AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Lazaro Arbos Bottom Three, Who Was Sent Home Tonight!

Who will win American Idol? Will it be Angie Miller, Candace Glover, Lazaro Arbos or Kree Harrison? With odds stacked against the male singers, Idol’s girls are blowing the competition out of the water. No doubt, the judges have their favorites but most seem to be betting their money on Angie Miller. Does she have what it takes to make it to the finals? Here’s the latest American Idol predictions. Angie…

March 20, 2013

AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Kree Harrison Emotional Heartbreak, Angie Miller Predicted to Win?

Who will win American Idol this season? In the first live elimination, Ryan Seacrest, revealed the top three singers voted for by fans which included: Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. Will a girl finally win this year? Here’s the latest American Idol spoilers, rumors and predictions straight ahead. American Idol has a new look and feel but it’s definitely not helping the ratings. Fans have rejected judge, Nicki Minaj, especially…

March 17, 2013

AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Kree Harrison Next Country Star, Parents Tragic Death!

Tonight Kree Harrison took us “Up to the Mountain” on American Idol tonight and the view was spectacular. The Nashville singer blew the competition away with her emotional rendition of the gospel song. Sailing into the top twenty, she’s definitely a shining star to watch. What other singers made it to the top 20? American Idol spoilers straight ahead. Keith Urban and Mariah Carey believe a girl will win American…

February 20, 2013

AMERICAN IDOL Season 12 Spoilers, Top Ten Predictions, Nicky Minaj Drama, Keith Urban Referee!

American Idol returns tonight with a new format and a new diva panel in the house, Mariah Carey and Nicky Minaj. The biggest change is the audition process and how fans vote on their favorite singer. Here’s the latest American Idol news, rumors, predictions, and spoilers for season 12. This season, American Idol fans were allowed to nominate family or friends too shy to audition for the show.  Instead of them standing in…

January 16, 2013

PHILLIP PHILLIPS Surgery Update, Taking Girlfriend on American Idol Tour?

This week, American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, is scheduled for emergency kidney surgery. On Tuesday, he will finally get the medical help that he desperately needs. During the competition, he went through 8 mini surgeries, with his doctor urging him to quit the show. Like a true pro, Phillip endured the pain, and won the Idol competition. What does the future hold for Phillip? Check out our astrology predictions. According…

May 28, 2012

AMERICAN IDOL Final Two, Jessica Sanchez Daddy’s Little Girl, Homecoming Queen!

Jessica Sanchez, American Idol finalist, had a Homecoming Queen’s welcome this weekend in Chula Vista, California. Greeted by her father, who is a member of the Navy, she proved to thousands of fans she’s still Daddy’s little girl. Born under the sign of Leo, the American Idol hopeful, sang four songs including Whitney Houston’s, ” I Will Always Love You. “”I feel amazing,” Jessica Sanchez gushed about the homecoming visit….

May 14, 2012

AMERICAN IDOL Spoilers, Jermaine Jones Kicked Off Show, Arrest Record?

Which American Idol contestant has been kicked to the curb for lying to producers? The rumor is Jermaine Jones failed to tell Fox that he had a prior criminal record and also lied about his family. Warning, American Idol spoilers ahead. According to TMZ, Jermaine Jones, the gentle giant, lied about not having a relationship with his father. Daddy Dearest, threw his son under the bus and called producers telling…

March 13, 2012