MTV MOVIE AWARDS Biggest Badass Star, Angelina Jolie or Ninja Assassin Rain?

Angelina Jolie, is the only chick to be nominated for the “Biggest Badass Star” at the MTV Movie Awards.  Our Gemini girl, is up against Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Rain and Sam Worthington. Which one will grab the ultimate prize? Most likely, it will be between Angelina Jolie for her role in Salt and Rain for his role in Ninja Assassin. Personally, my vote is for Angelina Jolie. Pretty much…

June 5, 2010

JENNIFER ANISTON, Competing With Angelina Jolie to be the Next Bond Girl???

Poor Jennifer, according to movie sources, she’s competing with Angelina Jolie to become the next Bond girl. That’s gotta be tough, if true.  I’m not sure if I could see our Aquarius girl as the next Bond girl. I think she’s better suited for comedies. On the other hand, I think Angelina Jolie would make a VERY SEXY Bond girl. I think most men would agree as well. Producers have…

October 26, 2009