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ADRIENNE MALOOF Dating Sean Stewart, New Boyfriend or Just a Fling, UPDATE?

adrienne maloofReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is a busy girl these days. She’s not only dating Rod Stewart’s son Sean, she’s also been quietly dating LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. Our Virgo girl is definitely enjoying her new single status. Will she find love or are they just casual flings? Here’s the latest update on Real Housewives rumors, romance, and astrology predictions.

According to Gather and Radar Online, “Adrienne and Antonio went on several, discreet dates beginning late November,” a source tells Radar Online. “This was, of course, before things with Adrienne and Sean got hot and heavy and they became serious.” Antonio is a far cry from Sean who is known as a bit of a party boy and nearly half his age, but newly single Adrienne is clearly open to finding love anywhere — and why not? However, her friends seem to be less than thrilled with her new relationship and had been pulling for Antonio.

Astrologically speaking, Adrienne Maloof a Virgo appears to be more interested in Sean Stewart a Virgo as well. They’re both down to earth, smart, and a bit obsessive compulsive. Sean a sober soldier, definitely has had his share of heartache living in his dad’s shadow. It can’t be easy being Rod Stewart’s son. He’s worked hard to rise above it and put his life back on track.

For Adrienne Maloof, she’s in her 50’s now and wants to find love. Why not have a fling with a young guy before settling for some 60 year old dude? Astrochicks would choose Sean Stewart over Antonio Villaraigosa too. Either way, Astrochicks predicts neither romance will last. We think our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is looking for a relevant storyline next season and she’s found it! Either way, we would love to see Sean Stewart on next season. Stay tuned.

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ADRIENNE MALOOF New Boyfriend, Dating Sean Stewart, Real Housewives Cougar Showmance?

adrienne maloofReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Adrienne Maloof, has a new boyfriend and he’s young enough to be her son. After her messy divorce with ex husband Paul, she’s decided to get her groove back with Rod Stewart’s son Sean. Is it true love or a publicity stunt for the reality couple?

Adrienne Maloof a Virgo was spotted having a romantic dinner with Sean Stewart at Koi in LA, with a fellow diner telling InTouch magazine: ‘It was really full-on PDA!’ The witness said: ‘They looked really cute and comfortable together, definitely like they’ve known each other a long time.

Sean Stewart, who’s famous for being Rod’s Stewart wild son and did a stint on Celebrity Rehab, was born under the sign of Virgo as well. He was recently engaged to Caleigh Peters, who’s the God-daughter of Barbara Streisand and only 24 years old. What made him decide to go cougar hunting? Is Adrienne Maloof looking for a new storyline on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Astrologically speaking, two Virgos in a relationship could be difficult. If you’re a Real Housewives fan, it’s no secret that Adrienne Maloof is a control freak. For Sean Stewart, he’s a super cute guy, who’s tired of living in his dad’s shadow. I guess dating Adrienne, will make him a relevant reality star again in Hollywood.

For our Real Housewives girl, we think Adrienne’s a little crazy. Surely, she can find a man who’s closer to her age to date. Maybe she needs a little confidence booster but she’s a beautiful woman and shouldn’t have to date a kid to be happy.

You don’t have to be psychic or make an astrology prediction to know that Adrienne and Sean will not last.  Astrochicks thinks they will split by summer, until than Adrienne will enjoy her much younger man. You go girl.



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REAL HOUSEWIVES BEVERLY HILLS Rumors, Adrienne Maloof Secret, What Brandi Said!

What Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, bombshell, did Brandi Glanville drop? Tonight, the ladies took botox bashing to a new level, with Brandi making a nasty comment about Adrienne Maloof. What was the secret she revealed? The rumors are flying on the web, here is the latest.

First, who talks smack about someone at a tasting party? Oh, that’s right, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills do. I guess Brandi Glanville was serving bad taste that night, with bitch on the rocks. Yes, Astrochicks loves Brandi, but our Scorpio girl needs to shut it sometimes.

After circling the web, Astrochicks came to the conclusion that Adrienne Maloof’s big secret, was her kids were delivered by surrogate. Just like Camille Grammer’s were. Yes, that’s very personal but I think fans have heard worse on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Astrochicks, thinks that Russell’s suicide was the most shocking and sad. This show is getting pretty toxic. Where’s Ms. Manners, Yolanda, when you need her.

Adrienne Maloof, who’s a Virgo girl, has a kind heart. Very private by nature, Brandi’s blabbing ways, just pushed her too far. It’s not fair, that she’s being bullied by the other Real Housewives and I’m glad that Kim Richards threw her under the bus.

Unfortunately, it’s reported that Adrienne will NOT be returning to Real Houseewives next year. Perhaps, it’s because she sued Brandi for talking smack about her. Plus, after her painful divorce from Paul, I wonder if she wishes she passed on reality TV. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I do wish Adrienne the best, I like her. To be continued…



REAL HOUSEWIVES Reunion, Lisa Vanderpump and Cedric Catfight, Kyle Richards and Taylor Bully?

Bravo fans can’t wait to tune into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show tonight.  In one corner, we will have bully Kyle Richards versus Camille Grammer. The other corner, mean girl Taylor Armstrong versus Kim Richards.  Andy Cohen promises it to be one of the most dramatic Real Housewives reunions ever. With Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof on the sidelines,acting as the United Nations of Housewives.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans will finally get to hear the juicy details on Lisa Vanderpump heartbreaking cat fight with Cedric Martinez. The dramatic blowout, after her husband Ken Todd and her finally kicked him to the curb. Cedric left kicking and screaming, cursing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and telling them how much he hated everyone. Ken Todd tells Andy Cohen how upset he was and how much he hated ungrateful Cedric. I guess he was upset his meal ticket was taken away. Poor baby. Cedric’s a hot guy, he can find a Sugar Daddy in Hollywood. I’m surprised Cedric Martinez hasn’t sold his story to some Hollywood tabloid.

The real throwdown is between Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards. Camille calls Kyle out on the carpet, calling her a bully, and dishing out the drama. Kyle Richards snipes back that she STILL thinks Camille’s delusional, insecure, etc. Of course, all Bravo fans know now that Kyle Richards definitely has a cruel streak. Especially after watching her toss her sister Kim Richards under the bus, revealing a family secret that she has a drinking problem.

After all the media backlash and fan commentary, Kyle Richards appears to be back peddling. She’s not use to the wrath of  Real Housewives fans. Kyle’s doing damage control by telling popular magazines like People and Us Magazine that she “regrets” what she said, but sisters fight. Blah, blah…total excuses. Kyle Richards should admit what she said was a low blow, uncalled for, and apologize to Kim Richards. It was Kim’s story to tell not Kyle’s. I’m sure she has a few skeletons in the closet herself.

Andy Cohen will get to play referee, secrets will be revealed, and we will get to find out if Camille Grammer is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or not. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss this reunion.

KYLE RICHARDS Most Hated Real Housewive, Kim Richards Reunion, Camille Grammer Drama!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are gearing up for ultimate Botox smackdown between Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer. The mother of all Bravo reunions will unfold this Thursday night. Kyle Richards will be put in the hot seat over her scathing remarks to older sister Kim Richards. Calling her delusional and alcoholic on national television and prompting Kim Richards to enter rehab after the finale. What no therapy for Kyle Richards? Maybe a quick phone call with Dr. Drew to discuss why she’s the most hated housewife.  Even Kyle Richards BFF Lisa Vanderpump, said the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was a complete disaster.

In the PR nightmare aftermath, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale, was a disaster for Kyle Richards. In the beginning of the season Kyle enjoyed the “most popular” housewife status, leaving poor Camille Grammer out in the cold. Of course as the season wore on, fans got to see the REAL Kyle Richards in action, who as a serious case of the “mean girl” syndrome. Who knew Capricorn girls could be so bitchy.

For Kim Richards, born under the sign of Virgo, she’s hard not to love.  Insecure and obsessive, she’s a good girl at heart, just a little lost and suffering from empty nest syndrome. After the finale, shocked Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans came out in full force to support Team Kim. They were outraged, after her sister Kyle Richards cruelly bullied Kim all season long. Tempers exploded on the grand finale, when all the girls ganged up on Kim Richards, sending her to the limo crying. Adrienne Maloof and Martin her Knight in Shining Armor came to the rescue with a hug and a cocktail.

It’s fair to say, Kyle Richards is the “most hated” Beverly Hills Housewife at the moment. That girl needs some serious anger management therapy or a valium to calm her butt down. Lisa Vanderpump posted on her blog,  “I know that this family ultimately loves each other, but like so many others there are instances when things accelerate into a rapid decline. Then you then have to draw upon the strength and bond that is so resolute, and will hopefully see them through.”

Astrochicks thinks it will be interesting to see how the Beverly Hills reunion will play out this week. Will Andy Cohen get Kim Richards to admit she has a drinking problem? Will Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer kiss and makeup? Will Taylor Armstrong pit one girl against another? Will Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof calmly sit on the sidelines watching the circus unfold? Most DRAMATIC REUNION ever! Don’t miss it on Bravo this Thursday. Click here for a sneak preview. Astrochicks predicts a Kim Richards memoir coming soon. Stay tuned!

TAYLOR ARMSTRONG Divorce, Kim Richards Drinking Problem, Kyle Richards Bully!

Why is Taylor Armstrong so miserable? I guess money can’t buy you happiness. Her husband Russell throws her a fabulous birthday party and she’s STILL the most unhappy “Real Housewive of Beverly Hills.” All hell broke loose at the birthday bash after Taylor Armstrong confronted Kim Richards again over nonsense. I guess Taylor wants to take everyone to her pity party. Either divorce Russell or get over it.

The husbands seemed amused by the Real Bitter Housewives of Beverly Hills, they would rather fight with each other then make love with their emotionally starved husbands. Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards decided to gang up on the weakest link, Kim Richards. Kyle accused her of being drunk and Kim thought she was being a b**tch. Yes, Kim Richards may have a drinking problem but Kyle has an anger problem. Gee, they still managed to fight without Camille Grammer being there, who’s fault is it now.

In a new interview, Kyle Richards said she was dreading the Real Housewive of Beverly Hills finale. I would to, she always seems so smug and is such a bully. Our Capricorn girl had another cringe worthy evening. Her new BFF Taylor Armstrong riding shotgun as they whine and complain over nothing. Kyle I think is way too melodramatic and all she does is call people names. Calling her sister Kim Richards an alcoholic, how they financially support her, and she was officially cut off. If Kyle is really that worried about Kim, get her in rehab! Kyle Richards should be going to Alanon.

Astrochicks thinks Taylor Armstrong is the instigator and maybe after viewing tonights episode, Kyle Richards will see who really said what. No one is innocent and I guess money can’t buy you class. Adrienne Maloof was the only voice of reason at the party and at least tried to comfort Kim. UGH! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is so suppose to be EXPLOSIVE. Let the drama begin. Stay tuned.



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