaedra appears to be having  difficult time coping with the idea of becoming a Baby Mama. Also, Phaedra shares a very different opinion than her Baby Daddy, on how to raise their son. Apollo Nida may be an ex con, but he definitely has paternal instincts.

Comedian Chelsea Handler, decided to chime in on the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and criticized Phaedra Parks for not performing her mommy duties such as breast feeding and burping her newborn baby. “Hey, moron!,” says Chelsea. “You’re not giving birth to a Cabbage Patch kid!” I’m sure Phaedra Parks is going to have four nannies like Camille Grammer.

Phaedra Parks who was cagey about her due date, had NeNe Leakes and the other girls questioning who the real baby daddy was.  They couldn’t understand what the big deal was,  who cares  if Apollo Nida got her pregnant BEFORE they were married. Also, Phaedra Parks claims that Apollo and her were college sweethearts. How is that possible when she’s 38 and he’s 31 years old?  Dang that girl has trouble telling the truth.

A high powered attorney, Phaedra Parks clients include Jermaine Dupri, Jazze Pha, Mannie Fresh and Bobbie Brown. Phaedra is definitely one of Astrochicks favorite, her over the top style, she’s definitely giving Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes some competition in the “diva” category. I don’t know what her birthdate is but she definitely comes across like a Leo or Taurus girl. If someone knows her birthdate, hit Astrochicks up and we will check it out. Congrats to Phaedra and Apollo, I’m sure their baby is going to be adorable.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks Defends Husband Apollo and Not Snobby?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, claims not to be a snobby girl. Last week, Bravo featured her over the top baby shower and we watche her battle husband Apollo Nida, on how to raise their new baby. Phaedra Parks, who believes in a more old school approach that includes spanking, her husband Apollo has a more progressive approach on disciplining children.

In a new interview, Phaedra Parks claims that bad editing on Real Housewives of Atlanta has exaggerated her personality, she’s really just a Southern Belle at heart. She says,  “If you meet me , I’m probably the most humble down-to-earth person mentoring young girls and on the show you don’t see that part of my character,” Parks said last week.

What was most interesting was Kandi Burruss calling Phaedra Parks style “boughetto”.  She thought the rhinestones on her eyes, was over the top. Really? What about Kandi wearing her red “cockatoo” hairstyle on her head, now that’s ghetto. Or Kim Zolciak’s crazy wig styles making her look like a drag queen? That’s ghetto.

Also, the Real Housewives of Atlanta girls have been gossiping about Phaedra Parks husband, Apollo Nida, who is a former convict. He served time in prison for reportedly being a part of a stolen car ring that focused on stealing expensive cars. Whatever his past might be,  Apollo seems to have his life on track now and seems very articulate.

I think Bravo made a BIG mistake replacing Lisa Wu Hartwell with Cynthia Bailey, that girl is BORING! Astrochicks hopes they bring Lisa Wu back for the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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